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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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2 For Friday: OnLive comes to OUYA, Controller Makes Full Frontal Debut

Posted by OUYA (Creator)

Hey Kickstarters!

We’ve got an awesome update to kick off the weekend.

We know you’ve been dying to see more of OUYA and its controller -- and today, you just might get lucky. ;)

But first, we have some big news... we have been telling you that OUYA can deliver a great gaming experience, and some of you asked about one app in particular. Well, we are proud to reveal...

OnLive is coming to OUYA!

Through OnLive, OUYA will offer hundreds of playable titles from great publishers. Hundreds of games, streamed right to you, on demand. Pretty sweet.

But you don’t want to hear us drone on and on. Let’s hear it straight from OnLive:


When OnLive first heard about OUYA, we were excited to see console gaming becoming more available and open. Like OUYA, we came to gaming with a new vision for making top-quality gaming accessible to more people, and we continue to look for ways to expand on that vision.

OUYA is rethinking the console business, making waves by using standard technology to make gaming for your living room accessible, affordable and more innovative than ever. In OnLive's case, we pioneered a groundbreaking, cloud-based system that instantly delivers games to any device on demand.

We are pleased to announce that OnLive will be available on OUYA at launch, extending and building on our commitment to make the best games available to everyone, everywhere.

What does that mean for OUYA backers?

  • OnLive will deliver a full console-class experience, bringing hundreds of top-tier games from more than 80 publishers to the OUYA console for play on demand.
  • OUYA owners will be able to jump in and play any of these games both at home on their OUYA console, and on the go on PCs, Macs, tablets and phones, never leaving a game behind.
  • Instant demos will be available for nearly every game in our ever-growing library—from eagerly anticipated indie titles like Ravaged, to hot blockbusters like the upcoming Darksiders® II. Players can experience up to 30 minutes of each game for free before deciding what to buy. If they like it, they can continue playing where the demo left off.

OnLive already delivers a premium gaming experience to tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs, connected TVs and HDTVs via the OnLive® Game System or dedicated streaming devices like the VIZIO Co-Star. We’re pleased to deliver the same OnLive experience on the OUYA console when it launches next year.

—Bruce Grove, General Manager, OnLive

We know some of you guys will like this news. People like Marios Santos Ramos, Thomas Iwancio, and Phil (That’s right, he wants to be known as Phil. Just Phil.) took to the keyboard to suggest an Onlive partnership.

“Having a dedicated and open console and being able to log into your OnLive account would make this machine a dream in the living room. ” -Marios Santos Ramos

“Any chance you could talk to OnLive about supporting their service through this box?” -Thomas Iwancio

“This is awesome. Let’s get an OnLive app here.” -Phil

Well, I guess that about wraps it up--what’s that? Oh yeah! The controller! Silly me.

Scroll down, my friends. Scroll down. Feast your eyes upon the latest images of the OUYA controller and console. Please note that the design is still in progress--but we couldn’t hold out any longer. We needed you to know that the controller has two handles. You can hold it in both hands.

P.S. We're still deciding on the buttons. For now, we've stuck with the colored circles as placeholders. But don't fret, we won't leave out colorblind gamers. :)

  • Image 141145 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 141146 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 141147 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 141148 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. DomLinkgos on

      An idea for the controller's buttons, though a little simple is to name then "O" "U" "Y" and "A". Kind of silly, but effective, I think.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chip on

      Personally I'd like a symmetrical model... but hey, going with one or the other wouldn't prevent you from just making both! :) Start with one, and then after launch sometime release the other.

      Having the touch screen on the back of the controller would be nice too.

    3. Missing avatar

      jigawot on

      Oh, and the associated Wikipedia article:

    4. Raberg on

      I prefer exactly this setup of the controller as it is right now. Please dont change it!

    5. David Rempel on

      The asymmetric design (like the XBox 360 controller) actually works better for me. I find it's easier to quickly switch my thumb from the stick to the dpad and back if it's below rather than above (it's a more natural thumb movement IMHO). I have no hand strain from that configuration. I say keep it the way it is, or even better put the other thumb stick above the buttons ;). What I am concerned about is the touch pad from an ergonomic stand point, but I'll pass judgement after actually using it.

      Of course we all hand different hands so what works best for one won't necessarily work best for another, I realize that.

    6. Missing avatar

      jigawot on

      Controller looks good to me, though I'd like to chime in on the d-pad issue. I'd prefer the old-school SNES-style d-pad over the Xbox style circular d-pad. Having used both quite a bit, I still much prefer the cross-style d-pad. An earlier commenter mentioned Nintendo owning the patent, which is true, but the patent expired in 2005. Check it out:…

    7. Missing avatar

      mike on

      Yes please reverse the dpad and analog stick.

    8. Missing avatar

      Rooslin on

      swap the analog and the d-pad and get steam on this also a optical out?

    9. Missing avatar

      Roberto L on

      Circle d-pads are garbage. If it's true that you will design the final product based on community input, I expect to see the final d-pad look like a +.

    10. Missing avatar

      zmonkey on

      Agree, lopsided analogs are awkward. Would make analogs parallel. Also agree that more usb ports would be useful. Love the overall look and the Ethernet port!

    11. Matt Auen on

      I like it! The idea to use O, U, Y, A for the face buttons is great. THANK YOU for not making the sticks like the PS3, I absolutely hate that orientation it is so uncomfortable.

      @Joel - You are exactly right! The shape of the D-Pad does not signify how it will actually function.

      For the rest of you go open up any Nintendo controller (they make the best D-pads in my opinion), I suggest a SNES controller they are incredibly easy to disassemble or look at an atomic purple N64 controller (slightly see through), and you will find that the D-Pads are circular. They just hide the circular part under the controller casing. Just because it is circular does not mean it will be terrible to use, it all depends on whats going on underneath. Nintendo has a little plastic nub under the D-pad to not allow you to push the entire pad down, which makes it nearly impossible to accidentally hit more than one input unless you meant to. Additionally the rubber pads under their D-pads are nice and sturdy, and have a very distinct pop from their up state to their down state, which additionally makes it more difficult to accidentally hit multiple inputs unless you actually meant to.

      I don't expect the OUYA's controller to have this due to Nintendo copyright but something similar could be constructed.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Winter on

      I would still like to see Steam on this thing. There's a few games that I would much rather play on a console than on a pc that I own.

    13. Chris Poon on

      Seeing the back of the OUYA I noticed their is still room for one more USB slot. That would be my only wish from you guys. Otherwise it looks great!

    14. Missing avatar

      Andreas Bertelmann on

      Oh no! Please replace the D-Pad with the analog stick an vice versa. Asymetric design is painful for the hands. Additional if the controller have switches at the backside, the imbalance produces additional pain for the fingers.

    15. B1-66ERDK on

      Great news, its just a shame that Onlive only works in US,UK and Canada. Cmon Onlive what about the rest of us??

    16. Cy Passley on

      Yay for OnLive! I love using OnLive and have been a proud playpack subscriber for a long time! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Wilford111 on

      Awesome Update! Thanks for the pictures! Although I agree with Andy... DON'T DO A CIRCULAR D-PAD.

    18. Joel A Davis on

      It's a D-pad & it's how it functions not its shape that's important. If it has a solid up down left right click to it the shap really doesn't matter. Your all acting like because it rounded that its going to function like a analogsick I'm sure that's not the case. I for one like it. I've heard very few positive comments, I think people just like to be negative. Keep doing your thing ouya people will be happy once they have it in their hands. Getting on live support out the gate is great that opens up a huge top quality game catalog this is really starting to come together I can't wait to have mine & long in & see that founder logo!

    19. daft_inquisitor on

      @antyTHPS: SECOND'D!! I still have horrifying flashbacks to some nasty third-party Dreamcast controllers... *shudder*

    20. Missing avatar

      George Syrop on

      DO NOT use a circular D-pad. Learn from Microsoft's mistakes. Look at the PS3's D-pad and implement it.

    21. Leonid Kalinichenko on

      From the above image it's looks like the buttons will be O U Y A :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Jay T on

      Is anyone an OnLive member? Is the lag noticable? I read an article that mentions noticable lag and screen tearing. Is this true? It would be awesome to stream games.

    23. Timothy L. Trout on

      Can't wait for my console to arrive!

    24. andyTHPS on

      That circular D-pad is going to be the end of us!! NOOOOOOOOO. DONT DO IT.

    25. Mark McClure on

      Does Nintendo have a patent on the plus shaped D-pad? Another voice against a circular pad.

    26. Daniel Murphy on

      I had another thought for the buttons and color blindness issue.

      Instead of using letters or shapes, why not keep the circles, but add a filled in circle with the color of the button that LEANS to the direction the button is positioned? Think about the eyes of say Mickey Mouse, where the outline of the eye is there, and the black pupil is to the side in which he is looking.

      The same concept could be used for these buttons, only these are stationary, of course. So the button on top would have the yellow outline circle with a smaller solid circle of the same color laying on the outer circle; leaving the remainder of the button black. Left would be to the left in blue, Right to the right in red, and bottom would be to the bottom in green. Then when you use them in-game, the picture will be easily identifiable by anyone using it.

      It doesn't have to be a circle, just so long as it makes a distinguishing image. But I think keeping the circles would allow the theme to be maintained of what you have going for the consloe.

    27. Falelorn - Scarred One of the Order on

      Controller is ok... the stripe is not pleasing on the eye's, I would prefer a single colour across the entire thing. The D-Pad I am not sure if it will work, but willing to give it a try..

      One of the games you should look at adding or talk to the company about is Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition - since there is already a Android version coming it should be simple to add, at least in theory...

      Love that Onlive is coming...

    28. Missing avatar

      Tim Anderson on

      I know you guys read the comments, and I needed to chime in on the D-pad issue. I just wanted to say the D-pad has to be directional, as in up,down,left, right. Disc-shaped D-pads are inferior. Any real gamer will tell you that. A multidirectional D-pad basically replicates the control stick movement. Luckily, the control stick is used most of the time for character movement. The D-pad is mostly used for a couple of purposes: 2D games (Fighters, side-scrollers, RPGs, etc.), and menu navigation. By making it like the control stick, quick navigation becomes a chore. I know gamers get frustrated when Shao Kahn is doing a shoulder charge and instead of freezing him with Sub Zero, you will instead jump at him and proceed to be destroyed. The Super Nintendo D-pad was the standard for which all other D-pads should hope to emulate. I can't wait to hear more updates. Keep pressing on! Hold the line! Ouya!

    29. Missing avatar

      Eliot and Ressie Lyons on

      Real problem with the D-pad (And all dpads these days) Is the patent nightmare you'd have to wade through to use a good one, Nintendo's classic cross is viciously protected (even now that it's an inferior design) and Sony/Microsoft both had to make their own designs, then patent them. dunno if some of the other "open consoles" have patents on their button schemes, like the Pandora or GP2x etc, but with luck we'll be using the joysticks more often anyway. Meanwhile: I hope that there is a Street fighter pro player in Ouya's stable to confirm the D-pad they're going with wont be worthless to the classic players. Already have to deal with the HDMI lag.

    30. Cristopher Boyer on

      I gotta echo what several folks have said - a disc-based D-pad is a horrible idea, at best they're inaccurate. At worst they're almost unusable.

      On the ergonomic side, those wings on the controller look way too far out to be comfortable. I suppose I'd have to try it to be certain, but it makes me think of the original Xbox controller and then some.

      Finally, I hate the stripe. It's a minor, niggling comment, but still – I think it looks dumb.

    31. James Chung on

      Hm... So it seems like Ouya is going for letting Onlive handle big name games when it comes to cloud gaming instead of handling it yourself.

      It is a strategy and I do believe it is a safe way to go to deliver such content since Onlive has proven method/record.

      I just want to make sure Ouya doesn't become a mess PS3 is when you turn it on with multiple similar services by first/third parties. It is so messy and confusing.

      Look forward to more updates.

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin Bloch on

      I agree with the opinions regarding the D-pad, the Xbox 360 take on the D-pad is horrible and shouldn't be emulated, the SNES or PlayStation D-pad is the way to go, barring any other amazing innovations you might be keeping under the rug.

    33. Thomas Vakili on

      Focus on maximizing the ergonomy of the controller. For hardcore gaming.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Wilson on

      If that's still the dpad in 12 days, I'm pulling my backing. Unbelievable.

    35. Jørgen Kløvstad on

      I agree with Jordan on this one. The symmetry of the ps3 controller feels so much better. However, the ergonomics of the 360 controller is very good, atleast for my with big hands. MAKE the d-pads symmetrical, and the arrow-keys sepparated, not a big single directional button.

    36. Dan Dock on

      I'll have to jump on the circle d-pad discussion. I don't like it either. For games needing all eight directions use the joystick.

      But for dedicated four-way joystick games like Donkey Kong and Pac-man (I'm into old school games) this is just unusable. You mean to go up and if you're slightly pushing right, an easy death ensues and vice versa.

      My two cents.

    37. Justin Gonzalez on

      This is good. Very good. NOW HOW ABOUT NETFLIX?

    38. Missing avatar

      Jordan Dawson on

      I completely agree with the dpad comment from Stephen. The xbox 360 controller is an amazing controller but the dpad is horrible, the ps3s dpad is leagues better. Controller looks great, FIX THE DPAD!

    39. Erich Cranor

      Gotta disagree about the gamecube controller. That was the most ill-conceived hand torturer ever. I would get cramps after about 20 minutes on it. It was just too small. And the little button off on the side--was it the Z button? Any game that used that would be painful after about 5 minutes. I loved Monkeyball and Eternal Darkness and a few others, but my distaste for that gc controller was a main factor in steering clear of the wii.

      But obviously different shapes work for different people. The most comfortable controller for me so far was the original X-box 'Duke', which apparently (and sadly, for me) many people detested as much as I hated the gamecube.

      So middle ground is probably for the best because while some like xbox and some like ps3, neither of those seem to totally fail for anyone.

    40. Missing avatar

      Thomas Loss on

      No handle? Gamecube is sad.

    41. Stephen Huynh on

      That dpad is atrocious. It is a terrible design decision. I dont know where or why the idea came about, but the circle dpad needs to stop existing. It is uncomfortable, inaccurate, clunky, unwieldly, and hideous. It's shape does not reflect its use in any way. Please don't do this. A significant majority of the console games that exist today do not rely on the dpad because the analogue stick has replaced it's function. The dpad gets shafted to actions like switching between items or toggling things on or off. But I don't expect the Ouya to be pumping out mass amounts of shooters and AAA games that lessen the importance of the dpads design. I supported the project because of the indie games. A lot of which I expect to 2d, which requires the dpad. The analogue stick is not designed for 2d platforming. It's awkward and clumsy. Don't do it. The saturn/genesis at least had a circular dpad that formed divets for directional pressure to lessen the chance of unintended inputs. Nintendo has a cross, and Sony has a seperated cross. This ensures you always perform the action you intended. It's precise. The circle dpad is a travesty. Don't do it.

    42. Missing avatar

      Stuart on

      Please please please put some pressure to get OnLive servers in Australia, I loved the service in the US but it's not supported down here..

    43. Xaviz on

      the controller doesn't look at all durable. looks like it has some thin layer of cover that'll come off as well. attractive looks doesnt go above durtability ever.

    44. Missing avatar

      Stephen Jolly on

      The D Pad for the Controller really needs to be the standard Cross. If it is a circle, the problem with those is if the game reacts on up/down/left/right only, if you hit a corner, the player may not move and you get stuck.
      Please make this change.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      @noregsson, "It should also shoot flames and fireworks. And be a dinosaur."
      Hahaha :D awesome

      But honestly, I do agree with the D-Pad been more play station-isk in that it not been all one circle, those are horrid to play with on almost all games you use a D-Pad on.
      Everything looks amazing. though besides that, looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the right bottoms.

      Only question I have, I hadn't been able to find it, how does the Controller connect/sync to the console itself. Is it a Bluetooth connection or just via a cable connection?

    46. Erich Cranor

      Hooray for the asymmetric sticks. Like many people, I thought they were weird when xbox introduced them. But they feel great. And now when playing the few games I have to go to ps3 for (Uncharted and Wipeout are the only ones that leap to mind) I find the controller really uncomfortable after a little while. I think that has more to do with not having enough 'handle' shape on the ps3 body. But the sticks also--well I suspect the asymmetry makes it a lot harder for the brain to do any left/right transpositions so the control schemes lock into unconscious 'muscle memory' more quickly.

    47. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Janisz on

      I hope that controller is more comfortable than it looks... and that the d-pad works better than it looks like it does. For an example of an ergonomic controller, check out the gamecube controller. For an example of d-pads that work well, check out the Playstation controller or Wii classic controller.

      I think gamers would appreciate a small, game-boy style LCD screen more than a touchpad, but that would create the hardware task of streaming data TO the controller, not just from it. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities on the Dreamcast but was never really used again.

    48. Robert Baxter on

      OUYA is an awesome idea for the buttons!

    49. SyS on

      I think that OnLive is a pleasant addition, but it's totally contrary to the philosophy of the Ouya console. Seriously, there's nothing more closed-source and private than services like OnLive. :-/
      It just does not fit in.

    50. Missing avatar

      robopro on

      A modular controller you say? No? Well, you should be saying it:

      "Transforming d-pad". Unless you're making a classic 8-directional d-pad, then this is a must. Because sweeping d-pad is horrible.

      And switchable d-pad and stick, (and hell, why not buttons too if you're going this far); would be pretty sweet xP

      Also intuitive buttons. Make it feel natural. I mean, you _could_ do "OUYA". Or you could just do directional arrows.

      I'd also love to see the controller come with a default 6m cable. And rechargeable battery packs, or simply an extra battery cartridge, so you can easily switch.

      It should also shoot flames and fireworks. And be a dinosaur.