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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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    1. Twoh on

      Left analog placement is fine, people have to remember that it actually doesn't matter and that its placement more relies on how you hold the thing rather than simple placement.

      I have a PC for playing PC games but the idea that $100 can get you exactly what any other console can is great. But I'm more looking forward to the unique titles and co-op that developers make for the OUYA.

      A second USB port would be nice... and room could even be made quite easily if the standard power port was also swapped out for a USB port (just have three of them parallel to each other).

      @OUYA team, keep up the awesome work!

    2. Manuel Torres on

      Oh, and I hoping they're 4 Shoulder buttons up top (R1,R2,L1,L2). That is a must for most games/Onlive games!

    3. Manuel Torres on

      The OUYA Console looks GREAT, but the controller still needs some work. I think you should put the OUYA letters on the buttons (O,U,Y,A). And those Clunky Thick handles look like they'll add weight.
      Also I hope the touchpad is large enough for large fingers.
      Will we be able to use the Ouya controller for the Onlive App or will we need Onlive controller?

      Thanks for the Updates. Keep them Coming!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tobi on

      Great news, IF OnLive WOULD finally make it to Germany!
      Seriously, the access to OnLive is limited to so few countries. It would be nice if you could work together with them to bring the full OUYA-expierience (including OnLive) to all countries. :-)
      Also I hope the search function of the ouya will not force us to navigate letters with the controller, but utilize androids speech-recognition search instead. Or some other intelligent form of searching/browsing.

    5. Kilgary on

      It seems like preference for the position of the analog sticks depends on if you are a Xbox 360 or PS3 user. As an owner of both, I don't have a preference. As far as the D-pad goes, it seems like the circle D-pad is universally panned, especially by fighting game aficionados. If there are no remaining patent issues that would increase costs, why not use the cross design that is universally praised? As far as the back goes, I hope you are teasing a second USB port. It seems like external storage will be a must for serious users and I really don't want to have to use a USB hub just to get one more port. A second USB port opens up so many more possibilites (using Xbox 360 controllers, for example). Why limit your users options?

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Christopher Ingram
      The spec list clearly states that there are "8 action buttons" on the controller. Also, if you look closely at the controller pic released, you can see shoulder button slightly protruding from the top of the controller. There must be four face buttons and four shoulder buttons, similar to 360 and PS#.

      -- Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad --

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason Powlette on

      Something tells me that the HDMI & USB ports won't actually be oriented that way on the final production run...

    8. atomsk on

      @patrick smith I definitely agree on the whole not staring at a screen on your controller instead of your big TV. Kind of defeats the purpose. I was referencing the wiiU "pro" controller design, not the touch-screen controller.

      As a game developer for touch-screen devices, I can most definitely come up with ideas how a touchpad could be used. (gesture based spell casting is actually something we've discussed at length). A cursor/mouse emulation could just as easily be done with joystick, either would be less than ideal IMO. My main concern wasn't so much "how could this be used in a game", but "how can this physically be used with your hands".. It's size, shape, and placement definitely limit its usefulness, and arguably has an impact on the rest of the controllers design, which in my personal opinion, requires more attention -__-

    9. Christopher Ingram on

      Yep, I'm definitely curious to see if the controller has buttons on the top as well. If not, I'd highly recommend a reconsideration.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jenny Hadfield

      If only OnLive was available in the country I live in - Denmark :( - I would be super hyped for this!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      the biggest problem that ive had with a ps controller is that if i start to sweat the material of the controllers is slippery and generally feel cheap. hope this isnt the case with yours!

    12. ShinKagato on

      Well done guys, i commented earlier and also had been saying to friends about OnLive being a perfect fit for the Ouya and as an earlier adopter of OnLive in the UK this news is music to my ears. Not only will we get the best that Android has to offer with the likes of Rival Threads and Echos of Eternia, we will also get the heavy hitters like Assassins Creed III and Darksiders II on the console. Just two quick questions though..

      1. Will the pad definetly have enough buttons, you keep hiding the top of it in pictures so cant tell if it has triggers, or are we using the OnLive pads for the service?
      2. Will i be able to use my existing OnLive account to access? If we have to log in with our Ouya IDs, will there be a way to join these accounts together?

    13. Missing avatar

      Harry on

      This makes me VERY VERY happy to see! I was worried that Ouya would not be inclusive to Hardcore gamers like myself. Though I do worry about controller lag with OnLive. Also speaking of controllers those wings on the Ouya controller seem a tad large to me. Hopefully they are ergo in design!

    14. Missing avatar

      RobertDennis on

      @ OUYA team ,

      as i previously wrote , i'm a bit less confident with OnLive ( and, nobody on Ouya Listenned to me yet) I made a developper pledge, and i'd like to be sure that if i make a good game, it will not be buried in a massive stack of other games...

      Of course, OnLive on Ouya is a good thing, but it's OUYA's Job to make sure early dev backers won't have their games buried in OnLive's already gigantic list of games... at least during first months!

      if it's the case, pledging more than 99$ is a complete waste of money!

      I totally understand Ouya have to give a priority to bigger companies, but - so far - this seems kind of unfair and contradictory to what is said to people investing big amounts of money in this project ( to me , $699 is a veery big amount )

      I'd really like to have TANGIBLE and RELIABLE informations on how backer's game are supposed to be noticeable the day one, or at the very least, an answer to my mails...

    15. Robert Cain Jr. on

      I love how they show the pictures of the console/controller and all the initial responses are degrees of "meh" to "yuck". I think it looks great. I think the joysticks are in the perfect positions, I think the shape will be comfortable and I think the design is elegant. Good job!

    16. Missing avatar

      Linh Nguyen on

      Derek, the specs list "8 action buttons" so I'm guessing there are a pair of shoulder buttons on each side as well. Or maybe should + trigger style.

    17. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      Don't know if this was said earlier - if you look at the first picture where it displays the "Home Screen" and look at the bottom of the pic, it shows that a blue "O" button will take you to extras, a yellow "U" will initiate a search, and a green "A" will "Play" what you have highlighted. So the "Y" will be red, and on the right.

      A tad different from SNES, I'll have to retrain myself when a game says to press the Y button :P but it seems they've already implemented the idea. Sweet!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Tassone on

      Tim made a comment about the d-pad and the left stick needing to be switched. I disagree with him. I like the way it is now. The Xbox style layout is the most comfortable controller in my opinion. I like Sony's Controller but it just doesn't compare in comfort, especially in shooters.

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Tassone on

      I don't want this comment to sound odd or anything, since I am a backer and all but I care about this product. I'll make it known I am a graphic designer, I know that is not exactly a product designer or anything however I feel like it help validate my opinion. Looking at the console and the controller I think that the controller is a lot less elegant than the console looks. I feel like the controller looks a tad cheap. This is mostly due to the length and degree the handles come out I think. I can't feel it but I also hope it has a decent weight to it also. I know my comment isn't really in great depth or anything. I hope you do revisit and address the shape and lengths of the controller, or at least restyle it a bit.

      -Nick from Massachusetts.

    20. Steve on

      A while back I saw a controller which let you remove and swap the position of the sticks and d-pad depending on your preferred setup. I thought I remembered being able to swap out the buttons as well, but at the moment, all I can find is the MLG Pro. Maybe some third party hardware devs will jump on this idea for Ouya. ;)

    21. Kirk McCulloch on

      Yeah not a fan of the Xbox style left stick and dpad... i have always just felt it was very uncomfortable, i get cramps from the xbox controller.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ryan Morgan on

      @Mitchell Winter - Get an A/V receiver or a better setup; it's not OUYA's job.

    23. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lesch on

      I think this controller is great. I like the layout with the left analoge stick up top (Xbox style). I also like the stripe down the controller, it goes very nice with the color scheme on the console. I do think that something needs to be done about the digital pad like adding a cross or something. And last but not least, Daniel Murphy's Idea about adding different circles leaning towards the direction the button is placed is a wonderful idea.

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Missing avatar

      Patrick Smith on

      *touch pad, my bad...not screen

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrick Smith on

      I think a touch screen will be awesome. Just an FYI, controllers aren't meant to be stared at while playing games on a giant tv...the giant tv should have your attention. This could give developers creative options for controlling their game. First things that come to mind for me is strategy games could actually use that as a mouse instead of the always disappointing controller schemes they come up with. Or an rpg or something where making certain patterns on it will cast spells. Just brain storming, but to simply say it doesn't need it because I can't think of any ideas for it is pretty bad imo.

    27. Planet 8 Entertainment on

      I hope this controller gets changed, its really flat and the red button is hanging off the side. I cant tell if there are triggers but it should have triggers.

    28. Myra Moretti on

      @Derek There's a touchpad where the Start/Back buttons are on the Xbox controller, I believe.

    29. atomsk on

      Honestly, I think the one thing Nintendo did right for the next generation is the PRO controller. It seems to be an optimal blend of xb360's ergonomic body shape. And symmetrical stick placement (which IS better ergonomic), but the upper stick placement looks to be much more comfortable than the ps3 lower stick arrangement. Also, +1 for classic dpad, circle dpad is not an option.

      Am I the only one who's questioning the usefulness of the touchpad? I thought the idea was to address the need for existing touch-screen application porting.. But it's not a screen, and it's really not in a position where it could be used for games that originally required all touch-based input. Besides, is that kind of development something you want to promote so badly as to pull resources from another area of the design? If you asked most developers, I think they would get behind your dream of making the controller/TV area more accessible and would redesign input for the game to take advantage of the gamepad and not rely on touch.

    30. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      My only concern is this controller has a couple of fewer buttons than the XBOX controller, and they ALL get used.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Winter on

      A different sound port would be nice too for people that want to plug into surround sound.

    32. Jake Huhman on

      I'm glad to see they went with the asymmetrical analog sticks. That's one of the reasons I prefer the 360 controller over the PS3 one, as a) my left thumb more naturally rests on that point (just like my right naturally rests over the face buttons) and b) it means my right thumb can hit a D-pad direction (say, to change weapons) when I'm busy moving with my left thumb.

    33. Mario Santos Ramos on

      Patchie patch, I live in Sweden and been an Onlive user for over a year now. Got an American account and use it a lot, just remember to use a wired connection and you'll be fine. I am REALLY excited over this announcement! Thanks a lot guys for pulling through. With every update, it reinforces my choice to back this project. Once again, thanks a bunch for listening to us and keep up the hard work! :D

    34. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      do people not realize that the xbox is also asymmetric similar to this design? I haven't seen the xbox controller getting bashed for anything except the dpad. Yet the ps3 whcih is symmetrical has many complaints about the stick placement.

    35. Tobias Andreasson on

      Fantastic news! I was wondering if you guys had any more "secret weapons" up your sleeves and apparently you do. Just awesome!

    36. James McKendrew

      Samm: I didn't by Diablo 3 because I refused to pay for a game that I couldn't play 1-player without my internet connection and their servers working properly. But this is, as you say, an option, and I'm all about more options. (Now, if they said, "ALL games must be played off of the cloud", I'd be in serious kvetch-mode.)

    37. Kris Bright on

      Please switch the D-Pad and the analog switch so that the design is symmetrical. That will drive many OCD people like myself nuts.

    38. ender on

      Here's another vote for switching D-pad and left analog stick. I don't really care about the D-pad shape, though having the directions more pronounced would probably be beneficial.

    39. James McKendrew

      Having spent most of my console time with PS3 and PS2 controllers in hand, this is kinda alien. I don't think I can really critique fairly without holding one in my hand. (And by the time I do, it'll be too late!)

    40. patchie patch on

      Great news but, OnLive doesnt work in norway?

    41. Missing avatar

      samm on

      OnLive? What a completely worthless "feature" of this console... Pity to see this kind of low-quality, lag-intesive "streaming-gaming" spread... Ah well, I don't *have* to use this, as there will still be apps run on the console itself.

    42. Solice on

      @Joel and Matt - Indeed, the guts of the d-pad of an SNES controller is a single piece: a disc on a rocker and four conductors. My point is that there is a piece of casing in the way of me putting a tad too much pressure in any direction other than the four basic directions. In my experience (like with the Genesis controller), this causes me to press a diagonal far more often than I intend to from the extra pressure that wasn't stopped. This is also the case various PC controllers. The only controllers I've ever used that functioned properly in this regard were PS 1/2/3 cloned controllers.

    43. Scott Woodbury on

      I still prefer symmetrical controller sticks. Would be nice if options were available...even an App to recognize a Dual shock 3 type BT controller *wink wink nudge nudge*. These models were done in SolidWorks weren't they :) In the exploded view the button should be under the cover in the assembly order...just saying. If your looking for a SolidWorks CAD guy hmu

    44. Missing avatar

      hmattax on

      As at least one of the colorblind backers I highly appreciate something other than colors to distinguish the buttons. Also, if you ever want an opinion on color choices to go with whatever else you choose let me know, I'm a bizarre mix of red/green and blue/yellow colorblind.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      The reason circular D-pads are bad is because they allow you to push in any direction usually. If this D-pad has a circular face but can only mechanically move in 4 directions it would probably still be very functional. Since this is just a graphic design ouya makers can probably still tie this specification in.


    46. Simon B.Stirling on

      Does this mean that onlive is going to add better support for internatinal users? Or will we just not have access? :(

    47. Andrew Miller on

      Thank god it was changed to asymmetrical. Anyone who prefers symmetrical either has baby hands or likes un-ergonomic controllers.

    48. Jason McMillen on

      Hey... why not make the circle buttons O, U, Y and A instead???

      4 main buttons, 4 letters in the console's name. It's far different from any of the other mainstream consoles so it'll set you apart I think. Plus it gives the colour blind folks something else to see than unknowable coloured circles.