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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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    1. Missing avatar

      George mares on

      It looks like an aluminum finish will you be making the console controller out of aluminum or a plastic aluminum finish

    2. Brandon Jaquez on

      Why don't they do A,B,C,D for the buttons? Or even O, U, Y, A?

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick Smith on

      lol, thats what I was going to say. But people will skip the hard to read words and look at the pretty pictures instead. I like the overall design, but I hope the touchpad in the middle won't be too much of a reach for my thumb. It shouldn't be, but I just don't want another n64 controller.

    4. Missing avatar

      va1erie on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martinez on

      I agree with Mitch. I really don't agree with the color coding, especially because I am colorblind

    6. Missing avatar

      Josh VanHalteren on

      Why do the handles stick out so far? It doesn't look particularly comfortable.

    7. Aaron Osborne on

      Like most people commenting, I agree. Change it to the classic D-pad!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Winter on

      +1 for the O,U,Y,A buttons. Start on the left and go clockwise so OUYA is spelled out in the buttons. :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Lukas Zapletal on

      Did not get an email update this time! Great news. Please bring more old school arcades with internet play. We are oldschool generation online!

    10. Toby Evers on

      Will this be capable of running standard android apps? Im thinking of all the emulators I could run here

    11. Russ Franklin on

      You guys should team up with Gamespy Arcade!

    12. Missing avatar

      jordan mcdonald on

      Yes, if u guys can get in bed wit steam somehow, the console war is over...

    13. Michael Alderson on

      This looks awesome. Not too fond of the actual console case if I'm honest, but that doesn't matter. I'll be quite happy using shapeways and cad software to make my very own personalised case like I have for my Raspberry Pi ;D

    14. xavier de jesus on

      Any word on NETFILX, HULU, CRACKLE, or any other video streaming services?

    15. Steven Barson on

      getting steam involved wud be epic!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      The perfect thing if you can't choose between the xbox 360, ps3 and the wiiwii. I'm pretty amazed with the affordable price of this console, I'm really looking forward to trying to play this little monster. :)

    17. Jesse on

      Classic d-pad would be sweet.

    18. Kodi Walker on

      How does this touch pad work with current android apps especially with it being curved like that?

    19. Anton Albiin on

      I would love something like a "Classic Controller" with a good D-pad for 2D-platform games! To me, a good D-pad is essential for many many indie titles!

    20. joelthom99 on

      I hope you are reading these comments, seems to my eyes roughly 120% of us backers would greatly appreciate a traditional plus sign d-pad. The saucer ones are low quality, finicky, and an embarrassment.

    21. Florian Rohrweck on

      For all those "I demand a proof that the console is already in production" people:
      Ouch. Please read all the updates and maaayyyybe rethink how the design and production process really works.
      Don't let idiots scare you with this idiotic "it's vaporware" boohooo crap.

      This is what I think and can tell from my experience in product design:
      Give them time. They are probably currently in the end-stages of the housing-design for both the controller and the console.... once this is done (what is a long, painful process as you have to pay attention to a lot of details), they will order production samples from several manufacturers. Then they assemble the first prototypes. Once the final manufacturer and materials/designs are selected, the production can start.

      If they'd already be full steam in production, they'd not have needed Kickstarter to raise money upfront.

      I already read the "it is doomed" articles like the one covering the stuff the Pandora mastermind said... and... the situation is not comparable to the Pandora... The major advantage of crowdfunding is, that you have a pre-order with every pledge, so you know how many units will be manufactured and sold. Based on that you can exactly calculate the price of the device without having to add a buffer for possible losses. Also, thanks to the massive amount of pre-orders, they get awesome conditions on the components and for manufacturing :)

      It would have been a risky business with the normal Funding goal of < 1 million, but now, the per-device cost has gotten so low, that there won't be any loss. In fact, if you take a look at the higher pledge levels, you see that they have a pretty neat surplus to the 99$ per console-preorder.

      So stop spreading fear and distrust.
      Btw: even if it fails as platform (what I don't believe) it is still a freakin' awesome hackable device. It runs Android, and you bet that someone ports XBMC to it. Also: most Tegra games will run out of the box if you sideload them.. so even if it fails as a platform, it will have a future.

      But believe me... this WON'T fail. It is way too interesting for indie-developers that have finally a chance to get public exposure without the ridiculous costs of classic console development (yeah, that is crazy... Just ask someone who developed a more elaborate game for a major console platform.)

    22. Aaron Osborne on

      if you look at the bottom of the dashboard photo, it shows O for extras, U for search, and A for play. coincidence? I think not!

    23. Missing avatar

      Raijukon on

      +1for the 'OUYA' button idea!

    24. Annie Lynne on

      @Mitchell McAloon: There is a picture right there of the OUYA and controller. Just scroll up a bit. And YES!!!! OUYA buttons would be SO cool :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Mitchell McAloon on

      If I don't see a physical photo of the OUYA by 10 days when the kick-starter project if funded, i'll be pulling my funding. OUYA please just show your backers the actual finished project. I want be be reassured that my money is going to something I believe is worth while.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tyler Emmott on

      O, U, Y, and A buttons sounds like an awesome idea!

    27. Rafael Lima de Souza on

      " you consider that 98% of finger movement is done in the center of it."

      How much of this 98% is done with games made specifically for a touch pad? :D

      As a developer, a controller with a touchpad opens up for new control schemes very specific for Ouya... but I don't see how a circular touchpad would be better to use than a rectangular 16:9 one.

      We could maybe use a rectangular one with circular edges?
      But I still think a rectangular one would be better.

    28. Martin Soetanto on

      i hope they use actual hard drives, modding is fun :)

    29. SVDB on

      Well, for having worked on the design of touch pads in the past, I can tell the round shape does make sense when you consider that 98% of finger movement is done in the center of it. That's why the corners of your rectangular pads always get dirty: you just never go there.

    30. Missing avatar

      Erik Karlsson on

      Let the controllerbuttons have the letter O U Y A assigned to them, super unique and stylish way to put the name of this awesomeness on it!

      The website ate my first comment (6th from start) i post it again and i encourage other ppl to repost if you like it.

    31. Rafael Lima de Souza on

      Please, don't use a circular D-Pad. Take a look at the Sega Genesis or the Sega Saturn Dpads, those were the best 1st party Dpads ever in any console. If you can't go this way, use the plus-shaped Nintendo style.. but please, don't use a circular Dpad.

      Also, why a circular touchpad? It doesn't make sense! Make a normal, rectangular one with a 16:9 proportion. Considering OUYA is a console to be played on TV, It would make a lot more of sense to have the touchpad with the same size proportion of a normal TV set.

      And please, please, please, make it possible to have at least 4 controllers on the same console (If not 6 or even 8!). The world needs more local multiplayer, and that's something Ouya can deliver that Cell phones and tablets can't!

    32. Missing avatar

      Prizm on

      Hmm the D-pad issue does seem a little concerning. Precise direction is a must for platformers, fighting games, and other retro/basic style games that Ouya is being made for.

    33. Missing avatar

      Delve on

      One of the best things I see in this project is its openness. Don't like the Dpad? Use a 3d printer and make your own controller (or google up someone who can or has).
      That said, still do make sure the Dpad is high quality.

    34. Kirk McCulloch on

      If you want to maintain the uniformity of the circles, for the D-pad to be sure you get proper performance, you could overlay your circle on top of a standard + pad. That way, it looks circular but maintains the solid and precise tactile feedback akin to the Nintendo or Sony + pads.

    35. Matthew Dan on

      ^ I second exactly what James said. This D-Pad doesn't look too pleasant to play on.

    36. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Winter on

      I like the no "plus" sign on the d-pad. It looks like there's dots for up down left right, I think that's a good idea.

    37. James Kennedy on

      I agree with what has already been said about the D-Pad; don't screw it up!

      The 360's D-Pad is embarrassing; it really hurts 2D games, especially if they require any form of precision. Don't mess this up, MANY games require precision D-Pads, especially 2D games.

      I imagine your platform will be a big draw for independent 2D developers. If you mess up the D-Pad you will seriously injure the enjoyability of such games. Don't ignore these pleas, make sure the D-Pad is solid. Most have gotten it right, but right now it looks like you are following the example of the worst D-Pad that has ever existed.

      Don't mess it up; it isn't too late. You can make a change for the better! If you want an example of a great D-Pad look at the Saturn pad or the D-Pad used on any of the Dualshock controllers; hell, even if you copy the, way too small, Wii D-Pad you would be moving in the right direction.

      This is VERY important, don't screw it up!

    38. Kortney Terry on

      I would love if they did something like custom controllers for backs to vote on for the first run of the console. The buttons could be something like a star, heart, smiley face, or any other manner of symbols. And then the "wings" could have some sort of crazy patterns as well.
      Then again, I'm just a sucker for off-the-wall look products. I do like the suggestion I read by a user on Giant Bomb of having the buttons spell out "OUYA."

    39. Josh Stribling on

      I know it has already been said many, many times above...
      But, I don't think it can be said enough...
      Please make the D-Pad more Nintendo/Sony style with a Plus "+" design, and less Microsoft Circle rocker pad style...
      The 360 d-pad is the worst d-pad ever, and by far the most complained about.
      Please don't repeat history :-)

      Also, please avoid sharp edges, that is my only complaint with the Onlive D-Pad, or even the Wiimote D-Pad (which was also way too small)

    40. Justin on

      This news certainly brought more people on board. It must have been news worthy enough to talk about again on blogs again.

      Before, 6 million would have been tight. Now it looks like a sure thing.

    41. Missing avatar

      Stronze on

      its gotta have triggers for racing and first person shooters.

      its why i chose xbox over ps3.

    42. Missing avatar

      Santa on

      Oh, it fell like fish from my eyes!
      We need something to see, how big the Ouya and the Controller is or will be!
      Take a AA Battery and take it near the Ouya.
      Yeah, I know, the Pictures are with something like Paintshop made but Pantshow should have a function like this.

    43. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    44. Kyle Haeberle on

      @Jeffrey They said they will change it, but just wanted to show you a base design of the controller.

      @Bronyfunding I dun prefer dem ps3 controller. :P But maybe they will make a controller that can transform like a transformer into a different shape/controller. That would definitively make it 20% cooler.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey T Chilson on

      If that is how the buttons are supposed to look then what needs to be addressed is the functionality for color blind people. Press red circle not green circle will throw off the color blind. I cannot tell the difference between the top and bottom one and I am only partially color blind. Other than that the controller looks sleek and nice.

    46. Bronyfunding on

      Make the D-Pad precise (Ala Playstation controller) remember for fighting games it NEED to be precise up it's supposed to be up not up-front.

    47. Thom on

      @Phil it isn't in my country...

    48. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      @martin There is a usb2 so adding an external hdd is not hard. You don't upgrade a hdd which isn't there and there is no reason why a console must start with a hdd, cloud/nas etc...

      @reta it is available outside the US.

    49. Thom on

      Will Onlive be available outside the US then, too?

    50. Kirk McCulloch on

      @Rhythm - Just because it's flash does not mean it can't be a standard drive dimension. They could use a Solid State drive, which is in fact flash, and being a standardized size would help them keep the costs down. It's very possible they could be using SSD--which in turn can be replaced with a regular HDD.