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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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63,416 backers pledged $8,596,474 to help bring this project to life.

Update #5: Happy birthday to me!

Posted by OUYA (Creator)

Hi backers,

It’s my birthday today -- and since you all have been so unbelievably awesome, I wanted to give you a little gift. Some of you asked for the OUYA welcome sound -- here it is!

Slap it into your mobile phone to use it as a ringtone, or play it for friends who are still having trouble pronouncing the name. Like “booyah,” without the B.

Enjoy your weekend!


Here's the link to download it.


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      deleted on

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    2. Oscar Bell on

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    10. Jen Bauer on

      Why are people complaining about VEVO and iHeartRadio? These are merely options, not edicts. Use the features you want, ignore the rest, and be happy that you have options at launch.

    11. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio on

      Next update will be: Netflix... Hope to see some videogame emulators in some way at OUYA.

    12. ViRUS from MARS on

      Not exctited one little bit about all of these apps they keep telling us about. I've got apps coming out of my arse on the xbox as it is. I was hoping this was going to be different but not so sure now.

    13. on

      I wonder if that's one of the reasons they chose the name OUYA; so that they could fit it on the buttons LOL

    14. Jordie on

      Sounds like the sound in Donkey Kong Country 1 near the beginning of the game in one of the first songs you hear...

    15. Missing avatar

      Stephen Phillips on

      yea, ouya on the buttons, awsome idea!!

    16. M@ on

      OUYA on the buttons is a good idea

    17. Stanley on

      Five million. That's crazy funding. XD
      I hope I will be able to make games for this great console.
      Keep up the good work.

    18. Romeo Astiazaran on

      For coloblind they shuold have to add a letter to each button O button U button Y ................

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    20. john loeffler on

      yes yes dont forget the one best os and great linus travolds linux

    21. Missing avatar

      RobertDennis on

      @ Sam Prieto
      as i'm part of the crowd intending to release games on day one , i'd love to see OnLive and Steam too ... six month after Ouya lauch ;)

    22. Sam Prieto on

      Would also love to see Steam on this. They are currently hating on Windows 8 and looking to move over to Linux so There may be an opportunity to get them on your platform as well.

    23. George on

      Being a fan of the Ps3 controller layout and knowing that vs. the current layout is an endless argument between console gamers, I would suggest finding a way to interchange the d-pad and the left analog stick. That would solve the controller debate. I do agree that the every circular d-pad that I have come across has had sub-par performance vs. the Ps3 style, however, I do agree that if it performs, I will have no problem with it being circular.

      Very excited to see the end result and get one of these systems in my hands. Good luck to the whole Ouya team!

    24. Missing avatar

      Tim Anderson on

      Does Kickstarter have the option for polls? I think it could be mutually beneficial to get polling statistics on the backers' opinions. It could offer you the opportunity to find out exactly what the people want before it's set in stone. It may offer some deeper insight into something that may have been overlooked, even though I'm aware the comments also help. Thanks for the regular updates.

    25. Tim Purdy on

      This is really exciting - amazing job and shout out to the OUYA team!

      I just wanted to voice the satisfaction I've found with the PS3's controller charging via USB from the system itself. This is a great feature and I'd love to see something like that with the OUYA (no batteries or accessories needed to charge - just a cable to connect the controller to the system to charge).

      As well, I love the openness idea and the versatility this new console has to offer. The more options the controller has means more possibilities for developers and more accessibility for currently existing games. That being said, the triggers are the only thing I can't see in the picture, as well as I am unsure if the analog sticks are buttons as well.

      Finally, the simple design is very appealing and I can't wait to check this out in March. Very excited for this project. Good luck.

    26. Missing avatar

      RobertDennis on

      @ Joshua Meeds, agreed ( wrote a previous comment about this too)
      They really ought to clarify a little :

      -how the Ouya portal is supposed to stand out from OnLive?
      - how early dev's games are supposed to be noticeable enough ?
      I hope they clarify this in time ...

      while it's cool to appear playful and casual like " o hai, we did'nt decided the colors omagad :o "
      some people could use some reliable answers, and THAT is not very professional (YET)

      ( you might add ,they don't care, they'll sell a lot of Ouyas etc etc well that's cool, i'll buy one too , but... )

    27. Robert Wigley on

      For the buttons, you could go with shapes like ∞, ≺, ⊗, ⇔. Or maybe some Japanese that describe a common action that's often assigned to that button?

    28. Daniel Ervik on

      Saying that something is terrible is not the same as constructive criticism.
      I understand that people would like a competition where the community could make a custom sound, but I don't thing most people realize that a start-up-sound has to be designed in such a way that it is pleasing to hear not one time, not ten times, but maybe hundred to thousand times. It also needs to be properly synced and designed in relation to the clean and minimalistic animation we've seen in previous videos.

      I too however agree that something where a little of about the sound. For me it was that it did not quite have the force and rumble I would expect. I quite liked Allan Stojanovic's version, as it is the same thing, just with a bit more power.

      Anyhow, you are doing a great job! As someone who has been working with animation, games, and interactive video technology, the concept and product you are presenting warms my heart. :)

    29. Spencer Aurand on

      No, do not go anywhere near the PS modle! I like the feel of a xbox controller a million times more then a PS controller. And as for the D-pad, I trust you guys, if you say it's more conferrable and nicer overal like this then keep it! I like the way it looks ;)

    30. nockgeneer on

      And bongos. Add bongos. Trust me; it will sound awesome with bongos. That and someone fazed the oo-ya from left to right which makes the sound far more organic and inviting.

    31. Eric Gagnon on

      Wanna make it sound good? Make it sound like the old sega sound clip :P


    32. Missing avatar

      numidark on

      We are dead ? No news from seven day... :/

    33. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      I dont like it so much :(, did you remember the sound of playstation one ? I'm still remember it after so many years

    34. Bujar Rrafshi on

      well ouya have free games including human element and how good well the graphics be out of 0/10

    35. Roland Salvatierra Rengel on

      Wua... nice sound... i have a new sound to my sms in xD

    36. Naveen Soman on

      Will there be a survey sent out so we can choose if we want our Ouya to be pre-rooted? That would be awesome :D

    37. Justin on


    38. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    39. John-Paul Caldwell on

      "Has there been any answers as to whether we can install our Play and Amazon App Store apps on the device?"
      I am going to assume that play store will work because its a moded version of android but mileage will vary with Amazon store.

    40. Scott Hoenes on

      Has there been any answers as to whether we can install our Play and Amazon App Store apps on the device?

    41. Joseph Le May

      I think it kind of sucks. It really falls flat for me. I'd suggest some conga drums at the start for about 0.5-1 seconds, then the Ouya name, with some sort of very low flute or didgeridoo going on in the background that fades in during the drum bit and then begins fading at the end of the Ouya, such that it fades out about a third to a half-second after the name. That'd be much more dramatic, and not very difficult, if I knew how to edit sound.

    42. Sebastiaan Visser on

      just download a random movie player for android on it an you can play it... Everything is possible, it's not an apple!!

    43. Manuel Torres on

      Can you Please add full HD Video File Playback for mkv,mp4,avi,mov or at least add MX Player with Hardware Acc.

    44. Missing avatar

      Haris Khan on

      Gonna change it. No offense.

    45. Missing avatar

      Christopher J Lee on

      Hey I have a question... Will the Ouya Support MKV HD Files and MP4 also?? .. For Video Playback ???

    46. ASH LAW on

      RE: startup sound
      I really like the "OUYA!" part - but at the start there is a weird gurgle/clicking.
      I'd keep the "OUYA!" but drop the girgle/click and replace it with a tone/chime.

    47. Cyberfranck on

      Happy birthday

      I found the sound nice. Anyway being an open console i'm sure there will be lots of theme packs people will make that will please everyone.

      praying for FF7 theme already and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Francesco Stella on

      happy birthday(a bit in late ^^)!!!

    49. HuG on

      Happy Birthday!!!!