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Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV. A beautiful, affordable console -- built on Android, by the creator of Jambox.
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63,416 backers pledged $8,596,474 to help bring this project to life.

Update #4: Our first exclusive game

We’d like to introduce you to Robert Bowling, president of the game developer Robotoki, and an early backer of our Kickstarter. You might recognize Robert from his work with the Call of Duty franchise.

Earlier today, from his Twitter account (@fourzerotwo), Robert hinted that he had some news.

Well here it is: OUYA gamers will get FIRST access to the ravaged world of his post-zombie-apocalyptic game, Human Element.

Robotoki is the first studio to commit to building a game exclusively for OUYA: an episodic prequel that will set the stage for his eventual release of Human Element in 2015.

Welcome to OUYA, Robert!


Check out Robert's exclusive OUYA - Human Element video and photo below!

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    1. Oscar Bell on

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    2. Oscar Bell on

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    3. Oscar Bell on

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    4. Oscar Bell on

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    5. Oscar Bell on

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    6. Oscar Bell on

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    7. Oscar Bell on

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    8. Oscar Bell on

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    9. Oscar Bell on

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    10. on

      Yeah, this is a really good looking game. Looks like something you would find on PS3 or Xbox360!

    11. Daniel Kursave on

      what is the normal edition made of?

    12. Bujar Rrafshi on

      wow the graphics is as good as xbox maybe even better

    13. Joshua Ferguson on

      Im so stoked when I read about human element in game informer how they are making it cross with tablets and phones too that idea is sick.

    14. LC Roman on

      Shadowgun is a $8 gears of war, if humanelement is a $8 The Last of Us, then i will happly buy it

    15. Corey Machado on

      looks like The Last of Us

    16. Andrey Ivanov on

      @Jeremy LaBove
      Actually this kind of plot (zombie apocalypse and a lone man and girl child survive together among the zombies) isn't something original. I mean look at "The Walking Dead" (the game) - it's starting in that same manner...

    17. Jeremy LaBove on

      zombie apocalypse? a lone man and girl child survive together among the zombies? hate to break it to you, but Naughty Dog is already making this game. they're calling it "The Last of Us". i mean, this looks sweet. i'm really happy to hear it, but still... there's no way you didn't know about that other game already, right?

    18. Missing avatar

      Shea on

      I bet this is what most AAA companies will do for OUYA... I've seen EA already has a few Android games, but it is good none the less. Might not get the big titles, but we will get some special content =)

    19. Scolaro on

      Human Element looks stunning! Now I'm even more excited about the new console.

    20. Steve Gussman on

      This is amazing news! :D

    21. Sal "Lasareath" Cameli on

      2015? Hire 3X more programers and get it done in 2012!

    22. Missing avatar

      Lauren Lobrovich on

      Human Element looks like Last of Us but better.

    23. Joshua Baker on

      People that are still calling this a scam should now shut up.
      Official, verified people are supporting this, and the good people are hired on to the project. Things look solid.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Plante on

      Good job. I hope there will be more company to make their "coming out" and embrace the Ouya!

    25. Missing avatar

      James on

      Extremely looking forward to this game and also to this consol. Come on OUYA!!! :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      So stoked, I'm gonna play me some OUYA exclusives like Metal Gear Solid.

    27. Luis Molina III on

      Congrats and great news to all. Makes one wonder on the work being done with Nvidia and the possible graphics chip that would be implemented.

    28. Mark Nowotarski on


      I see Ouya is your first backed project. Can I ask how you heard about it?

    29. Nick Manns on

      Deffinatly wouldn't hurt Mark

    30. Mark Nowotarski on

      Does it make sense to have a Kickstarter campaign for Human Element? Would that speed up development?

    31. Darryl Benson on

      @David May

      Sorry bud. The pic is tiny ;). You just look mature, haha. Didn't mean to insult you. It isn't a scam, and you'll get it before March I'm sure. These guys' reputations are too big to not even get this off the ground.

      Can't wait for mine as well!

    32. David May on

      @Darryl Benson

      Dang! I'm a few years past thirty. I'm not really believing this is a scam but I do want this to succeed so badly and don't want march release to slip into christmas 2013 into sometime in 2014, etc etc.
      The DIY console makes me itch to get my commodore systems back out. I do love the idea.

    33. Kilgary on

      Since the game proper launches in 2015, it seems highly improbable that this would be seen on Ouya in 2013. With so little lead time, I am assuming the Ouya team is hitting up Android and iOS developers that were already planning on launching mobile titles at that time and asking them to port their upcoming titles over to Ouya for launch. Would love to see something using the Unreal 3 engine and the Ouya controls (rather than point and click navigation like Infinity Blade and Dark Meadow) at launch. Heck, I'd love to see the older top titles from Rovio, Zynga, and Gameloft ported to Ouya controls at launch. Nova 3 would be exciting to play with twin sticks!

    34. Scuffle Brothers on

      I just backed this and then i saw this update. Its a sign that i made the right choice! Im so excited for Ouya and for Human Element!

    35. David Simpson on

      @Darryl Benson

      BRAVO! This is how I've been feeling all week! I'm glad someone feels the same!

    36. Darryl Benson on

      @David May

      If you are really scared, there's not much to tell you. If you honestly think this is a scam, with the team behind this, then wow...

      I'm assuming your nearly 40 years old? At this point you should know the press loves to make negative articles because it sells. This won't be a scam. 5 million is nothing once you factor in the cost of the systems. This isn't two kids in a basement. These are known professionals in the industry. If you honestly believe the few tech sites out there trying to make you scared of the boogie man, just remember monsters aren't real.

    37. David May on

      All this press yesterday from "experts" doubting the time frame and even using the word "scam" are making me nervous about my $225

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick Smith on

      Well like they said before, there will be a free to play component, which could be just as much as a demo, and then they could charge an actual price to play the whole thing. I'm completely fine with that, and I think a lot of gamers will be too. The problem with mobile platforms (IMO) is that a lot of the people using them aren't really gamers, they just expect free crap and if there's ads, they get mad. This will be much more postured towards gaming, so I don't think we'll see as much of that crowd. But then again I could be wrong, I just hope I'm not.

    39. Matt Mower on

      Kofex, "advertisement" is less of a worry than "mistery".

    40. Missing avatar

      Kofex on

      when I said "advertisment" i meant ADS, excuse me for my bad english...

    41. Missing avatar

      Kofex on

      A real mistery is "how advertisment will work?" is an interesting point since many app/games on Android are free because they get some money from them... but we are dealing with a joystick not a touch screen... a real mistery....

    42. Jeremy Badessa on

      I think he said in the video... He donated $10k.

    43. Xaviz on

      yay, we get basically an advertisement for a game that is going to be released in 2015. I wonder how much they had to pay for that gem.

    44. Doktor Jones

      @Manuel Ruf: The OUYA ecosystem is going to be "free to play", meaning every game has to have some free content -- whether that be a demo, or the entire game. Also, Android-based games on the whole tend to be vastly cheaper than 360/PS3 titles because the development teams are usually much smaller and the development cycle is usually shorter. So even if a game's F2P offering is only a demo, the full version will likely cost less than $30 (and most games will probably weigh in at/under $10).

    45. Missing avatar

      Kofex on

      It's risky for developer since he will launch an episode of a game that should be ready for 2015 so... people at Robotoki will have to hurry to release a stable version of it and if customers doesn't like it then they will be in much troubles, so it's much riskier than you think.
      In other hand it's just the first announcement of an exclusive game for Ouya, we will hear of much more titles, I'm sure.
      Keep up the good work!
      But... Ouya team, pleaseeeeee tell me how to get a second console for development!!!! is the 3rd time I ask it!! THANKS!

    46. Jonas on

      It sounds like a serious product to me.
      Also on Ouya it has to be "free to play", so I can imagine the first episode will be free and you can pay for additional episodes if you enjoyed it.

    47. Manuel Ruf on

      @Leonid Kalinichenko, episodic can work great (As you can see at "The Walking Dead").
      Its true that its less risky but that doesnt have to be bad for us consumers.

      I only hope in general that the prices will be much lower then on normal consoles like the xbox360/ps3.
      Cause im not willed to pay that much money for a Game !
      Thats why i normaly play via Computer. But OUYA would be an option for Couche evenings!

    48. Leonid Kalinichenko on

      It does not looks like a serious product. More like a marketing of both companies. Episodic prequel... Are you serious? It's like a Final Fantasy XIII gallery for iOS - it was an exclusive content but never a serious product. You know what I mean.
      Also episodic is always a less risky for developers and more expensive for costumers.