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"The Unusual...Charlie Christmas" is the story of a bullied, socially awkward janitor inspired to become a costumed vigilante.

Outsiders Productions has completed the three year process of filming and editing the feature-length movie, "The Unusual (Calling of) Charlie Christmas", and the project is now in need of color correction and post-production sound and scoring. We desperately require your help to do this and complete "Charlie".

The post-production sound alone will cost a minimum of $4,000 - this will make certain the fight scenes POP with crunches and kicks and that the alleyway scenes are clear and crisp. Professional sound quality is necessary for an independent film to find success in applying for film festivals and distribution; without high quality, professional audio, even the best of projects fall to the wayside.

The money raised will also go to scoring the film, no small feat considering the length and scope of the movie - from the gritty vigilante street fights, to the lonely shots of Charlie training, to the tender moments of connection between the lead character and his unrequited love. The score's importance is second to none in translating the emotional growth of Charlie and the excitement of his costumed battles.

Additionally, the money will go to color correction and stylization, to cleaning the video for "Charlie" and projecting the mood of the story. The project was shot in a range of lighting setups: moonlit rooftops, school gymnasiums, candlelit bedrooms, local fields and restaurants. All of these scenes need to be carefully manipulated and the colors amplified to better express Charlie's story.

With the money we raise, we will finish the audio and the video for the otherwise completed and entirely self-funded movie.

Any additional money obtained, should we surpass our goal on Kickstarter, will be used for marketing and promotion of the movie.

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    A "thank you" email from Outsiders Productions and our deepest appreciation for your support!

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    A "thank you" listing on website, "I Heart Vigilantes" Bumper Sticker, an autographed copy of concept art by Adam Hampton... and our deepest appreciation for your support!

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    Everything above plus an "I Heart Vigilante" T-shirt, a personal phone call "thank you" from Charlie Christmas himself.

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    Everything plus an advanced DVD screener copy of the movie including behind the scenes featurette and outtake reel, plus a "thank you" listing in the actual movie credits.

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    The first ten pledges at this level will receive a numbered, limited addition print of the original concept painting of Charlie in his costume signed by the artist. PLUS everything all the above.

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    Associate Producer Credit, hand-made action figure of charlie in his vigilante costume, an official movie poster and all of the above.

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    Walk-on role in the forthcoming promotional short / trailer (travel expenses not included), plus all the above.

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    Executive Producer Credit, VIP passes to local advanced theatrical screening, 1 night complimentary lodging, and all the above. (Travel expenses not included)

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    The original Charlie Christmas mask and gloves used in film signed by Outsiders Productions and all of the above.

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    If you give us $5000 we are open to suggestions... and everything above.

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