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The Smartest Device to Monitor Your Water Intake and it Works Perfectly With Your iPhone.

Quick Facts

  • H2O-Pal is a smart device that is elegantly mounted to the base of the bottle.
  • It works perfectly with iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S.
  • Compact, robust design.
  • Water resistant (but not waterproof; the device can sustain water flow at normal pressure without harm, but it should not be submerged, and should be removed if the water bottle is put in the dishwasher)
  • No hard to clean spots.
  • No water contamination of any kind! There is no direct contact between the water you drink and the H2O-Pal.
  • A pledge that contains the H2O-Pal gets you one H2O-Pal with included battery, high-grade borosilicate glass water bottle, and the state of the art iOS app! Check the rewards for your choice of design.
  • No mechanical flow meters, no straws... No complications.
  • It looks and feels amazing =)

Quick Tech Facts

  • Based on built-in flash memory, weight measuring sensor and accelerometer it can accurately monitor your water intake using our patent pending technology.
  • It uses Bluetooth Smart that enables the H2O-Pal to be powered for months on a single coin-cell battery.
  • Seamless periodic background syncing with the iPhone.

The H2O-Pal

Magenta, Key and Cyan H2O-Pals.
Magenta, Key and Cyan H2O-Pals.

Pushing the boundaries of next generation smart devices, the H2O-Pal is a product of design and technology innovation that gives you fun and personalized information about your water drinking habits. Importantly you also get reminders when you need to drink water the most so you will have less headaches, be more focused, energized and healthier overall.

The foundation for the H2O-Pal is the clever yet robust hardware we engineered to fit at the base of the bottle.

H2O-Pal can easily be attached at the base of the bottle. All connections are based on vacuum and magnets.
H2O-Pal can easily be attached at the base of the bottle. All connections are based on vacuum and magnets.

Next, we provide the best possible user experience by making the user-interface work seamlessly on our iOS app. By connecting your H2O-Pal with Facebook you also get access to our app's great interactive social features.

 That is how we make the H2O-Pal work harmoniously for anyone so that everyone can be better hydrated. We strongly believe that this is the way of the future so we are asking you to join us on the journey of creating a life conscious movement based on awesome technology.

The App

We created an app which is perfectly compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and 5S and was built specifically for iOS 7.

Rewards and Design


Pledge: $69

Choose from any of the eight great designs below.

PLEASE NOTE: Your preferred design choice will be selected via survey after the project ends (survey will be available here on Kickstarter).

H2O-Pal Backer Special design choices.
H2O-Pal Backer Special design choices.


Pledge: $79

If you want to make YOUR OWN design then this reward is your perfect choice. Here you will first choose the color of your H2O-Pal (Cyan, Magenta, Key) and the bottle you want (pattern/no pattern). You will also receive entire collection of Silicon bands, which will give you freedom to create your truly unique design. You will be able to have your name engraved on top of the lid or choose the "Backer Edition" engraving. PLEASE NOTE: The color of your H2O-Pal is final and can not be changed.

Freedom of unlimited possibilities.
Freedom of unlimited possibilities.


Pledge: $110

You will receive ONE OF THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED H2O-Pals assembled with production number and your name engraved on it. We will provide you with several options where to put engraving. You will choose the color of your H2O-Pal (Cyan, Magenta, Key) and the bottle you want (pattern/no pattern). You will  receive entire collection of Silicon bands. This H2O-Pals will be first made and will therefore be also first to ship!



Why you?

Because only you can make it happen. We are all great fans of the Kickstarter community and we feel that this is the best place to launch our idea.

We need your kick so we can start production and make this amazing device available to as many people as possible.


What Makes The Project Possible

We knew the H2O-Pal should not be a device that you would have to charge as often as your smartphone. Here is where the recently developed Bluetooth Smart comes into play. This advancement makes possible the very long battery life of the H2O-Pal.

Our most critical challenge was to design measuring hardware that does not interfere with the natural way people drink water. Unlike previous attempts that monitored water intake by using mechanical flow meters, H2O-Pal uses a weight sensor to measure water intake. The H2O-Pal works without coming into direct contact with water and without reliance on moving mechanical parts that can easily malfunction.

Using this technology the H2O-Pal gives you powerful access to individual and quantifiable hydration data.

Demonstration Video

In this video Igor gives a demonstration of the basic capabilities of the H2O-Pal in its current state of development.

H2O-Pal's Design Story

Our story begins over a year ago when Igor wanted to buy a smart water bottle for his mom so that she could remember to stay hydrated. Unable to find a product that could send her reminders on her phone or log data over time, he saw that with the new power-saving Bluetooth Smart protocol he might be able to design a device that not only works very well but also has excellent battery life.

Source: Bluetooth SIG Technology Overview
Source: Bluetooth SIG Technology Overview

At that time Igor and Matej began working on the project by determining some of the specifications that the final product will need. In earlier devices water consumption was measured using mechanical flow meters, so every time you want to take a sip, your water has to be sucked through mechanical blades to measure its volume. We knew we needed an alternate solution. Ideally the measuring system shouldn't have moving parts and it shouldn't have to come in direct contact with the water it is measuring. Numerical modeling of magnetic flow meters did not provide promising results to measure water flow accurately. Many sketches were made trying to find alternative solutions.

First sketches of the H2O-Pal. One of several unused options (left) and H2O-Pal's first incarnation (right).
First sketches of the H2O-Pal. One of several unused options (left) and H2O-Pal's first incarnation (right).

While it was clear that some solutions were possible in theory, a practical model to serve as proof-of-concept would had to be built. To get components for the prototype Igor disassembled a digital weighing scale, used the water bottle he was using at the time and put it together by hand machining some plastic.

Rapid evolution of H2O-Pal prototypes.
Rapid evolution of H2O-Pal prototypes.

The results from the first prototype were very encouraging and as we realized that the measuring system could have a very compact form factor, we shifted our focus from trying to make just a simple smart bottle to a product that would simply fit at the base of a vessel and could be made to the specifications of almost any water bottle. This was the inception of the H2O-Pal.

First sketch of H2O-Pal logo was made on iPad (left). Final, clean design in cyan color (right).
First sketch of H2O-Pal logo was made on iPad (left). Final, clean design in cyan color (right).

By using a vacuum attachment and magnets we have managed to make a two-part design that could be adjusted to work with any bottle. We decided therefore that the H2O-Pal should be launched with a high-quality premium water bottle. For this purpose we selected light, durable, superbly designed borosilicate water bottles.

The added silicon bands make them truly unique and add protection and ergonomics to their design. We have now refined H2O-Pal's shape so that it fits precisely with the water bottle. Simultaneously we worked on creating the iOS app and the PCB for the H2O-Pal. Due to its great record of reliability we decided to use the Texas Instruments CC2540 chip as the 'brains' for our board. In September we were able to finish the design of the PCB, which has successfully been tested with the iPhone app.

Prototype based on off the shelf module and one of our own PCBs manufactured specifically for the H2O-Pal.
Prototype based on off the shelf module and one of our own PCBs manufactured specifically for the H2O-Pal.

This leaves us where we are today. In the process of obtaining FCC and Bluetooth certification, preparing for mass production and getting ready for an epic Kickstarter campaign =)

Where Are We Now? 

We are making preparations so that we can go from making a few prototypes to achieving serial production that makes the H2O-Pal affordable. This means solving some of logistic issues.

We are working with suppliers to create precise high quality plastic parts. We also have help to implement appropriate safety checks in production and assembly line to insure the quality of each product. 

What was presented in the video are real custom machined prototypes. We are constantly testing them and make improvements to our weight measuring algorithm, so we will be able to detect bogus measurements (i.e. when you are washing your bottle and pouring the water down the drain). We are still testing other custom weight sensors although the one we are using right now is so far proving to be the best choice.

We are trying to optimize transmission and broadcasting time of Bluetooth connections as well so that we can reduce the power consumption of our weight sensor even further. We are still optimizing periodic background syncing protocol.

Regarding the app. Although priority lies on perfecting the hardware, we have put together the entire backend framework (database, server syncing, facebook integration,...) and created a fairly advanced graphic user interface of the app. Now that we have done the work in the backend, its easier to add or remove features from our app or improve layout. We are also working with Bluetooth Qualifications Experts (BQE) to provide optimal pairing experience between H2O-Pal and iPhone.

Production Timeline

Please see the timeline below for our current schedule to deliver your rewards. We have made allowance for possible setbacks; however, certain production steps must follow a specific order, and if our suppliers do not deliver on time, then in some cases, it can delay the whole process.

Scaling up production to accommodate more orders won't give us much delay but we still have to wait towards the end of the project to order the right number of parts we need to make enough H2O-Pals.

The Team

A small team of high tech enthusiasts who care about their health and the health of their loved ones.

Igor Marjanovic - Researcher and graduate student of Biomedical Engineering. The man behind this idea and a father of two girls who also need to be properly hydrated.

Matej Marjanovic - While not making sure we stay on deadline he is still perfecting his Electrical Engineering skills at Penn State.

Peter Frantar - Electrical Engineer with more than 18 years of experience of everyday prototyping and making electric circuits and implementing wireless technology.

Duygu Ergenkon - As a merchandiser she provides invaluable support and inspiration for the H2O-Pal.

Rok Cresnik - Mobile developer and free-time adrenaline junkie. There are no problems, just opportunities for new solutions.

Klemen Nagode - Web guru & mobile technology enthusiast. Wants to save the world, but keeps getting lost in the process.

Marko Jurincic - Web & mobile developing genius. The word “No” does not exist in his dictionary.

Blaz Klinar - Every equation needs a balance. Blaz is here to make sure our high tech enthusiasm operates within legal boundaries.

Tadej Kotnik - Amazing researcher that finds a needle in a haystack without even trying. An invaluable asset who helps us not to distort scientific facts.

We owe a very special thank you to

  • Davorin Baloh for product shoots
  • Vasja Femec for lifestyle clips
  • Miha Bevc
  • Fit & Fun Fitness
  • Anze Miklavec and Co.
  • Tina Mrsnik
  • Agata Kocijancic
  • Andreja Krasovec
  • Katja and Anja
  • Ypsilon Institute
  • Igor's incredible supportive family


iPhone, Apple, and Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Facebook and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.

 Follow @H2OPal on Twitter to get all the important updates.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Taking on a project like this would undoubtedly be a big challenge for anyone. We would not be stacking our own credibility if we would not know that we are up to the task.

Aside from our highly qualified team, we are collaborating with people that are experts in the relevant area of technology and have experience with production scale manufacturing.

Almost everything in H2O-Pal is custom designed which means we are in constant contact with our suppliers ensuring that the final product will fit together perfectly. As certain production steps must follow a specific order a delay from PCB manufacturing would delay the entire process, on the other hand a 1 week delay for water bottle production means our project is still on schedule.

If problems do arise we will communicate them honestly and openly and let you know how we are going to tackle them. We will not rest until the last reward is successfully delivered.


  • We recognize the importance of Android OS. Support for Android OS is at the top of our priority list. If this project will be evolving in the right direction, we will be happy to expand our support to Android devices.

    Last updated:
  • Yes. The battery can be easily changed. H2O-Pal will also measure the battery level and you will be able to track it in the app. The app will also remind you when the battery is low so you can replace it in time and never lose track of your hydration.

    Last updated:
  • Because H2O-Pal is so energy efficient the coin cell battery will provide energy for months. If we used a rechargeable battery the H2O-Pal would need to have more components that would very rarely be used. It would also make it more vulnerable to water exposure as we would have to have a place for power input on the device. By using coin cell batteries the H2O-Pal is smaller, lighter and more reliable.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, the H2O-Pal does work with milk, orange juice or basically any kind of normal beverage. It will still measure your liquid intake as the density of those beverages is close to the density of water. The H2O-Pal is unique because it can safely and repeatedly be used with beverages such as orange juice as we don't use mechanical flow meters.

    Last updated:
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