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An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.
An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.
5,629 backers pledged CA$ 382,341 to help bring this project to life.

Hope you enjoyed Halloween!

Posted by Outline Montréal (Creator)

Hi Outliners,

We wanted to start by thanking you all once again for your support and patience.

We apologize for the shipping delays, however, you should all have received your masks by now. We are working on any missing orders on a case-by-case basis, and so if you have any issues please send us an email at and we will do our best to fix the situation. We are already re-shipping orders that had any postage issues or included masks with defects.

We hope that you make the most out of your masks for Halloween! We can’t wait to see all the pictures of your costumes. Don’t forget to use #outlinemontreal when you share your pictures and videos on social media!

Since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been able to improve the quality of the printing of our masks. That means more intense colours, both when the masks are off and when illuminated. We have also developed new product packaging, so if you see any of our products in stores, make sure they have our logo to verify that they’re authentic products. Our masks will also soon be available on our official Amazon store in both the USA, Canada and Mexico.

We’ve got tons of amazing plans for 2019 and can’t wait to share them with you!


The Outline Team.

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    1. Jason meltzer on

      I wish I got my mask.

    2. Missing avatar

      Illumin8 on

      Mask looks like it would be fun if it worked.

      Unfortunately it doesn't and customer service is totally useless.

      A cable was broken when it was received, but after contacting customer services and telling them (including photos of the broken cable) what the problem is they sent a modulator box (not a cable) as a replacement, thus not fixing the issue.

      Now they are refusing to do anything more as they claim that they have sent something as a replacement and they have therefore fixed it.

      However a modulator box is not a cable, it doesn't fix the issue and is therefore absolutely no help whatsoever and is in no way a suitable replacement part!!

      I suspect that if they sold cars and my car engine blew up they would send out a windscreen wiper blade and claim that as they'd sent some random item out, then the problem was fixed.

      Please get your customer service dept sorted and get them to help fix problems instead of being obstructive.

      All I want is a working mask, as originally promised, in return for backing your business idea.

    3. Marcelo Paralta on

      I have received my mask a couple of weeks ago but I went to try it on now and it seems that the cable that connects to the little box is not really connected to it, soi got something that doesn't work...

    4. Missing avatar

      Amanda McEwen on

      Support email still not set up....

    5. Missing avatar

      Amanda McEwen on

      Received my mask bend and half the lights don't work. Very dissapointed

    6. Tobias Carlsson on

      Just sucks that copies of your mask were available for one third of the price BEFORE you started shipping. (from china)

      Here in sweden sells some china masks for a third of the cost I paid (only two types thou so I bet they are fake)

    7. Missing avatar

      Sergio Villalobos Ide on

      Gracias. Recibí las máscaras y están perfectas.... son hermosas y me funcionaron muy bien. Sólo el belcro se despega un poco. Pero me encantaron. La verdad pensé que ya no llegaban. Hasta un comentario les envíe. Pero llegaron. Tarde pero llegaron y quede muy contento con la máscara. Gracias señores

    8. Gunner

      I wouldn't take anything posted by this Eric Brandt troll too seriously.
      He's been endlessly trolling on these threads over a mere $5.00 charge, as if it were the last $5.00 in his pocket, for over 3 Months now.
      Just a butthurt troll unable to come to grips with a measly investment in a novelty item.
      This troll needs a life.

    9. Missing avatar

      JC RUPE on

      I absolutely LOVE the masks. Mine arrived in time for Halloween. I wore it to work and everyone loved it. I walked the neighborhood, dressed in black with a black hoodie on. Neighbors stopped me to take pictures of my costume. I called it Black Panther. LOL. Lots of complements and questions.

      I was so thrilled that they made it in time. I had signed on, to get them, late last year, if I remember right. It was great to be kept up to date with production, the delays and the reasons for delays. This is not the first Kickstarter item I've "invested" in. I completely understand new product design and how easily delays arise.

      Thank you for all the good work and effort all of you put into these masks.

      ******** One suggestion for improvement: The mask presses down on the nose. I suggest that designing something into the mask to accommodate the wearers nose more comfortably. ********

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Brandt on

      @ Dominik
      Honestly, yeah that's probably the way to go these days. Frankly I feel bad for anyone still waiting on their Outline-Trash, not because they haven't gotten it yet, but because they're waiting on something they could have paid less for and received muuuuch quicker. Everything about this company is laughable at best. Boogeyman tactics, vague wording, questionable customer service (at best). Everyone that put money in their pockets have been nothing more than a stepping stone for these asshats.

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin Thompson on

      Hello, I have not yet received my masks. I received the email with tracking information on Sept 21, but could never get the website and tracking feature to work.

      I sent you an email at first on Oct 2, and then after I got no response, again on Oct 11. I have still not been contacted by anyone.

      I sent another email in today. Please help when you have a moment!


    12. Mike Neidlinger on

      Yeah... Mine in no way shape fashion or form came in a box like that. Cheap Chinese plastic with no padding. Something tells me I got a knock off one

    13. Missing avatar

      Christian Ernst on

      Since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been able to improve the quality of the printing of our masks."
      You gotta be shitting me. Selling flimsy masks to your backers, then improving the masks with buyers money and sell an improved version for an even higher price. I feel used.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      AS if. I'd rather buy the chinese knock-offs, they can't really be worse in terms of quality and packaging, but at least they are cheap. I honestly think you sent out the chinese ones as well. Very bad campaign handling over all, won't see anymore money from me.

    15. Tony

      should make a mod to make room for the nose, the flat mask rubs my nose quite a bit.

    16. Morgane on

      Why wasn't the mask shipped in the box you're showing on the picture? It would've avoided the mask getting bent by shipping

    17. Matthew Dimalanta

      How exactly are we supposed to email that the mask isn't (and never has) working at all?

    18. Missing avatar

      Byron Smith on

      The gorilla mask is only partially lighting up :(

    19. Outline Montréal 2-time creator on

      Hello guys!
      We are unable to reply to all comments individually (the platform doesn't offer that option), But we want you to know that we read and take at heart all your suggestions, comments and complaints. That's how we got here and how we are continually going to update our LED masks for your enjoyment.

      We understand that some of you had issues with your masks. Please accept our apologies for inconveniencing you. Would it be possible for you to email us photos/videos links showing the defects on your LED masks? We are working on a case basis to resolve all issues and provide a better experience.
      Please email us at Again, if you have any suggestions, comments or complaints let us know.

      Also, if some of you still do not have your reward. Email your backer details to us, and we will be sure to provide a shipping notification.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,
      - The Outline Montréal team

    20. Vince on

      After a long wait, I did receive my two masks before Halloween. Which is all I really wanted.

      They’re built great and worked fine. Much more comfortable to wear for long periods than I expected. Great job!

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric Brandt on

      And THERE it is folks. Theres the punchline. We can't refund you for our shady campaign because WE ALREADY SPENT THAT MONEY IMPROVING OUR BUSINESS MODEL. What a joke.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Fershleiser

      Not a thing... still.... backer #889

    23. David Breuer on

      I have YET to receive my masks!!!
      I never knew they were all shipped out. I would have loved to have been for Halloween but alas I have NEVER received them!!
      Please advise ASAP when I can expect to receive my masks!!!

    24. Matthew Dimalanta

      I had ones that didn't work either. I tried to contact you guys to get it taken care of and I received no reply. Very disappointed.

    25. Missing avatar

      Terence Keller on

      You guys are such a disappointment. I recieved both masks, one works well. The other has lights that don't illuminate. You didnt communicate with your backers. You blatantly didn't communicate or address concerns that where LOUDLY voiced both in emails and on the message boards. Then you send items that don't work properly. I had so much faith in you guys but ultimately it ends in pure disappointment.

    26. Rae Becerra on

      Literally you guys are the worst, seriously. Absolutely ZERO NOTIFICATION that anything shipped, then randomly one day a crumpled envelope with basically garbage in it showed up at my doorstep. Flimsy, useless product, no packing materials, and certainly not worth the price. I wish Kickstarter had've responded to all the complaints against this company, because it was the worst campaign. You basically stole backers money and provided nothing in return. Thanks for the surprise trash, I guess, since I definitely didn't receive what was promised, and you skirted around it by claiming after the fact that refunds weren't an option (SPOILER: there were NO written policies detailing this in the campaign at all) and never actually letting customers know when items were shipping to just avoid interaction.

    27. George Anderson on

      How you ship needs to be changed. I received my mask and it was bent at the top which also put some stress on the wiring.

    28. Darren williams on

      Mine arrived , finally and some of lights don’t work ! Really really disappointed !!!!! To hear you say about improvements mate after the Kickstarter is a joke !!! You have let down your backers in so many ways it’s unbelievable ! I for one will only share about you to warn people not to buy your products ... will def not back you again !!! Total disappointment !!!!!!!

    29. Terry Rhea on

      I received both my masks, one fits fine, the other doesnt fit at!

    30. Gunner

      Best of luck on your upcoming ventures.
      Keep me in the loop!!