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An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.
An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.
5,629 backers pledged CA$ 382,341 to help bring this project to life.

Delivery !

Posted by Outline Montréal (Creator)

It’s finally happening, all the masks were sent the 27th of August from our warehouse. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive your tracking number.

On the behalf of all the Outline Montreal team, we would like to thank you for you patience and support, these past months you have showed us that the outline community is alive and well. 

We would like to address a special thank you to all of you you have helped us remove all the fraudulent pages selling counterfeits of our products, you guys rock !!!


The Outline Montreal team 


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    1. Missing avatar


      I have contacted the company twice with no response.......

    2. Gunner

      It's a wonder that backers who haven't received their orders aren't direct messaging Outline Montreal (as Outline Montreal has requested repeatedly) for a resolution.
      Much more productive than posting and expecting a reply in the comments section of the campaign.

    3. Teresa Reaver on

      I see many unhappy comments about this project, any chance we will ever get a response?

    4. Teresa Reaver on

      No mask, no tracking no anything. Please honor my previous request for a complete refund.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tappei Noishi on

      t’s 30th october and haven’t recieved any tracking data or confirmation my shipment has been send. Starting to get quite pissed off at the whole process. Give us some information Outline Montreal!

    6. Christian Delgado on

      I haven't receive any tracking number or my mask! Can you please let me know any updates about my order?

    7. Svenson on

      Still no tracking number and no masks.

    8. John Williams on

      This Kickstarter is finally over for me.
      I got my masks 🎭

    9. Missing avatar

      Fabricio Veronesi on

      Still no Tracking code
      Live in Brazil, no answer on the support, facebook.. anything
      You guys totally don't care about your customer
      At least I'm seeing in the comments section people receiving the mask

    10. DJ Bentley on

      Never got a tracking number, but my
      Masks surprised me in the mail this morning. Solid build, both included charging cables, well done. I wish I had them for ACL this past weekend, but I’ll have them for future concerts. Thanks, OM!

    11. Missing avatar

      J Smith on

      Also posted in the "main" Comments section, but in case it helps...backer number ~1900, hand't received any tracking info as of 9/25, messaged (via Kickstarter) Outline Montreal, they responded pretty quickly - within ~48 hours - with a tracking number, masks shipped on 9/27 and arrived in the Midwestern US around 10/15. If you have't received tracking info, I'd suggest you message OM via Kickstarter or via their support email address (you can find it in the main Comments section). HTH.

    12. Nicole on

      Madison, WI backer - received my masks at work sometime last week (I was on vacation). They work, so I'm satisfied.

    13. Missing avatar

      james arroy on

      I haven't received a tracking number or my order. Can you please let me know when this will happen?

    14. Missing avatar

      Dakota Silvers on

      I still have not received a tracking number or any part of my order. Please send me an update on when I might finally get my masks! The event I bought them for has already passed, I'd love to try them out sometime soon!

    15. Jaclyn Cribley

      I just got my mask two days ago.

    16. Missing avatar

      Amanda Wilson on

      Halloween is in two weeks. I still have no email, tracking number and no mask. I was backer number 940 and the item was supposed to be delivered in April 2018. I figured I would get the mask because the company was out of Montreal. I guess there are scam artists even in Canada.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bohn on

      I still receive anything... No mail, no tracking number, nothing...
      Here my adress again : Quentin Bohn, 31 rue du clou dans le fer, 51100 Reims France
      Hope to have some real news soon.

    18. Dado Szpoganicz on

      I dont know what to say. Have nothing.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matias Sebastian Vazquez on

      I did not receive my mask, they did not respond to my emails and I'm almost calling the Canadian police to help me. I deeply regretted helping those people who did not care about the client.

    20. Michelle on

      Finally received masks today (although never any tracking notice). Some were bent, and they were all crammed into an envelope too small for them. Question: There is a hole for charging, and directions state to charge 8 hours before first use. But with what? There is no charging cord. Thank you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Reyescarbajal on

      I honestly just want a refund. This is ridiculous. No mask, not even a tracking number. Countless of similar masks being sold for way cheaper.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Larko on

      Got my email that my mask was shipped 9/26. As of 9/28 still in China. No update since(11 days). I guess they are rowing a boat from there?

    23. Carol Suckerpunch on

      Finally got my mask in a flimsy bag from a Chinese company. It smells terrible and fits like a nightmare. It smashes my nose flat.


      No tracking number, no mask. Filled out survey in February with correct address, I can see the confirmation email from that. I had hoped to get this before burning man, which was in August - some of my friends had their knockoff version before then.


    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Paplin on

      Happy to say my masks have finally arrived.

    26. Svenson on

      still NO tracking number. still no masks !!!

      WTF is wrong with you guys?

      But I get ads on facebook from copycats where I can buy these masks?!

    27. Teresa Reaver on

      I have not received mask, tracking number or email for my mask. And based on the descriptions I have seen of people who have received theirs I would like to cancel my order and be refunded for the transaction. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ellen Aga on

      I have not received a tracking number, or my mask. I also need to change the delivery address as I have moved since I ordered the mask last year. How do I go about doing that?

    29. Missing avatar

      Rafael E Robles on

      I still have not yet received my mask.
      Can’t find any email with a tracking number to date.

      Almost two months late...

    30. lyra

      if the tracking site is down, try 17track instead. that may work better.

    31. Emily G on

      Got my mask today (3 weeks after receiving my tracking email, I'm in British Columbia). It was flat in the envelope, had the charging chord, and it works, thank god. Sounds like I'm one of the fortunate ones. It makes a beeping noise with each light pulse which is a bit annoying but I guess that won't be heard once music is on.
      Am happy with my result, but I won't be dealing with or recommending this company in future. This kickstarter was so poorly handled and I hope you all get the end result I did after all the shit we went through this time round.
      Helpful tip: the tracking website went down the last few days, but if it comes back up and it's still in Chinese, just copy and paste into google translator to know where yours is at.

    32. Randy Dew on

      Got it yesterday from China in a plastic envelope rolled up. East coast USA. Not impressed at all : NO CHARGER or any charging cable. Can’t use it, its dead, Jim.. Waste of time and money. Reminds me of the Halloween masks of the 80’s that sit flat against your face with little eye cutouts. People will laugh at the quality.

    33. Maurice S on

      Got it today. Not so impressed.

    34. lyra

      @joanne but it doesn't look very active.

    35. Missing avatar

      Joanne Sunga on

      I haven’t received anything!! Does anyone know their FB or Instagram account? Maybe they’ll listen to us from there.

    36. Missing avatar

      Richard Blue on

      USA East Coast. Also got my two masks today (10/4). Similar packaging issues. Crease on the "chin" of one of the masks. Cardboard box + some bubblewrap would have avoided this. Masks work great. React nicely to strong beats in music etc. I never saw any emails with tracking numbers but the masks are now here.

    37. Craig McPherson on

      East Coast USA. Our 2 masks arrived today 10/04/2018. Condition was reasonable though the package had been curved at some point and the masks are now bent but slowly falling back into correct shape. Both seem to be working correctly and otherwise have no errors in the face or foam side.

    38. Missing avatar

      Udo on

      I'm from Germany and received my two masks today, I didn't get a tracking number in advance. Sadly one of it is reacting badly to sounds, only when they are very very loud, the other one is perfect, thank you! :)
      What can we do with the one that did not work as expected?

    39. Sean Moser

      Nothing here either; no tracking number or package...

    40. Missing avatar

      Eugene Gorrin on

      I neither received the mask nor a tracking number!!!

      What is going on?!

    41. Missing avatar

      Janine M on

      Wow, so if you link to the comments from people that supposedly received and loved the masks.... They've only ever backed ONE thing and their pages are private.

    42. Missing avatar

      Janine M on

      I've complained to Kickstarter. It did zero good. Half a million dollars bilked and Kickstarter won't even reach out? I don't understand. I'm now afraid to Kickstart anyone I haven't already dealt with.

    43. Missing avatar

      Alissa Freeman on

      Same..received am email saying since then ..nothing!! I feel scammed.. last time I ever help out someone or a startup on kickstarter! At this point I would just like my money back but that's not going to happen seeing how they dont respond to anything or give any updates.. such a shame!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Yolie Viale on

      It's October and I haven't received a tracking number yet. Has anyone received one?

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Bernhardt on

      Never got a tracking number... wth guys? Any help, or just a kind word on what’s going on would be nice.... just saying.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Man this company got robbed by its manufacturer then the company robbed all of us

    47. Missing avatar

      Greg Rampersad on

      I've recieved a tracking number from an email that went to my spam folder Sept 13. The link in the email from didn't work. Went to their website and entered in my tracking number and their website then timed out. Please advise - It's been over a month since you'd posted that the orders were shipped. An update on my order or tracking information would be greatly appreciated.

    48. Jason Bordelon on

      no tracking number here either.

    49. Svenson on

      Guess what... still no tracking number.

    50. Missing avatar

      MaskLess on

      Got the tracking email 9/26, website wouldn't work, but figured it is being shipped I'd just give it time to do what it needs to. Finally got the tracking website to work today, I have to google translate practically everything because the website is all in Chinese. The tracking info hasn't been updated since 9/27, when I translate it, it says it is still in china. What in the world is this company doing? If lack of communication was an award worthy feat then this company would win the gold for sure. You refuse to make posts on your facebook page, instead you hide in the comment section of your old posts. In emails you promised video updates, never happened. Then the emails stopped all together! Lies on top of Lies on top of Lies. Sent a message to their facebook, but they put it as "away" conveniently. Messaged their email, now I wait 3 weeks for their response. Probably going to just report this to kickstarter, if this is how they screw over their 2000+ customers they shouldn't be on here.