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An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.
An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.
An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.
5,629 backers pledged CA$ 382,341 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Scott Mohnkern
      less than a minute ago

      @eric. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I knew that there were a lot of backers that purchased multiple masks, so just because your backer number was below 4656 it didn’t mean you would be in the first round.

      What is surprising is OM has yet to give a real update. Instead of doing the smart thing and laying out a shipping schedule in the updates, they try to band aid every single individual email. Bad planning on their part because the majority of frustrated customers have not contacted them directly.

      The lesson OM needs to learn, effective, accurate, communication on a consistent basis. For this, they continue to get a grade of F.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Brandt about 1 hour ago

      In a surprise twist that no one saw coming, I've yet to receive one of these magical update emails with tracking or shipping confirmation, a full WEEK after getting this message through KS:

      Hi Eric,

      We get pretty confused in you anger since you are going to be one of the first backer to receive your mask. The 4656 units corresponds to the number of masks produced for the 1st lot and not the number of backers who will receive the masks in the 1st lot.

      Finally, it is really not hard to see the difference between our masks and the ones the chinese sites are selling. So NO, we are not selling masks to them.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding,

      The Outline team.

      PS: The extent of my "anger" has been to ask questions and call Outline out for offering early delivery as an extra charge through CrowdOx... and subsequently refusing refunds on said upcharge when it was not fulfilled.

    3. Gunner
      about 6 hours ago

      The answer all backers have been waiting for!
      Thank you Outline Montreal .

    4. Zach T
      about 6 hours ago

      I got a tracking! I’m so stoked to get them and wear them to festivals!

    5. Gunner
      about 9 hours ago

      It's time for a shipping Update.
      Over to you Outline Montreal...
      "Time for some clarity for your backers".

    6. Scott Mohnkern
      about 9 hours ago

      So, has anyone received tracking info now that OM says they are fixing it?

    7. Scott Mohnkern
      1 day ago

      Another reply.

      Kickstarter deliveries are divided into 2 Batches. The 1st batch of deliveries have started and the second one will start on August 25th.

      We have updated Indiegogo for the deliveries since they will be in the same time than the second batch of KS. Yet, we are not updating KS and Indiegogo on the same day.

    8. Gunner
      1 day ago

      I received a similar email...
      Shipping has started, tracking numbers to follow shortly.

    9. Scott Mohnkern
      1 day ago

      I have to admit, I’ve gone from being tolerant, to intolerant. Shipping was to commence already, a private message from them seems to indicate shipping has started, but a public statement indicates there are more delays.

      Why should backers here have to go hunting for delivery information?

      Why is there another apparent delay without an update?

      Why are we getting different stories on delivery?

      Please figure out what’s going on with delivery, and provide your backers here a real update.

    10. Scott Mohnkern
      1 day ago

      Interestingly, I received a private email from Online Montreal that contradicts this statement.

      “People are frustrated and we understand. We are working as hard as possible to accelerate the shipping. Our shipper did not send the tracking in first place and we are fixing it.”

      This seems to indicate that some shipping has started.

    11. djb 1 day ago

      @Reggie this seems like a carbon copy of an update they gave us with the exception that our ship date was said to be earlier.

      @Creator can u PLEASE update us.

      Patiently waiting.

    12. Reggie Bouregard 1 day ago

      Here's the update from Outliar Montreal for their Indigogo Campaign. Pretty crazy that they're updating Indigogo and not Kickstarter. Beware fellow backers, for we are dealing with fraudsters. Queue the OM apologists...

      August - Deliveries #1
      Hi Outliners,

      We wanted to give you firm dates for our mask deliveries and a couple of quick updates.
      The deliveries will start on August 25th. It’s a few days later than we wanted but our manufacturer has delayed the production.
      In the meantime, anyone who wants to change their address has to send us a message or e-mail us before August 20th. Any changes after that date will result in delays for your mask shipment.
      All shipments should take between 5 and 12 business days and tracking numbers will be sent to you once it is shipped.
      We’ll post the second update shortly once the masks will be ready for shipping.
      Once again, thanks to the community for sending us any websites or links to counterfeit products that you find so that we can have those sites taken down. At the moment we have no resellers, so ANY website that you see claiming to sell our masks are counterfeit products.
      Thank you all for your patience and understanding,

      The Outline team.

      PS: We are truly looking forward to seeing all of you wearing your masks!

    13. Shivian Morgan 1 day ago

      Backed, paid for advanced shipping, nothing. What the fuck.

    14. Andy
      1 day ago

      Early Influencer, Backer no below 150, nothing here either. Sad.

    15. Simon Feldmeier 1 day ago

      Backer no. 150, early influencer, 8 masks ordered to germany: no shipping infos yet

    16. Missing avatar

      Patrick G
      1 day ago

      Good evening all. I was wondering if any early adopters have recieved their shipping numbers or if anyone has recieved their masks. I am backer 1292 but did pay for the early shipping option. If anyone has any concrete infomation or first hand affirmation? Can you share your info cheers all and have a great night.

    17. Scott Mohnkern
      2 days ago

      I pinged them on Facebook, and in email. Let’s see if they reply.

    18. Amor Y Freeman 3 days ago

      Reporting to KS isn't going to expedite the process, I PROMISE. Think of it like this, KS has received their percentage, not only this, but they state that they do not get involved with the shipping process. They claim its interfering worth the Creators creativity. Unless it's been months and they haven't even logged on is when KS will intervene, and doing so may cost them the money that they've earned and can anyone let me know what profitable business shoots themselves in the foot over something that's open (shipping dates) for the customer's benefit...I'll wait

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Brandt 3 days ago

      Oh man couldn't have seen any of this coming... what a total and complete shock. I wonder when we can expect the next excuse-laden narrative shift. I concur with a previously mentioned sentiment, that everyone here (who isn't too busy bootlicking) should scroll right down to the bottom of the campaign page and report Outline. There is no room for clowns like this on KS. It cheapens the entire system.

      To Outline: when enough reports go in against you and the shtf, feel free to let the door hit you on the way out.

    20. Reggie Bouregard 3 days ago

      My grandfather always told me, "Don't trust terrorists, physical therapists, or French Canadians"

    21. Scott Mohnkern
      3 days ago

      Just got a Facebook ad for these exact masks

    22. Ishpal
      3 days ago

      My friends bought the knockoff. Less than 10$. Quality is good only difference is it runs on battery '2xAAA'. Friends bought rechargeable batteries. Each charge gives 8 hours of runtime. Product is light. I really hope your team works harder to stop the counterfeits and ensure we get a superior product with maybe a lifetime warranty. Frustrating that even the knockoffs can sell earlier and perform so well. We paid a fortune...

    23. Eduardo Soldaini 4 days ago


    24. Scott Mohnkern
      4 days ago

      More importantly has anyone received tracking information?

    25. Thomas Guibert 4 days ago

      Backer#5320 - nothing, btw

    26. Thomas Guibert 4 days ago

      why does it take THIS LONG for a fucking technology that has existed for decades already ?

    27. Missing avatar

      Bradley Lawrence 4 days ago

      Backer #20
      No shipped email
      No tracking info...

    28. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      Backer 532 here. No e-mail. No package.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Gatniejewski 4 days ago

      I'm backer No. 629 and haven't received any shipping info.. doesnt surprise me though, they're way too silent in the last days, so I guess we'll soon get more excuses why they aren't sending us our rewards..

    30. Josiah Groppel 4 days ago

      Hey, we should all comment our backer number and if we’ve received shipping confirmation so we have a general idea of what progress they’ve made if any towards getting these shipped out. Mine is somewhere in the 950s and I still have not received any notification of it being shipped. I am one of the early bird backers so I should be part of this first batch.

    31. Missing avatar

      Nick Wepfer
      4 days ago

      how do i know what batch im in? pledged for the owl mask and bought "express" shipping. so im thinking im in batch one otherwise you snagged more money via expediated shipping and products are 3 months behind being shipped in company chosen batches?

    32. Scott Mohnkern
      4 days ago

      @Dhillon - not me

    33. Dhillon 5 days ago

      Has anyone received tracking info?

    34. Reggie Bouregard 5 days ago

      How much longer until we are back at the prototype phase?

    35. Brian Auden
      5 days ago

      This EXACT mask just showed up in my feed SELLING for way less than sponsored price, MASSIVE FAIL.

    36. Mike Vinci 6 days ago

      AliExpress had them for $10. Figured I could try out a few extras!

    37. Missing avatar

      spoutnick 6 days ago

      @baker Go on Outline mtl page and scroll the page all the way down .Click on REPORT THIS PROJECT TO KICKSTATER .It's the very last line

    38. Levinio Iamlv 6 days ago another shop selling. Its getting ridiculous more and more

    39. Levinio Iamlv 6 days ago another knock off store selling masks hope your final product is superior

    40. Hector Cruz
      6 days ago

      These are already on sale somewhere else.

    41. Manik Gupta 6 days ago

      Finally you guys give us a shipping date and you cant even keep your end of the bargain despite us waiting for so long. This is pathetic.

    42. Missing avatar

      spoutnick 7 days ago

      NO !! and him backer 950

    43. Missing avatar

      Stefan Übermasser 7 days ago

      @ Backers: Has anyone yet received tracking information or the product?

    44. Josiah Groppel on

      @Manik Gupta
      I believe they stated in their last update that tracking information would be sent by email once your mask has shipped out.

    45. Manik Gupta on

      Would you be giving out tracking information?

    46. Gunner


    47. Outline Montréal 2-time creator on

      @All Backers
      Deliveries for the 1st lot are starting today! We will post an update in the following days with the dates for the 2nd lot.

    48. Scott Mohnkern

      It’s August 7th, has shipping started? Will tracking numbers be sent out?

    49. Missing avatar

      Eric Brandt on

      @ Simon Feldmeier

      I honestly hope that you, and every other bootlicker that has stuck up for these con artists gets what you hope for... I do. If for no other reason than I was stupid enough to give them money... I do.

      But the fact is, they're deceitful and opaque and everything that scares people about backing crowdfunding projects ever.

      They backpedal and lie and change timelines to suit their newest narrative at will. They charged a TON of backers extra money for an EARLY delivery window that was missed... And refuse to refund that charge stating that it was not for early delivery (explain that one please would love to hear a supporter defend it)

      And lest we forget, they've outright refused refunds to the handful of backers that have asked for them in entirety... Something a reputable company DOES NOT DO. In fact let's rewind that and think.... Here we are, at a point when they've started shipping but "don't have the stock" on hand to get to all backers... but they won't refund 40 bucks to a backer or 200 potentially freeing up masks for those of us that will miss the first shipment? HMMMM.

      I've got a grand prediction for you: 2-5 years down the road it's going to come out that they were selling masks to the chinese sites.

    50. Gunner

      @Walter Robinson
      Excellent to see somebody exhibiting basic common sense.
      Shipping for early backers is just days away...

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