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Matt Forbeck's acclaimed Shotguns & Sorcery™ book series is going to be adapted into an RPG powered by Monte Cook’s Cypher System™!
Matt Forbeck's acclaimed Shotguns & Sorcery™ book series is going to be adapted into an RPG powered by Monte Cook’s Cypher System™!
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    1. Brian on

      Any update from the printer?

    2. Jimmy Plamondon on

      I can see where both Josef and Conrad come from. In the early days of Kickstarter, I backed a lot of projects that were essentially vapourware. E20, Axes and Anvils, Cairn(partially saved by some of the writers), Instacube, 100 days of death, The Northener, Into the Far West...

      There is a part of risk with kickstarter. While bigger/more experienced compagnies can treat it as a pre ordering platform, some just throw themselves into a campaign without a clue and get completely overwhelmed. I suspect this is what happened here... inexperienced people got overwhelmed. They could have just cut communications and vanished with the cash like so many others... but they didn't. They got Melanie to handle it. Good on them for getting her. Good on her for taking such a thankless job.

      I am very tired of kickstarter campaigns that are late or only partially delivering on their promises if at all. Yes I am pissed off and will very likely not back anything from this studio. Having said that it looks like they are trying... but I will believe the books are real only when my copy gets to my place. I've seen too many frauds on KS pretending to try not to find it all suspicious. If you want a good "laugh" check the Instacube updates and the comments... its easy to SAY the stuff is coming...

    3. Conrad Murkitt on

      Sorry the damn phone app stopped me from seeing the text at the end of my previous comment.

    4. Conrad Murkitt on

      @Josef I am not trying to excuse the delays on the project. They have been excessive and yes other projects have been able to deliver more. But I think to say you have been deliberately ripped off is a bit much. If they had wanted to rip you off we would have heard nothing, like one of my other projects. So I think the worst that can be said here is this is a case of incompetence rather than malicious intent. And when I say incompetence I am NOT directing that comment at Melanie but the others who have come before her. firbefore her.

    5. Josef Ferguson on

      @Conrad, this whole "Kickstarter isn't a store" argument carries less and less water with every passing day. And Kickstarter itself is probably one class-action lawsuit away from changing that description themselves.
      A couple of months late is understandable. Things happen and no project creator can see the future. But we're creeping up on THREE YEARS late for this book. That's beyond the pale. I'll be honest, when the damn thing finally shows up on my doorstep, I'll probably just toss it on the heap with other games that will never be played. The whole thing has left such a sour taste in my mouth. That's why I'd much rather have a refund at this point than the actual book.
      Here's some perspective for you: In the time since S&S was *supposed* to be delivered, the campaign for Talislanta launched, finished, and has started to deliver 4 DIFFERENT VERSIONS of their rulebook to backers. And in that project, the project creator actually died during the campaign! But S&S can't manage to get one measly little rulebook in the hands of backers after THREE YEARS, when the lion's share of the rules work was done my Monte Cook! Talk about an absolute dismal failure of a project. From a backers perspective, at least. From a creators perspective, I'm sure it's considered a great success. They've got our money, after all, and haven't had to deliver anything for it really.

    6. Conrad Murkitt on

      @Josef you haven’t been ripped off , you will get what you have backed, admittedly a lot later than expected. I have backed some projects that clearly have ripped me off as they have taken my money and there is no communication at all, or any attempt to return funds to backers. That is clearly not the case here.

      That said. Kickstarter is not a pre-order service, there is an element of risk. So if you are not comfortable with that risk then you shouldn’t back anything on here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Melanie Meadors Collaborator on

      I assure you, no one is getting ripped off, everyone will receive what they backed the project for, and nothing I've ever said was a lie, nor have I made promises I will need to break. The books are in the printer's hands as they have been for several weeks now, and we are in the midst of contacting them so we can tell you exactly where the books are in that process (it may be that they are on the boat to the US right now). All other parts of the campaign, including stretch goals, are either complete or on their way to completion. Please let me know if you haven't received the PDFs of the RPG book, as those were sent several weeks ago. You can contact me directly at if you have any concerns, as well.

    8. Josef Ferguson on

      Conrad Murkitt, lucky to be ripped off? What a preposterous comment.

    9. Garrett Fitzgerald on

      Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the update. I appreciate that the project is still moving along through all the struggles it has had.

    10. Conrad Murkitt on

      Oh and one more thing.

      If this Kickstarter campaign is the worst thing in your lives right now. Take a moment to consider how lucky you are!

    11. Conrad Murkitt on

      Guys I think you are being a bit harsh. Yes this campaign has been a big disappointment but we are seeing activity now and Melanie has made that happen. Mistakes like this happen, are we all so perfect? I know I’m not. I have also backed other campaigns where I have lost all my money!! So whilst this is really late, it’s not the worst. Maybe we all need a little perspective??

    12. Josef Ferguson on

      Another in a long, long, LOOOOONG string of broken promises and lies. At what point do you just admit that you've ripped people off and have no intention of delivering?

    13. Craig Wright

      This Kickstarter isn't the worst. It's alive, Melanie is posting updates, and things are being done. I've got several Kickstarters that have been completely silent for years (one since 2014), those are the worst :)

    14. Sean on

      Thanks for the update, Melanie. I'm glad to hear it is still moving along even if it is slow and steady.

    15. Kurt Gustafson on

      Without a doubt THE worst KS campaign

    16. Mattia Davolio

      The worst KS campaign ever. Thanks again.