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Transparent waterproof housing that's travel-friendly, modular, affordable, and maintains access to all your camera and len's controls
Waterproof housing delivering professional results, travel-friendliness, modular design, affordability, and access to all your camera & len's controls.
Waterproof housing delivering professional results, travel-friendliness, modular design, affordability, and access to all your camera & len's controls.
147 backers pledged $45,332 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Rösel on

      Hello, is there any backer, who got a cover already and could tell about experience with it ?
      I tried to get in contact to JR regarding his offer ( of March) to change type of cover, but there wasn't any reaction to it.
      Gibt es jemanden in Deutschland der mit diesem "Produkt" bereits Erfahrungen sammeln konnte ?

    2. Joe Polecheck on

      Any ideas on when my clear housing will ship? Nikon D850, battery grip, no LCD viewing panel... Thanks!

    3. Alex Ramirez on

      I am so eager to put my camera inside this product, it will change my game for great... I am impatient since rain season started this week at my location. Keep it up Outex team, I am happy to be a backer and will be happier as an active outdoors user!

    4. JR deSouza 3-time creator on

      Yes Rohan. Outex pledge backers are first in line.

      We were ahead/on time with the Pro Kit covers and have been shipping since January. We are caught up with those backers.

      We are running behind on the covers 100X (Entry front glass only), 130 (large body cameras), and 130T (tripods) Covers as those were dependent on the stretch funding goals and we’re funding the tooling for all three in parallel.

      Thanks for you patience.

      If you have an urgent need please contact us and we can arrange to switch/upgrade you to the Pro Kit or arrange for a temporary blue cover 130 or T.



    5. Missing avatar

      Rohan Mendonca on

      Hi JR,

      I pledged for the Front-glass-only Clear Outex kit. It’s supposed to ship this month.
      I have not heard from you.
      I sent you a message and I have not got a response.
      I was wondering if someone will get back to me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bruce Miller on

      Hey JR - I assume Kickstarter financial backers will receive the first ones shipped?

    7. JR deSouza 3-time creator on

      Thanks again to all of you that contributed towards our success. Yes, we're already busy working on the surveys to ensure we understand what each backer wants/needs, and to answer questions. We will handle additional parts/accessories/lenses via our regular online store and try to optimize shipping to avoid unnecessary costs/efforts on both parts. Best, JR

    8. Missing avatar

      Leah Gillis on

      Can't wait to get my hands on this guys! Super pumped to take my photography to another level! Just a quick question, I pledged more than what's listed as I want the care kit and an extra ring, can we organise one shipment and an additional payment for the ring? I'm not sure I've done it right or put the correct amount? Cheers

    9. JR deSouza 3-time creator on

      Noted Randall. Thank you. No problem. When we send out the surveys we will reconcile the pledges and ensure people get what they need. We can always also use our existing store to charge for additional wanted/needed items while saving on shipping costs so the shipments go out altogether. We're close to hitting our goal! Appreciate the help. Please tell all your camera loving friends about us...

    10. Missing avatar

      Randall A Kaye on

      I'm new to Outex but would like a clear Outex Kit and a Dome kit. It seems that Kickstarter won't let me choose two pledge packages, so I have just added the cost of the Dome Kit to my pledge for a clear Outex Kit. I hope that will all be understandable and doable when the survey is released sometime after we reach the current funding goal, within a week from now. Best of luck!

    11. Missing avatar

      Arnav Goyal

      Hey thanks for the prompt reply!! I was kinda hoping if God forbid we do not make it to the stretch goals you could at least add the cover with tripod as an add on later on?? Because I really wish to have a transparent cover with tripod adapter.

    12. JR deSouza 3-time creator on

      Thanks Arnav. If we hit our stretch goals we will accelerate the tripod and other cover variations. But you can already use the tripod with tripods, lighting, tethering, etc using our current covers, which are the least expensive portion of the Outex system. So if you're timing requires tripod work right away we can get you different covers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Arnav Goyal

      I have pledged for the Outex clear kit. Will I be able to use a tripod along with the cover?

    14. JR deSouza 3-time creator on

      Yes Tan. If you want both a regular kit, but also use the Dome port, pledge for the KIT and for the Dome. You can get both, and use them interchangeably. That's part of the beauty of Outex. It's modular.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tan Heok Hui on

      Is it possible to get a set of both flat and done ports?

    16. JR deSouza 3-time creator on

      10 meters, or about 33 feet.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Fischer-Jenssen

      What depth is this usable to?