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Control your Hero in Battle, Build, Trade, Explore & Conquer, in an ever expanding, unique, algorithm-ically generated universe.

OuterWorlds Online- A Massive Multiplayer, Multi-platform, RPG, RTS, Open Sandbox Space Exploration Game.




Video Updates

Update #4 - Exploration, Pet Drone preview and World Building. 

OuterWorlds Online (OWO) is a massive online space exploration, RTS, RPG with a vast unique algorithmically generated universe and cities buzzing with activity as players research and manufacture items in advanced facilities available only in cities. You can explore and discover new worlds to colonise. Join your army in Battle to deal or take damage, Mine, Manufacture, Pirate or Trade your way in the universe, or any other combination you may fancy, with the classless character system. 

In game you will fly a ship to scan and search systems for new worlds to colonize. You will land and explore the surface of planets with your hero, use your pet hover drone to scan beneath the surface for the best mining locations, build your base, train your army, jump into your troop transport ships or battleship, pilot and navigate your ship and fleet through hostile space, and destroy others in your path to reach your target, land and deploy your units (creeps) on your target world, while joining them in battle with your own hero in a similar style to DOTA or LOL. Cities for socialising are also vibrant, and busily buzzing with activity, as all players must transport materials, to research blueprints (crafting) and manufacture items in the advanced city facilities.

The game will be made available through many popular browsers, and no standalone download will be required. However, if one chooses they will be made available. OWO will be released on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

We will be aiming to release on smart devices, but only a limited number of features will be available at first (achieving the stretch goals will change this).

Quick run through of OuterWorlds Online:  

  • Train an army, control and battle with your own character or spacecraft.  
  • Mine resources, pirate or conquer others to build and expand your empire.  
  • Jump into your scout ship and explore the unique algorithmically  generated worlds, and launch survey drones to discover the location of its riches beneath.  
  • Place structures, customise them with modules, build your worlds and expand your empire.   
  • Research, manufacture, use or sell advanced Weapons, Modules, Land/Space Vehicles.  
  • Unlock access to advanced weapons and modules as your character learns new skills.  

 Inspired by the fast paced, intense and fun battles of DOTA and League of Legends, OuterWorlds Online not only lets you deploy your army into battle, but for you to go into battle along side them. Deploy your units in strategic locations, then join them dealing heavy damage to your enemies, take the heavy hits for your army, or assist and enhance them with your special skills and equipped modules.

New technology will allow you to produce powerful items. Research and Manufacturing (large objects) in OuterWorlds Online is carried out in city facilities. These research and manufacturing facilities require a large energy source which can not be provided by the command centre of your own world, and only by the city's fusion reactors. Components are combined in a research facility to produce blueprints for unique items. Once you obtain a blueprint you can manufacture this yourself or sell it, and let someone else produce the item for you.

You are not alone in the world and your foes are more than happy to take control of the planet for themselves. Find allies before it is too late. You can send requests for help to your allies, who can then deploy units to help protect your base at any-time (smart devices), or be alongside you to ensure a victory during your raids on other worlds.

The discovery and protection of your resources is your most precious asset. Minerals enable the worlds to operate - without them none of the items in the universe could be produced. Resources in the world are collected through advanced refineries which drill into the surface of the planet. The distribution, and make-up of the planet is algorithmically generated so each is unique. Thus to get the maximum extraction efficiency from your refineries, you must scan each new world to discover the location of its hidden treasures. New unique worlds will be continuously added on a regular basis while OWO is online.

Advance your character, learn new skills and unlock advanced weapons, modules to upgrade structures and space-crafts. The game will not require continuous grinding for experience, and instead will be based on both real time and experience points.

 Jump into your favorite scout ship and explore the galaxy for new worlds to colonise or conquer. 

If you are lucky and it is an unclaimed world then you can simply deploy your nano-assemblers to construct a command centre. If it is already occupied then deploy a stealth beacon to a vulnerable location and jump your fleet, deploy your army and conquer the world for you own purposes.

 Battles will occur seamlessly in one massive battlefield between space and land.

The price and supply of items will be solely determined by players in an open market, on one large virtual server. If no one is manufacturing items in your area then you will need to wait until traders bring the item in, or have it delivered to you, either by another player or by the federation's drone transport system. You are warned however, high value items in the robotic drones are not always safe from the cunning minds of pirates in the universe.

 OuterWorlds Online is an open universe that you build and populate, not the developers. Structures can be placed anywhere in the worlds and are all customisable by adding modules to improve their performance, efficiency and potency.

 Not all regions of space  are solely controlled by the laws of the Federation. Alliances will rise from the shadows to stake their claim in regions outside the Federation's reach. Wander into these regions at your own risk, or join them. 

 Here is an example of a rookie scout ship you will start with, to help illustrate the style of the ships in the OuterWorlds Universe. Please note this is only an example and will only get better once we have secured funding.

Community Involvement - One of the most important aspects is community involvement. We will be actively listening to your comments on the Forums, Facebook, Google+, for feedback to make a game the community truly desires. We believe all of this is something special, exciting and also something you would want to play. All while maintaining casual game play elements so you can still happily get on with the rest of your life.

The Best features from RPG, RTS, MOBA (DOTA/LOL)- OuterWorlds Online combines the base building and unit training of an RTS, the research, manufacturing, and character progression of an RPG, and the fast paced battles of DOTA or LOL, all in one open persistent universe.

Complex Casual Gameplay - One of the key features OWO will focus on is fun and exciting game play and character progression without literally spending your life in it, with game play mechanics tuned towards short intense spurts and smart devices. The Best features from each genre.

Seamless Land / Space Battles - Battles do not occur in separate battlefields and active battles can be seen from both space and land. 

Algorithmically Generated Worlds - You will not find two worlds that are the same. The number of worlds in the game will be continuously added to the universe.

Multiple Platforms, play anytime, anywhere - All available across multiple platforms, standalone on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. No download required, all browser based on PC, plus standalone iOS and Android devices support. We will be concentrating our efforts on PC at first and rudimentary smart device features (World Resource Management and Army Logistics and Deployment). However, if we hit our stretch goals we can bring on extra help and release the game on smart devices in parallel.   

We want to make this game the best, massive, sci-fi, most accessible and integrated game out there, naturally this requires a fairly large amount of resources. We can only do so much from our own pockets, but through crowd-funding and support from our backers and community, we can make the game fun and exciting where you choose the gameplay mechanics. Not dictated, controlled or driven by corporate numbers and by which game feature or mechanism generates the most money, but by fun, as a game should be.

Resources to develop this game will not solely come from the community of backers alone, and like our backers, we will personally put even more of our own resources down on the line, to fund even more of the development. But first, we need to determine that this is a game that others would want to play, and not just our own deluded dream (Not too much fun playing in a universe with just the team).

The extra funds on top of those given by our backers will allow us to provide you and the community with an even higher quality, polished game and implement more of the community suggested features. You get more game for your money, and since we have personally invested our own resources into the game we are taking the same risks as you, and will ensure that this gets released.

The most important reason for crowd funding however, is to reach out, listen and build a game where a community of like minded people want to play.

 OuterWorlds Online will be continually updated for as long as the community supports it. We do not plan on only releasing the limited list of features and stop there. We have many more ambitious and exciting ideas in the pipeline, and I'm sure you do too. However, for the purpose of keeping the goals realistic we have listed the few above. With the support from you and the community we will ensure OWO continues to grow, is self sustaining, and able to fully fund all future development costs.

Unfortunately such is the way of life that some form of payment method will be necessary to fund the continued development costs. This will be in a form commonly found in other games, and may be a combination of subscriptions and micro-transactions. We will ensure however, to make it our top priority to listen closely with the community to achieve the optimal balance. Our backers will not be forgotten, and we will also be giving away special rewards, which can be redeemed each year by our founders. With your support, we will make and continue to ensure OWO will remain the best casual sci-fi game out there and provide you with new and exciting experiences.

The backer funds will be spent on the following categories listed below, with the majority of the funds going into content development to provide you with a rich world, and to cover very basic living expenses for the team. Upon successful funding, we will match the funding goal to provide you with an even better game than you have helped fund.  

[ 42% ] : Contract custom 3D models and animations for characters and assets.

[ 40%] : Basic living expenses for the team.

[ 5%] : Marketing - Help build a larger and more vibrant OWO community and help keep the cities busy.

[ 5% ] : Kickstarter fees.

[ 3%] : Sound effects and musical composition.

[ 3% ] : 2D Illustrations. 

[ 1% ] : Voice actors.  

[ 1% ] : Game Servers.

45,000 - Expand on the number of in game items.

57,000 - Algorithmically generated Voxel (Minecraft like) terrain surface only (not destructible).

Above image is an example only.

60,000 Parallel Android development and support. 

70,000 Parallel iOS development and support.

80,000 - Introduce Carriers and Capital ships. 

90,000 - Modular units to build your base structures. As you upgrade your home base, custom modules are attached to the main structure. Apart from your choice in where you position the modules, several skins will also be made available to further customise your structure and look of your base.

110,000 Develop systems for the community to create custom missions (quests) on their own worlds. A source of unlimited missions in the universe.

Secret Rewards Link

The final game will be free to play through a starter edition account with limited features, with full services available through a subscription. This fee was introduced to ensure we get the most interested of players in the game, and help keep the community strong. The subscriptions will enable you to expand onto an unlimited number of worlds while free players are only limited to expansion to one more additional world, or access to one other command centre. The worlds run out of resources (regenerates very slowly) and the efficiency of mineral extraction becomes exponentially more difficult as they are depleted.  

Notes on Tiers:

-All founder skinned ships come with an unlimited run blueprint.

-Founder blueprints and ships are not transferable to others.

- All customizable content  (skins and textures) is subject to approval and must not clash with the style of the game. 

The founders store will be the exclusive, mysterious and special structure in the cities, where only founders can enter, socialize and redeem their founder points. You will be the envy of the general population. We have not yet finalized all the items and rewards that will be available in the founders store, but here are just a few examples as a benchmark to what you may get. If you have any ideas yourself, why not share them in the forums.

  • Reserve a character name [50 FP].
  • Reserve a Guild Name [400 FP].
  • Founders Guild Insignia [100 FP].
  • Founder Skinned Armour [90 FP].
  • Founder Skinned Weapon [100].
  • Special Founders hit effect - There is a chance that a special hit effect will occur from your chosen weapon [10 FP].
  • Use your founders points to bid on and reserve an exclusive location for your worlds within the federation protection zones (reservation of worlds outside the federation is not possible).
  • Single use of the Founders Navigator Guild drones - Transport items in this specially marked, fast and impenetrable transport drone between warehouses in your worlds/ cities, for those extremely rare items [10 FP].

Don't have money to help, don't worry, equally as important, is getting the game known. The more noise we make, the more money we’ll raise, and the more likely this campaign will keep OuterWorlds Online and its community growing. To help you to get all of your friends and neighbours to join, we are offering social rewards. So even if you can’t afford to contribute yourself, you can still get a social reward. Click here to find out more. 

We are a small team, passionate about the video game industry and are avid gamers ourselves. We are based in the small country of New Zealand and head-quartered in the city of Christchurch (well what is left of it, still rebuilding after the earthquake damage). The team currently consists of two core full time members and other members who have enlisted to offer their field of expertise and assistance during the development of the game.

Michael Lang - Design and Programming.

Robotics engineer by training with a Masters in Engineering, now Michael is using his creative skills to create games (virtual worlds) and creating a sci-fi world that everyone will enjoy. Stay tuned robotic devices linked to OWO may invade your desks at some point... Michael may not have the name or reputation, but he definitely has the passion and work ethics to see this game through to completion with your support.

John Butler - Artist.

Formerly a Structural Engineer, John has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. Whilst not happy to call himself anything more than an ‘aspiring artist’ at this stage, he hopes to make it big in the concept art and illustration industry in the near future.

Matthew Edwards - "The Architect" (Advisor)

A Mathematical genius, Matthew will help in developing the algorithms to distribute the objects in the game from the small scale such as asteroid fields, to the shape of galaxies and beyond. Matthew is a PHD candidate studying the gravitational waves of supernovae (please don't ask us to give more details, he don't know what he talks about half the time), and knows a thing or two about the rules of the universe.  

James Nisbet - Part-time UIX/ Graphic Design Advisor.

Entrepreneur extraordinaire, James is a founder of a number of successful design and web companies. With a keen eye for detail and a taste for design, when James is working on a project it can not fail.

Oliver Clarke - Part-time Software Advisor.

An industry veteran, a Software Engineer at Wildfire by Google, and founder of a number of web companies, success follows Oliver like flies to a rubbish truck.

Sam Nees - Part-time Software Advisor.

Currently busy studying towards a Masters in Engineering, but this game was too exciting to not get involved with. Sam uses his excellent analysis skills to help optimize the software architecture running behind the scenes.

You and the community of backers - The most important member of the team, without whom this game will not be possible.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Any project has its risks and challenges, all that is needed is to tackle the largest of the risks early, minimise and eliminate them. This is especially true for a large multi-player game with such ambitious goals as we have set out to achieve.

From the technological standpoint we have eliminated the largest risk early on by developing a prototype and using a combination of systems built from scratch, third party systems and cloud based load testing.

By choosing a third party game engine such as Unity to render the game, we are able to support many platforms and can concentrate our main efforts first solely on getting the game play mechanics, while getting good graphics straight out of the box. We won't be wasting your precious backed funds tinkering with the graphic engine, which can become drawn out and delay the release of a playable game. Quality of the graphics is not solely based on the engine itself.

The network and server systems are the heart of the game and have also been prototyped. They were developed with concurrency, parallel processing and reliability in mind, thus we can scale easily, accommodate for massive battles and ensure minimal server downtime. We have designed the architecture in such a way so that expensive highly specialised hardware is not required, keeping server costs down for us, and make the best use of your money where it matters to you, game content development and polish.

The largest of the risk however, are release delays and exposure levels where no one will know about this game. Which is why we are releasing a minimal playable game first, and using a crowd funding approach to connect with you, our players and enlisting in your help to get the word out.
This section may feel quite large, but we want to be transparent to our backers and will not hide any risk, or be oblivious to the risk of making a game, but we are well aware of them and believe we have good solutions to manage them properly. All to ensure that you can make a good decision and for you to know that we are able to deliver on what we promise. So help us, join the community, sculpt and bring OWO into reality (or virtual reality).


Thank you if you have already backed this project, but if you don't have the funds don't worry, all is not lost, check the social rewards section for a special reward, and help us make some noise about this exciting game. So get a social reward and get out there and tell all your friends, neighbours, and maybe even your enemies, and help bring OuterWorlds Online into reality! Your scout ship awaits for you to explore, discover worlds, find allies, and for you to build your empire.

Thank you for supporting OWO and our team would love to chat with you, so please leave some comments on here, the Forums, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter!


  • OWO is a niche MMO, and $35,000 is the minimum amount we need to kickstart this project and give us the confidence to go further. We are not only at the ideas stage and have spent the majority of our time creating the persistent multiplayer back-end, which has been cloud tested to support up-to 1000 players concurrently at this point, albeit feature limited. We also don't expect a risk free ride in developing this game and it is only fair that we are in the same boat as our backers and take the same backing risks. We will personally match the pledge goal if not more, though our own arrangements, if successfully funded. But first we want to gauge whether this is a game people truly want to play. We want to give you much more in return than what you and the community have helped us with.

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    [$1.65*] - Moral Supporter ============================== Thank you! Your support of OuterWorlds Online helps us get one step closer to making this great, virtual world a reality! We will send you an Official thank you email. Also don't forget to register for the secret reward, find out more about this on the page. ============================== Notes for Rewards ============================== *USD Currency conversions are approximate only and may vary. --- In the final release, $1 will get you 10 in-game credits. ---All Founder Points may be redeemed at any time from the founders stores in the cities. They will be renewed yearly as a special thank you for supporting us early.

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    Moral Supporter Plus ============================== Thank you! Your support of OuterWorlds Online helps us get one step closer to making this great, virtual world a reality! We will send you an Official thank you email. +Founder skinned Scout ship.

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    [USD $8*] - Officer ============================== +An Official thank you email and snail mail. +A Founder skinned Frigate. ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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    [USD $21*] - Lieutenant ============================== ---290 Credits ($29 worth of in game credits, 16% Bonus). ---250 Founder Points. +Access key to upgrade account to Closed Beta Edition. Access the game months in advance before the open beta. +A Founder skinned Cruiser. +Exclusive access to the Founder’s Store (Redeem your special Founder items). ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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  • Pledge $35 or more
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    [USD $29*] - Commander ============================== ---440 Credits ($44 worth of in game credits, 25% Bonus). ---350 Founder Points. --- Exclusive Founder only Hover Droid Pet. We will start a competition for the design of this droid once the campaign is over (examples to inspire you will be posted). +Access key to upgrade account to Alpha Edition. Start to play from day one of development ( minimal multiplayer alpha to be released soon). + A Founder skinned Battlecruiser. ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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    [USD $42*] - Major ============================== ---750 Credits ($75 worth of in game credits, 50% Bonus). ---500 Founder Points. ---Exclusive Founder only customizable Hover Droid Pet. Player skinnable front for your droid (Upload your own). +Founder Skinned Battleship. ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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  • Pledge $75 or more
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    [USD $62*] - Colonel. ============================== ---1850 Credits ($185 worth of in game credits, 85% Bonus). ---750 Founder Points. ---Exclusive player full skinnable Hover Droid Pet (Upload your own textures) . Give your droid a unique look in the universe (Subject to approval and must match the style of the game). +Founder Skinned Heavy Attack Battleship. ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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    [USD $165*] - Admiral. ============================== ---4000 Credits ($400 worth of in game credits, 100% Bonus). ---2000 Founder Points. ---Reserve your home world next to the cities. Minimize the transport time required to move items and resources, and increase your productivity. +Founder Skinned **Death Star**. This is the ultimate weapon in an Admiral’s arsenal, and will be the most powerful, deadly and one of the largest mobile structure in the universe). ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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    [USD $412*] - Premier. ============================== ---10000 Credits ($1000 worth of in game credits, 100% Bonus). ---5000 Founder Points. --- Reserve 10 Home Worlds near the cities. +Founder skinned Large Transport Ship. ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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    [USD $823*] - Chancellor ============================== This is a very special tier that only an exclusive few leaders would ever reach in game. You will become a member of the founding senate. A VIP group that will be given special privileges, including interaction and skype meetings with the team, your views will carry much greater weighting than other forum members during development. ============================== +20000 Credits ($2000 worth of in game credits, 100% Bonus). +10000 Founder Points. +Reserve 50 Home Worlds surrounding your own or Federation cities. +A Founder skinned Colony Ship. Undoubtedly the largest ship in the universe. Make colonizing a new world a breeze and almost immediately get your new world operational. +A Fusion Reactor to start your own city. +A Special Chancellor Command Centre. ============================== Includes all rewards of previous tiers with a “+” sign.

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