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Lead one of the last Terran factions in the galaxy & defend your Homeworld! A role-driven deck-building board game for 1-4 adventurers.
Lead one of the last Terran factions in the galaxy & defend your Homeworld! A role-driven deck-building board game for 1-4 adventurers.
Lead one of the last Terran factions in the galaxy & defend your Homeworld! A role-driven deck-building board game for 1-4 adventurers.
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    1. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on November 11

      @Faction Leaders - TradeWorlds is up on BGG's "Most Anticipated Games of 2018" so please vote! It is entry #118. Nominations close on January 6th. Let's do this! :)

      @Edward - Yes!!! We need a reunion :)

      @Kurt - Glad to hear it! Like Joe, I'm typically not a deck builder guy, but when I was first introduced to TradeWorlds I was immediately hooked :)


    2. Joseph Pilkus Collaborator on November 9

      @Edward: I'm actually heavily engaged these next few weeks on a project, as developer, for designer Ernest ("ernie") Copley's massive follow-up WWII opus, The War: Pacific 1941-1945.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kurk Neal on November 8

      The update made be read the campaign page again. I so can't wait to build some ships! This game is going to be a huge hit with my group because the all love deck builders.

    4. Edward McCoy
      on November 8

      I hope everyone is doing well. +1 OLG for the reunion! What is everyone up to nowadays?

    5. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on November 6

      @IAN - Absolutely, it's time for an update :) We've been busy behind the scenes, and there is also some new art to share! Also, please don't worry Tau Ceti affecting this project, we treat each project as its own and as @Team K2 said, the learning process from our first campaign will enable us to improve this one. I'm writing up an update now and should have it posted shortly.

      @Kurt - Absolutely, we'll be sending an separate email update to the few who added-on Tau Ceti from this campaign, sometime in the next couple days.

      @Trueflight - Thanks so much for your words, and yes, we'll have to get together sometime for sure :)

      @All Faction Leaders - I hope you are all doing well, I miss all the fun conversations we had during the campaign! Maybe we can have a reunion sometime :)


    6. Team K2 Collaborator on November 5

      @IAN: OLG will definitely post an UPDATE concerning Tau Ceti... I believe "TradeWorlds" will be better off because these are two (2) separate projects. The learning experience from Tau Ceti will most likely "improve" the delivery of "TradeWorlds"... Especially in the "freight" and "logistics" side of matters. OLG will be better prepared to try to ensure smoother delivery... I'll let OLG post an UPDATE about "TradeWorlds" ... but I will communicate the fact that backers want some more information...

    7. IAN on November 4

      It's surely time for an update.... Over a month since last one.

      With the problems hitting tau ceti, how is this going to effect tradewars. Do you still have money set aside for this project or is this now on hold until dust settles?

    8. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on November 4

      @Kurt - sorry I didn't see your message sooner. I'll PM you the latest update on Tau Ceti.

    9. Team K2 Collaborator on November 4

      @Kurt: as the designer of "TradeWorlds", I cannot give you an update about "Tau Ceti". I have communicated your request for an update to Mike ... and he should respond in the next few days. Weekends are bad because people have things to do. You may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for an update. Don't worry we're not ignoring anyone... You should receive a reply soon.

    10. Kurt Temmerman
      on November 4

      @creator Could you please update me about my tau ceti shipment ordered in pm please?

    11. Kurt Temmerman
      on November 1

      @creator So the ship has docked at fulfillment centre but still there is no news?

    12. Trueflight Silverwing on October 22

      @OuterLimitGames you guys are only like 5 hours away at this point. Definitely have to get together some time.

      I agree that you guys handled the Tau Ceti situation the best that you could have under the circumstances. While not everyone was happy about it, there really was no solution where everyone would have been. Maybe I'm a little bias as I already have nmy game, but I think you guys did fine and I'm sure everyone will calm down when they finally get their games and see how cool it is.

      Looking forward to giving this one a try. It is really my first venture into this type of game and I'm curious to see how it plays out.

    13. Paul Taylor on October 17

      @Edward it's cool. I don't take many things personally so no need to apologise :-)

    14. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on October 16

      @Paul - You're absolutely welcome and no worries at all :) We're expecting to here something any day, so hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday we'll have an update to share.


    15. Edward McCoy
      on October 16

      @Paul, please note that my comment was not directed toward you in anyway. I just realized it may have seemed like it was. I apologize.

    16. Paul Taylor on October 16

      Thanks for the response OLG. Please don't take my comment as being overly pushy. I fully understand the issues that were faced but was just curious for an update.

    17. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on October 16

      @Paul - It has arrived in port (both US and EU) as of a few days ago, right now we're waiting on confirmation from our fulfillment companies. Thanks for checking in.

      @Edward - Thanks so much for your understanding and support, it's so refreshing getting messages like yours :) It has definitely been rough as we try to deal with the issue, but we'll continue to do our best to get things back on track and keep communication free-flowing.


    18. Edward McCoy
      on October 16

      I know you guys are getting badgered from all directions over Tau Ceti. I just wanted to let you know that I understand the issues you are facing, and I still fully support you and trust the decisions you had to make. KS can be quite an animal sometimes. I am very excited that the games have arrived in port, and I can't wait to play it! I look forward to future expansions of your current offerings, and your future games!

    19. Paul Taylor on October 16

      Any word on Tau Ceti yet?

    20. AveN
      on October 6

      @Mike - Thanks - For me it isn't routine... and I hope it never becomes one ;)

    21. Team K2 Collaborator on October 5

      @Psychic Kitty: I believe you got the "Star Portal" design... We initially want this to be our tray... But Mike & Mike over at Dog Might Games said it would be better to do a custom design. That's the version you'd expect to see (Rings + Planets). I personally supported Dog Mights Tray campaign and also got a "Star Portal" too... But mine is in Blue. What color is yours???

    22. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on October 5

      @Psychic Kitty - That's great to hear you received your Dice Tray :) Michael from Dog Might Games informed us yesterday that a new apprentice sent out the wrong dice tray to a few of our backers. However, on a good note, those backers will be sent the correct dice tray and may keep the incorrect ones too. So it sounds like you'll have two dice trays! :)

    23. Psychic Kitty
      on October 5

      woo got my dice tray today...doesn't look like the one planets....but it does look like something from star gate with the symbols around the ring. So not too bad.

      Now I have something to roll my dice in. =^_^=

      Updates look great by the way.

    24. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on October 4

      @Edward - You're most welcome! The estimated shipping date is still on schedule for July 2018, though we're pushing to have things done sooner :)

      @Trueflight - Yes, we're in the Saranac Lake area near the top of the state. We would love to connect with you sometime, and I'm sure we'll be traveling down your way at some point.

      @AveN - It's great to hear from you! We moved over 1,500 miles, but we've done it so many times now that it's become routine :)

      @Clair - No big news other than we're still finalizing everything and ensuring things are balanced. Meanwhile our artist continues to finish up some of the remaining pieces for the new content we added.


    25. Claire on October 4

      Any updates or news??

    26. AveN
      on October 4

      Hello, whats up? Long time no see... moving to another city is really a challenge in Germany ;)

    27. Trueflight Silverwing on October 1

      Wait you guys are up here in NY? Now we really do have to get together sometime and play. Where about in NY are you? You can PM me and we can try to set something up at some point. I live pretty much in the middle of the state along the southern boarder, so everything in the entire state is less than 3 hours or so away.

    28. Missing avatar

      Edward Pecek on October 1

      Thanks for the updates! I'm so excited and am wondering when the estimated ship date Is? Thanks and take care!

    29. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on September 28

      @bigwoof - Thanks, it's going well and it was funded in 3 hours! :) I will post an update here to let everyone know about it. It's definitely a far change from TradeWorlds and Tau Ceti, but it would certainly appeal to anyone who enjoys abstracts.

    30. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on September 26

      Hi Mike! I hope your new KS Trench is going well! you should let everyone here know about it btw :-)

      I have not really looked at it yet. but it's on my TODO list. not a big chess / abstract game fan though..

    31. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on September 26

      @Paul - Thanks :) The last we heard the replacement deliveries for Tau Ceti were still on schedule to arrive in ports (US and Germany) around the end of the month, so any day we should receive word on that and we'll post an update there :)

      @bigwoof - Thanks! "Secrets of the Lost Station" looks pretty neat (and epic)! I love space operas too, of course :)


    32. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on September 26

      this place has gone quite quiet. so what is everyone looking at these days? I'm looking at the Secrets of the Lost Station (love space operas and this seems epic!). checking out fireteam zero and not sure about the new T2 game.

    33. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on September 26

      @Mike Great to hear that you'll made it to NY safely!

    34. Paul Taylor on September 22

      @olg Glad to hear you are all ok. Would you have any new information about the replacement Tau Ceti deliveries from the backerkit?

    35. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on September 20

      @Daniel - Thanks :) Right now I'm working on finalizing the templates for the expansion material, and Joe and Kristopher will begin doing some final play testing soon to ensure everything remains solid and balanced. Meanwhile our artist continues to work on some of the new illustrations, including the portraits, which we should hopefully begin to see completed next month :)

    36. Daniel Ebl on September 20

      @OLG: Good to hear you are okay. Any news on progress, design, anything? Throw us a bone to gnaw on! ;)

    37. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on September 19

      @Faction Leaders - sorry for the radio silence the past several weeks, we hope you are all doing well! We've been extremely busy, but I wanted to take a moment to pop in and check on things.

      @Trueflight and @TeamK2 - thanks for holding things down and answering the most recent questions. Also, @Trueflight thanks again for the great video review on Tau Ceti :)

      @bigwoof - thanks for your concerns, we were very fortunate to move from Florida about a week before Irma hit. We were in SWFL so that area got hit really hard and many sections are still without power. We would have been out of commission for a while, but we're in NY now so all is well :)


    38. Team K2 Collaborator on September 12

      @bigwoof: I believe Mike & Stan had already moved away from Florida. The last news that I got is that they are safe and that they have had their Internet connectivity restored (with the move).

      But they seem rather busy, I believe with the Trench KS that will occur on the 19th September... So I'm pretty sure they are quite occupied with all the preparation going into that game.


    39. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on September 12

      @OLG I hope everyone is okay in Florida..

    40. Kurt Temmerman
      on September 4

      Thanks Trueflight.

    41. Trueflight Silverwing on August 30

      @Kurt Temmerman There was an accident with the EU shipping and a large number of the games were damaged and had to be basically reordered from the factories in China. It's going ot be another moth (at least) before they get received at the distribution center and then shipped out to the backers.

      Sucks, but it was one of those things that they couldn't anticipate and they did the best that they could to take care of the issue.

    42. Kurt Temmerman
      on August 29

      @creator How far are you with the tau ceti reshipping to Europe. I really wanna play tau ceti I bought in this pm.

    43. Team K2 Collaborator on August 26

      @bigwoof: I don't believe it was in OLG's plans to attend GenCon this year. If I remember correctly they are planning attending some "local" cons to connect with some distributors in order to go the traditional sales route (including wholesaling and retail). What cons these are -- I'm not sure. Looks like everyone is on "holidays" or taking a breather away from "the project"...

    44. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on August 25

      How did Gencon go? Was Tradeworlds and Tau Ceti well received?

    45. Trueflight Silverwing on August 22

      Posted my video review for Tau Ceti: Planetary Crisis up the other day. It was the first game from Outer Limit Games if anyone out there wants to take a look. It's also posted over at BGG if you don't trust shortened links.

    46. Team K2 Collaborator on August 20

      @Trueflight: I'll let Mike and Stan do the KS updates. I do my own personal marketing of the game on the Facebook page that was present way before the Kickstarter. It's not a very active thread but sometimes I do post updates. I felt like the Cover Image was getting old -- so I changed it to the Imperial Escort (a Days of Glory achievement).

    47. Trueflight Silverwing on August 20

      @Team K2 please don't fall into the rabithole htat a lot of Kickstarter campaigns have as of late. Post any new info and images to the campaign as well as on social media, not just on Facebook. There are a lot of us out there who do not use Facebook and never see these updates. Kickstarter not only offers you a place to post updates, it notifies all of the backers when you post them so it i s a much better way of getting new info out to them no matter how simple or small of an update that it might be.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kurk Neal on August 20

      I love the art that I've seen so far

    49. Team K2 Collaborator on August 19

      To ALL: As a side note, for the connoisseurs of Deck-Building games who are NOT interested in the "Tactical Core" can opt to use the "Privateer Expansion" as an alternate victory condition.

      Therefore players can play a 4 Player "Space Wars" Scenario and add EITHER the "Tactical Core" (for those who like minis and boards) or for the purists we add a PYL mechanic with the "Privateer Expansion".

      Both are fantastic add-ons which deliver a *unique* game experience. But they are for different players even thought some may decide to acquire BOTH of those expansions (perhaps for variability or more casual crowd, etc.) We can't wait to offer you these great additions. Cheers!

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