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Lead one of the last Terran factions in the galaxy & defend your Homeworld! A role-driven deck-building board game for 1-4 adventurers.
Lead one of the last Terran factions in the galaxy & defend your Homeworld! A role-driven deck-building board game for 1-4 adventurers.
Lead one of the last Terran factions in the galaxy & defend your Homeworld! A role-driven deck-building board game for 1-4 adventurers.
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    1. Team K2 Collaborator on January 9

      @Edward McCoy: Thanks for sharing those links. To all who have VOTED and big "Thank you" from everyone involved with the production of this game. We finished in Position #45 last year... So let's hope that we can do better this year! Cheers.

    2. Edward McCoy on January 9

      @OLG - Good luck on your categories for BGG top games! You have my vote already. :) Hope all is well.

    3. Team K2 Collaborator on January 8

      @Jonathan Beck: Shipping is slated for July 2018 (as per the game's timeline). Depending on delays (which are possible - and if we include those) at the latest August 2018. Just to give us a larger window than 1 month. Cheers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Beck on January 8

      Looking for an update, when is the expected ship date to US backers?

    5. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on December 24

      @War Wolf - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well, along with all the other Faction Leaders. We hope everyone's holidays are filled with joy, good cheer, and plenty of gaming :)
      ~Mike & Stan

    6. War Wolf
      on December 23

      Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all take care guys

    7. Team K2 Collaborator on December 14

      For all backers who would like to read our "new" FAQ, please visit this link:

      We've just clarified some of the content on the KS FAQ with some more details and precision. Since we can no longer EDIT the FAQ on KS ... We decided to publish it on the OLG website.

    8. MAJBrown22
      on December 11

      Nice to hear there's more support for this game on the way!

    9. Team K2 Collaborator on December 10

      @MAJBrown22: TradeWorlds: Privateer Expansion is something currently in-development. Some details I can share is that this Expansion features the use of a PYL (Push-Your-Luck) mechanic used a the focal mechanic of this expansion. It's not an expansion to another expansion... It is something new we are developing in 2018. Same goes for the "Tactical Core" which is another expansion featuring a "King of the Hill" mechanic and a physical game board using TradeWorlds Miniatures. That too is slated for 2018...

      The thing is we are taking our time thinking and validating expansions - because the "core" game is not currently finalized (backers are still waiting). We know that we need to wait until backers get the copies and give us their honest rating (minus the trolls which we already have). We believe that the game will be well received by backers ... And from there we can open up more thinking about expansions.

      We hope backers will want to see more about what this XTG3 product can do with it's open design paradigm. And we feel there is a lot to explore. But only YOU the backers can help determine if the game is worthy of more "additions" to help adds more replayability to a very dynamic "core". Cheers!

    10. MAJBrown22
      on December 10

      I just noticed a BGG entry for Tradeworlds: Privateer Expansion as an expansion to the Planetary Expansion. Is that new?

    11. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on December 10

      @Nolle - please send us a direct message at and we'll be glad to take care of you :) As Trueflight said, we get so many messages here on KS and the system is not the best in the world, so we often miss messages here.

      @Edward - YES! Beer and a game of TradeWorlds sounds fantastic right about now :)

    12. Trueflight Silverwing on December 9

      @Nolle alain try contacting the directly vie their website contact info. The direct messaging system on Kickstarter is a mess and often people never receive the messages or updates saying they got a message.

    13. Missing avatar

      Nolle alain on December 7

      I post this message here because nobody take the time to read or respond to the message i have sent via the creators contact option.I'm in a very bad situation financially and i need a refund. So ,Creators,or someone please take the time to read my message.
      Thank you

    14. gerraldo
      on December 7

      @Team K: Yep, seems a good solution for the "border-gate". ;)
      But you should definitely tell Charles to be proud of himself, as everybody thought his artwork to be just slightly photoshopped photos. Now, that I call realism! ;)

    15. Team K2 Collaborator on December 6

      @Jeremy: No worries. As Charles stated - he opted for "realism"... but he did take liberties with the card renditions. Because I can compare the "source" and the illustration... I can see details like Marcel hair was all done manually (flaring). The hair he had in the illustration was long but to the side of his shoulders. Or Clive was wearing eyeglasses and the picture was very "grey-ish" in color. His illustration defines more color (yes it does have an annoying outline) and shows his "facial" features more prominently as the Captain. Or Charles rendering a 6 year old girl Marit and transformed her to a 20 year old Commander.

      In my opinion the "borders" of Talon and Clive are more of a nuisance than the glow effect in Yamuna and Steven. I can live with the glows - but the borders are too pronounced. We'll all see how this art turns out as Charles (will hopefully) makes the corrections.

      I've asked Charles to remove both the "Glows" and the "Borders". Hopefully he's not too annoyed with me and he feels like those are reasonable changes...

    16. Missing avatar

      on December 6

      But also, since they are optional to use, it should matter more what the folks who paid premium for those cards think about them.

    17. Missing avatar

      on December 6

      @Team K2 To be fair, I didn't say that is all it took to make them, I just said that is how the final product looks to me. Regardless, I think the ones without that glow effect look a lot better.

      I'm not an art critic though, I just play one on the internet.

    18. Edward McCoy on December 6

      Has anyone received any KS rewards lately? I just had Village of Legends delivered the other day, and Gloomhaven is supposed to be here any day. I hope to check them out soon.

    19. Edward McCoy on December 6

      On a lighter note, I wish we were all drinking some beer, and playing Trade Wars together. This place needs to become lively again.

    20. Edward McCoy on December 6

      @Team K2, I completely agree that some of the attacks are unnecessary. I never thought the art pieces were bad, I think they look good. My only concern was the difference between what has been displayed so far on the other cards, and these realistic types of artwork. You can reference my initial comment about having both these realistic cards and drawn versions. Clearly Charles knows what he is doing, and I am all about wanting the designers of a game take the design in their own predetermined direction. I will be happy with them as they are. I also understand that one cannot make everybody happy. Some people in the world would get mad at you if you gave them a $100 bill, because they wouldn't know where to spend it. I appreciate your insight and trust everyone involved in this production. I was just simply dropping my thoughts into the hat.

    21. Team K2 Collaborator on December 6

      @Edward McCoy: Sorry ... I was not trying to be condescending at all. My apologies if I offended you in any way. We're going to ask Charles to remove "glows/borders" from 4 cards where they are overtly present. I guess after over 2 months of waiting for this artwork to be done - it was a bit "disheartening" that Superbackers were so "critical" about the illustrations. I just uploaded the 4 remaining portraits and there are no "glows/borders". I hope Charles will not be too upset about removing them off the four (4) cards where they are on. That's the thing - it's "art". Charles may see it one way, while backers may see it another. He is the artist. And as such we trust him to use his artistic talent and abilities to his fullest. I mean if you could only see how he took the photo of a 6 year old girl and transformed it into a 18-20 year old woman ... it's amazing. This last batch is even better than the previous one!

      But I realize the art was not perfect because of those "glows/borders". We'll see what Charles has to say. He still has a couple of weeks to finish on schedule especially if he agrees to make those four (4) corrections.

      But I realize that several backers have risen the point about the "glows/borders". I know most people think it's easy photoshop work. But it really isn't: Charles is a master at Realism. He works on realistic and precise artwork and is even allowed to display and sell art at the Ferrari booth at Grand Prix when it comes to Montreal. And believe me, his art gets top dollar.

      So while I know it's taken him 2 months to do this artwork - I realize it's not as easy as just cutting out a photograph and copy & pasting - as some backers have suggested. So don't be offended - I'll try not to be either and hopefully Charles agrees to edit the four (4) cards.


    22. Edward McCoy on December 6

      @ Team K2, I was simply expressing my opinion. No reason to yell with your caps lock. I don't think your statement is accurate at all though, they weren't free, they cost $100 a pop. Tell the folks who are pictured on those cards that they were free. I understand the idea behind the cards, and was merely expressing my thought of using alternate art for these specific cards. This of course would only come into play in the event we, as you say, choose to play the game with all components. I am a proud supporter of OLG and am in no way trying to negatively criticize their direction of the game. I would however appreciate a little less condescension, as well as fewer caps though.

    23. Team K2 Collaborator on December 5

      @Edwards McCoy: The "Premium" Role Cards are OPTIONAL. Their purpose is to allow players to ALTER the "turn-order". So you can play the game the normal way or with the "Role Compendium" expansion which features ten (10) "Premium" Role Cards.

      If you play the regular route (without the "Premium" Role Cards) turn-order goes left to right after the starting player is chosen.

      "Premium" Role Cards add a NEW "Phase" to the game - where everyone secretly CHOOSES a "Premium" Role and then they are revealed at the same time. Order is determined from highest role to lowest role...

      So in reality IF you use the standard "turn-order", you don't even need to use the "Premium" Role Cards. Like I said - they are an "Expansion" we offered FREE to Backers and now bundle with the "core" game (thanks to KS Backers and their support).

    24. Edward McCoy on December 5

      The realistic approach does kind of stand out for the newly displayed role cards, but I hope the new cards blend better into the game. Or maybe offer drawn versions of standard types of art, and have the look-a-likes added to the game as extras to replace if we wish?

    25. Edward McCoy on December 5

      Great to hear things are moving along!

    26. Shawn McWha
      on December 2

      Any news for us?

    27. Trueflight Silverwing on November 29

      Gotta give Tradeworlds some love over at BGG for the most anticipated games of 2018 list. There are plenty of us backers over here, but not many of us have stopped over there to vote.

    28. ako_ay_bisaya
      on November 27

      I didn't look into the logistics of it, just that they had a number of copies in Stock. I don't quite understand how retailers can't put games on sale but if there was an agreement signed, I'm not privy to it.

    29. Trueflight Silverwing on November 26

      also keep in mind guys, anyplace that you see selling Tau Ceti was likely a backer just like the rest of us who just happened to get their games shipped in the first batch. As far as I know, it is not like Outer Limit Games was shipping to retailers before they finished shipping to backers.

    30. gerraldo
      on November 26

      Sorry, pushed the button accidentally...
      I thought some of you might be interested in this other real cool space opera game!? Called IRONCLAD and the campaign is nearing it's end (2 days left). A good couple of SGs unlocked, but there's more... (Game is story-driven, cooperative and for 1-3 players!) ;)
      Oh yeah, not to forget - happy holidays!!!

    31. gerraldo
      on November 26

      Hello all, thought some of you might be interested in

      Ironclad is a cooperative story-driven space opera game for 1 to 3 players.

    32. Edward McCoy on November 26

      @ War Wolf, glad to see you again, I hope all is well in your world now.

    33. War Wolf
      on November 26

      Hi guys just thought I would jump on and say hello been off KS for awhile to many work and family commitments lol hope you are all well and everything is going to plan

    34. Joseph Pilkus Collaborator on November 26


      To those of you have received your copy of TAU CETI thanks for letting Mike know and hope you're enjoying Enlightenment.

      To those who've not received their copy, please send a note to Mike and Stan as they've been actively engaged with all of the Backers awaiting their game.

      As to the sale prices provided by vendors, they're in violation of the agreement set by Outer Limit Games.

      To those of you in the U.S. Happy belated Thanksgiving!


    35. Kurt Temmerman
      on November 26

      I'm still waiting for my delivery. Pff.

    36. ako_ay_bisaya
      on November 25

      TauCeti on sale for $35 at my local FLGS, $50 off. Very tempting.

    37. Joseph Pilkus Collaborator on November 23


      Thanks for asking ~ actually, The War: Pacific is a follow up to The War: Europe published a few years ago. I serve as the game's developer and I keep my hand in that side of the industry, working on a few dozen games per year.

    38. Edward McCoy on November 22

      I am loving the art so far, and really looking forward to seeing the final designs for all of the ships! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Looking forward to the next update.

    39. Edward McCoy on November 22

      @Joseph Pilkus - Is this a future KS campaign? If so when is it planned to start so I can have a look?

    40. Edward McCoy on November 22

      I forgot to say that I voted for this on the 20 Most list the other day. Let's hope for the best!

    41. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on November 11

      @Faction Leaders - TradeWorlds is up on BGG's "Most Anticipated Games of 2018" so please vote! It is entry #118. Nominations close on January 6th. Let's do this! :)

      @Edward - Yes!!! We need a reunion :)

      @Kurt - Glad to hear it! Like Joe, I'm typically not a deck builder guy, but when I was first introduced to TradeWorlds I was immediately hooked :)


    42. Joseph Pilkus Collaborator on November 9

      @Edward: I'm actually heavily engaged these next few weeks on a project, as developer, for designer Ernest ("ernie") Copley's massive follow-up WWII opus, The War: Pacific 1941-1945.

    43. Missing avatar

      Kurk Neal on November 8

      The update made be read the campaign page again. I so can't wait to build some ships! This game is going to be a huge hit with my group because the all love deck builders.

    44. Edward McCoy on November 8

      I hope everyone is doing well. +1 OLG for the reunion! What is everyone up to nowadays?

    45. Outer Limit Games, LLC 5-time creator on November 6

      @IAN - Absolutely, it's time for an update :) We've been busy behind the scenes, and there is also some new art to share! Also, please don't worry Tau Ceti affecting this project, we treat each project as its own and as @Team K2 said, the learning process from our first campaign will enable us to improve this one. I'm writing up an update now and should have it posted shortly.

      @Kurt - Absolutely, we'll be sending an separate email update to the few who added-on Tau Ceti from this campaign, sometime in the next couple days.

      @Trueflight - Thanks so much for your words, and yes, we'll have to get together sometime for sure :)

      @All Faction Leaders - I hope you are all doing well, I miss all the fun conversations we had during the campaign! Maybe we can have a reunion sometime :)


    46. Team K2 Collaborator on November 5

      @IAN: OLG will definitely post an UPDATE concerning Tau Ceti... I believe "TradeWorlds" will be better off because these are two (2) separate projects. The learning experience from Tau Ceti will most likely "improve" the delivery of "TradeWorlds"... Especially in the "freight" and "logistics" side of matters. OLG will be better prepared to try to ensure smoother delivery... I'll let OLG post an UPDATE about "TradeWorlds" ... but I will communicate the fact that backers want some more information...

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