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Ultralight, packable, ready for the harshest weather conditions without sacrificing warmth, performance, or affordability.
Ultralight, packable, ready for the harshest weather conditions without sacrificing warmth, performance, or affordability.
5,190 backers pledged $757,079 to help bring this project to life.

LoftTek Jacket Survey's Are Sending In The Next 24 Hours!

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

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Survey Pushed Back To Give More Customer Support - Beard Is Gone

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

Hey Backers,

I am writing to update you on the survey we had planned to send out today!

We found out last minute that the program we are using to collect your jacket color, size and shipping address does not have support available to you (the backers) until after the new year!

Since we want you to have the most smooth experience possible filling out the survey and details their, we have decided to push it back until after the new year. This will allow us to give you real time help if you need it while filling it out.

This will not affect ship times in any regard!

Due to the surveys we had going while the campaign was live we have been able to place fabric orders and start the process with extra amounts to be safe!

I apologize for this last minute delay. We only found this information out last night.

On another note, I came through with my promise to shave the beard! It's been officially shaved and you can see the proof in the video below

Many of our backers likely didn't know this, but Outdoor Vitals give back 1% of all revenue to 3rd world sustainable charity projects! 

We were able to send over our contribution for the last 1+ years in the amount of $40,000! I want to thank all of you that supported this campaign as your pledges are making a difference for well over 500 people!

See more about this here:

Click to View Video
Click to View Video

I'm sorry for the delay on the survey, but I do want you to know this won't affect ship times or have any negative affects on your jacket! This will just give you more time to focus on enjoying the holiday season! You can expect the survey the first week after the new year!

Thank you and happy holidays!

Tayson Whittaker

Founder - Outdoor Vitals


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Survey's Coming Friday & Updates!

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

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$700,000+ & 10 Hours To Go! Last Chance To Get More Bonuses!

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

Hey Backers, 

It's crazy to think we only have a few hours left on this campaign! The success of the jacket has truly surpassed anything I could have expected! Seriously, I'm going to lose my beard over this!  

I wanted to just take a minute to thank all of you! You've helped us in our mission to help others Live Ultralight through use of premium ultralight products!

Real quick I wanted to bring some attention to our double pack. We’ve had over 100 backers today up from a single jacket to a double pack to get big savings. If you backed at the $109 level and switch to the 2 pack you get a second jacket and two ultralight travel pillows for only $90! You won’t be able to ever beat that price again…  

Many of you have been asking what the size will be of the extra small so here are the dimensions: XS - Sleeve 31", Chest 38", Waist 34", Hip 36"  

We have been sending some survey questions like size and color to backers to help us prepare orders earlier and ship faster, however these are not your final orders. In about 2 weeks from the end of the campaign you will be send a final survey where you will pick colors, size and any additional items you might want from Outdoor Vitals (at discounts of course). When you fill out the survey there will also be a tutorial video on how to measure yourself to make sure you get the perfect size for you!  

We had a customer confused about the baffles on the jacket so I wanted to address that as well. These are sewn threw optimized baffles to retain heat and stabilization, but they are not box baffles like what would be used in a cold weather sleeping bag. This is manufacturing style is standard on puffy jackets, but I just wanted to clarify!  

Last, we just crossed $700,000!!! My beard is as good as gone…However, I couldn’t be happier with the jacket success! Thanks for your support! I can’t wait for you to get these jackets!  

If you know anyone that might want to jump on board before the clock ticks out please share the campaign!  

Live Ultralight!  

Tayson Whittaker  

Founder – Outdoor Vitals  

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Broke $650,000 with Hours Left!! XS Size Added!

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

Broke $650,000 with Hours Left!! XS Size Added!

Hey Backers! 

We broke $600,000 over the weekend which means we hit another stretch goal! You can now get an extra small size as your reward! This would be chosen in the survey following the close of the campaign.

Now we are hours away from the end of the campaign and looking like we are going to end very close to that $700,000 mark!

We'd love your help getting to this $700,000 mark so I wanted to toss in some extra bonuses! 

After this campaign is over we are going to put more of our Outdoor Vitals gear available to you at discounts! 

How To Get Discounted Outdoor Vitals Gear!

When you take our survey you will select the jacket and any extra money you paid (not shipping money) will go towards either the Ultralight Pillow OR applied as a credit towards more of our gear! (again at discounted prices)

So if you pledged $100 more than your original pledge, you would get a $100 credit towards either pillows or say our sleeping bag liners, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents or other amazing gear! 

While we don't know the exact amount of discount, it's safe to say it will be between 20-30% off our regular prices! (see below to learn how to increase your pledge)

These discounts will only be available to you as a backer of this project!

If the gear you want doesn't add up exactly with your extra credit pledged, it's easy to adjust post campaign.

So help us with upping your pledge amount and we will help you get some awesome gear at unbelievable prices! (see our gear hear

Also I just wanted to note here that if say your partner wouldn't fit the sizing before, but would fit this extra small size, it would be easy enough to add another jacket to your pledge! 

Let us know if we can help with questions or adjustments!

Thanks for your support! I can't wait for you to get these jackets. I hope they change the way you experience the outdoors like they have for me!

Tayson Whittaker

Founder - Outdoor Vitals

Details On How To Pledge More

Many of you have expressed concern with pledging more as you were one of the first 1,000 backers or got a super early bird price. If this applies to you, don't worry. Adding more funds to your pledge does not change your backer number.

So here is how you adjust your pledge:

1) Navigate to the campaign while logged in. At the top of the screen hit the button that says, "manage my pledge".

2) On the next screen click change your pledge.

3) If possible for you find your already selected reward tier and add more funds to it. Then click continue.

4) If this is not possible for you to do, scroll to the top of the page and select make a pledge without a reward. Then add in the price of the jacket you already backed + shipping + extra amount desired to pledge. Then click continue.

Again this will look like you are not going to get a jacket, but you will! You will be able to select that after the campaign and we can cross reference your backer number to verify your price. 

Also please note that we will have full time customer support during the surveys / reward selection process to help with any questions!

P.S. Here are some other great campaigns running right now on Kickstarter if you want to check them out. Thanks!

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