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Ultralight, packable, ready for the harshest weather conditions without sacrificing warmth, performance, or affordability.
Ultralight, packable, ready for the harshest weather conditions without sacrificing warmth, performance, or affordability.
5,190 backers pledged $757,079 to help bring this project to life.

Orders Locking May 14th & Shipping Begins! See Details

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

Hey Backers! 

The time is finally upon us to make sure our addresses and credit cards (if doing any addons) are up to date! You only have until Tuesday, May 14th, to do any updates and/or add any more additional items to your orders! 

If you haven't added anything to your order during the survey, now would be the time as you will save yourself 25% to order via backerkit compared to our website!

Here is the link to update anything or add anything on to your order:

With that being said, we will start shipping jackets as soon as we lock orders! Blue jackets are arriving today and will start shipping immediately after orders lock (May 15th)! Charcoal jackets are expected to start shipping about a week behind the blue (May 22)! 

We did have multiple delays on our pillows and pads. If you ordered them and are in the United States we have decided to ship your jacket first and the pillows a few weeks after to make sure we aren't delaying you any longer! 

For international customers, we will start shipping at the same time as normal, but won't have enough pillows for all of you in our current inventory. This means a few of you will have delays until we get this shipment (currently on the water) to our warehouse (expected to land the first week of June). I apologize for this and especially to any international backers that this may affect. Unfortunately, the factory had delays out of our control.

We will work our hardest to get these processed in a timely manner and on the way to you! With the amount of orders we have, please realize it will take some time to process & ship them! Our goal is to have all the jackets available shipped by June before the 3rd shipment carrying both pillows, pads and more jackets arrive.

Thanks again for your backing and support! 

Remember you only have until Tuesday to update any addresses or credit cards if needed. Once you get your jacket and your friends want one as well, please direct them to our Indiegogo campaign that will remain live until around July!

Live Ultralight,

Tayson Whittaker

Your Impact, Ship Times & Surveys!

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

Hey Backers,

I wanted to take a minute to check in on current status, ship times, surveys & the impact you've had!

To start, we are now reaching $900,000 with the LoftTek jacket (it is continuing on Indiegogo)!! An amazing feat that we are so thankful to you for! Some of you may not have known this, but through our Give Back Program that is nearly enough money to dig a brand new well and provide clean water to 100's of people in need. As someone who has lived in these countries, this clean water will have a massive impact on the health and wellness of these 100's of people, so thank you!!

Since this campaign has been so successful, we've actually had to order jackets in multiple batches! 3 to be exact! Our first batch of jackets (our main Kickstarter batch) is on the water shipping to us right now! While we are excited that they are on the way to us, they were delayed a few weeks due to the sheer size of the order we placed. We thought we had accounted for everything, but since the campaign was sooo successful, it just took our partners longer to actually produce the jackets than our projections. 

So what does this mean? It means our estimated time to start shipping will be pushed back from late April to mid May. We hope that you can understand this and know that we have learned some things from this campaign with shipping and order sizes that will help us not delay any future campaigns. 

Once we have them in our possession we will work very hard to ship these orders as fast as possible!

Last, but not least, you are nearing your last chances to add anything to your orders via our survey! If you want gear at a 25% discount, even some gear that isn't released anywhere else yet, go back into your survey and add them to your survey. In a few weeks from now we will send out another update giving you one last chance to update addresses, credit cards or add things to your survey.

Here is a link to get back to your survey:

We are very excited to start shipping these jackets and to see where you take them! 

Let us know if you have more questions!

Tayson Whittaker

Pres - Outdoor Vitals

PS. We just released an Ultralight Freestanding 1p Tent on our website! Use this link to get $25 off! Or add it to your survey at a deeper discount!

Update On Surveys, Shipping, & First Batch

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

Hi Backers!

I wanted to take a quick moment and give you some updates on the jacket! 


We've had a few questions about whether or not you can change color or size on the jackets. We are allowing backers to change both color size on their orders. You can also update your addresses at any time. When we are about to ship your orders we will let you know so you have time to update anything you need, then we will lock both your addresses and jacket choices!

For any survey updates you wish to do visit:

First Batch

We did get a small production batch and have shipped some of them. This batch was specifically for the first 1000 backers, but there were stipulations on them. 1) You needed to have ordered only a charcoal color jackets between sizes M-XXL. 2) You couldn't add anything to your order that wasn't available to ship on our website. 3) Besides those two stipulations we also required that you watched a video about the first batch as there were some updates that will be happening to the full production run. If you thought you would get a jacket on the first run and did not, it was likely because you didn't meet those 3 stipulations. We will send more of these jackets out to those that opt for them soon, but we also found they were running too small so we wanted to see how the first shipment was received before we started sending more out. You can email us directly if you think you can or should qualify and we can assist you.

Shipping Update

We are still shooting for our April ship date! The little updates to the jacket (sizing, coating, etc) did require we do another batch of samples, which took some time. These updates did slow things down a little bit, but we did try to build in a little buffer time. Full production on the jackets is starting now and with some luck we will be right on schedule! 

The last batch of jackets looked awesome! I'm really excited for you to get them! Those that get the jacket and wear it are loving it! 

The jacket still continues to grow in pre-orders, nearing $850,000! We hope to break the $1,000,000 before our April ship date! If any friends are looking to join this project please visit:

Thanks backers for all your support! We feel honored to be creating this jacket for you!

Tayson Whittaker

Founder - Outdoor Vitals

Survey's Are Out! Hurry And Pick Your Sizes & Colors!

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

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LoftTek Jacket Survey's Are Sending In The Next 24 Hours!

Posted by Outdoor Vitals (Creator)

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