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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 7 2014 9:59 PM UTC +00:00

Thanks so much for your support

Posted by Fresh3D Inc (Creator)
Good moon Adelphians,

When we started this campaign, I was so excited that I could not imagine that we could eventually fail. Shame on me! This same over-confidence, this same craziness and this same adventurousness, which 15 years ago led us to create the original game, lead us to face the harsh reality of this Kickstarter failure which could have been avoided with a bit more time, thinking and upfront money. 

We have received backing from over 5,100 of you for about $253.000, which is an amazing average pledge level. We are profoundly grateful and deeply touched by this amazing generosity.

Unfortunately, despite a rather good start, the pitch and the content we presented were not attractive enough to convince more backers (especially those who didn't play the original game) and did not manage to reach the overestimated funding goal of $600.000. 

Sure we made mistakes...

This was our first KS campaign and we did a number of mistakes. Before launching the campaign, we knew that we were lacking content and the goal was high but we did not take the measure of their impact on the failure of the project.

We should have set a lower initial goal from the beginning, include more platforms, provide more attractive and more professional videos, lower the next-gen console stretch goal, post more updates with more attractive content, properly plan these updates in advance to free our time for promoting the campaign. We should have better explain the key features of the game and the high quality values of this remake compared to the original, do not mix old gen gameplay with new gen rendering, and ultimately, we should have shown a gameplay demo with the new characters or at least a representative trailer. Unfortunately we didn't have enough assets to produce a trailer due to tight financing and we expected this funding to really "kickstart" the project.

I think we made a wrong assumption from the start, thinking that the original game could be our “draft prototype” and let people imagine how good the game could be just by showing the first glimpse of the environment in HD and a list of improvements, while asking folks to trust us based on the experience of the team. Part of that, is of course due to a lack of upfront financing which also forced us to rush the campaign. I really hope that we’ll be able to sort this point for the next step.

Thanks to you, Outcast has started to revive anyway

Too bad we didn't reach this goal, but this will not prevent Outcast to revive, quite the contrary, it will enable us to drive more people. You guys already provided some very good feedback, meaningful comments and advice regarding how to improve in the event of a new KS funding. Rest assured that we keep reading every comment with attention, as someone has mentioned, this is a gold mine!

We are profoundly grateful to all the backers and the fans. You've been supporting us from the very beginning with outstanding involvement, you helped us to improve and you provided meaningful feedback throughout the campaign. Some of you really spent a lot of time and energy to spread the word and to promote this campaign, that’s wonderful and very motivating! 

We are also profoundly grateful to the game press, the bloggers and the radios who covered this Kickstarter with a lot of attention. Franck has been interviewed by dozen of journalists who really cared about Outcast. The following page is an excerpt of all the online magazines which covered this campaign. Most of them did several articles. Too bad we did not enough updates with proper content for them.

Game is not over...

This campaign was very exciting and rewarding and gives this amazing opportunity of gathering the Outcast community.

Thanks to your commitment and the overall feedback we received, we truly believe, more than ever, that this project deserves to be done and we are more than eager to make it happen. Will it be through another Kickstarter or another crowdfunding platform, paypal, private investment, some bank loans, public support, distributor deals or a mix of all that, we will see.

Now, time is for analysis and thinking of the different options we have to finance this project given the economic reality. It may require some time and we'll do our best to share with you any significant information we might have regarding the next step.

In the meantime, we may bother you a little by sending surveys in the coming weeks to get your feedback on various topics. Please take time to answer, your feedback is very valuable to us.

Stay tuned 

We will continue to post updates on the Kickstarter page, every backer will be directly notified.  

You may also keep in touch by following us: 

on Twitter @OutcastGame, 
on Facebook
on Steam:

Franck, Lennie and the whole team is joining me to thank you so much for your support and your trust!


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    1. John Blythe on

      Such a shame this didn't get funded, I told all my friends and pushed it out there via Facebook etc. What a shame. Don't give up, I hope someday to see an announcement and OUTCAST HD will live again. Good luck guys, make it happen.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ortwin Regel on

      Here is another crazy merch idea I just had: Commission a craft beer manufacturer to design and make you some Pilam! B)

    3. Missing avatar

      Ortwin Regel on

      Some ideas how to get some cash without too much effort:
      * Make the original game work better on modern PCs/devices! Not sure how it would run on an ARM processor or how much work it would be to get it running in high resolution without too many crashes on modern desktop operating systems (Linux & Mac as well!) but if it's easy, do it! Offering it on Steam Early Access and then step for step updating it to the proposed HD version during development sounds like a pretty good idea to get cashflow going early on as well.
      * Don't be afraid to milk your hardcore fans! Sell us some awesome merch! I would pay rather well for an orange Ulukai T-Shirt or posters of artworks and region maps. These can be offered without too much effort and be sold with quite a profit margin if they are high quality.
      * Maybe consider reviving the franchise through other media as well. A comic or a novel in the Outcast universe could work rather well, I think, and they might need much less resources to produce than a game.
      * Take donations and offer some free stuff in return. I already suggested uploading some of the original game's 3D models to Thingiverse for 3D printing. Other stuff hardcore fans might enjoy would be high resolution artworks or maybe even musical notes for the score so you can adapt it with your school's orchestra. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Yves Vaillant on

      Guys, Just please please please do NOT give up !
      Long live OUTCAST!

    5. Benjamin David Lee on

      well guys there the early access option

    6. Albert on

      I guess you could slice a bit off of the Kickstarter goal and move it to Early Access once development is underway. I know it's not the best solution for this kind of game, but you do get lots of player feedback, and the audience is bigger. Also, the average Early Access buyer seems willing to put up with far worse!

    7. Missing avatar

      Barnaby Russell on

      I would also like to see OutcastHD become a reality, so it's a shame the kickstarter failed but I think the amount of money aimed for was perhaps just a bit too high. Ithink that Kickstarter is supposed to 'kick-start' a project, not pay for absolutely everything involved, so perhaps the goal and the stretch goals should have been a bit lower. Assuming the game was finished and available on Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, etc then there would (hopefully) have been further sales to help recoup the costs of the development, after all.

      I genuinely hope this isn't the end of this project. As I commented to a friend about this, I recently threw out a bunch of old PC games I knew I was never going to play again, but when I came to Outcast it went back on the shelf. It might not be the technical showcase it once was, but it's still special.

    8. stoob on

      I'll still put money in to this :)

    9. Mark Makarainen on

      " Oh yes ! Oh happiness ! Beautiful Essence ! " will still be made ! You got the IP back and that means your going to succeed eventually ! Thanks again for bringing Outcast back !

    10. Missing avatar

      Ice Breaker on

      While being a little disappointed, it's still nice to see you guys fighting for the future of Cutter Slade! :)

      I think your analysis goes in the right direction, I'm looking forward to the polls you do.

      What I'd like to see is at least a patched version of the original game with support for higher resolutions. Like the unofficial patch that floats around the GOG forums, but official, tested, stable and with appropriate widescreen support and a little bit better performance making it run at full HD on a modern processor, if thats possible with minor tweaks to the original code.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ashley Gittings on

      We are with you all the way guys!!! this will happen!!! much love x

    12. Missing avatar

      DietmarSchaible on

      Really apprecioated that all you guys came back to make the dream come true, to bad ist didnt suceed this time, but there will be another change. Outcast was a great experience and deserves a second change to come back.
      As i already said, the game blew me with its first inagme vid back in 1999, an absolutley stunning visual style at least 5 years ahead its time, remember normal maps were first time intruduced in doom 3(2004) After all, the graphics really got me and friends of mine (We managed to upgrade our Rigs for the game, even we didnt earn any money as students;-) The stunning graphics reveald an amazing game with a realistic appering world that you could even invluence a lot with your actions, great music and Cutter Slate, the perfect antihero, his speeches really made me laugh, and a really big, maybe sad ending. Hope you will not give up, and try again. A special thanks to Frank for his making ofs, i really think hes a good teacher for graphic stuff.

    13. Matthew W Reynolds on

      I also agree with what Totem said. Drop VR in favor of new content and more platforms. I'm sad to see that this failed. That said, chin up guys and don't give up on the idea and dream of making ths game. Whatever approach you choose to get funding know that I will support you. Good luck.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bussenault Alex on

      @totem: Totally agree! The VR is not relevant, but more new quest are definittly! I really expected to get the 1.5M to see the kizaar world....well were far from here but still were almost at 50% of goal which is not that bad

      @fresh 3D: Thanks for the thanks, Outcast was and still is a masterpiece, there is not many games where I can say I played it twice, I finished outcast 5 times!!
      And each time even if I new all the quests by heart I was amazed by the music, the ambiance and the whole apdelpha world. As soon I heard you bought the right I stayed tune on Daoka and outacst facebook page to see what will happens. I'm sure this is possible with all the advices you get here!! Good luck

    15. Missing avatar

      Totems on

      Sad to see you didn't reach your goals, but thanks for you honest update.

      Aside from all the suggestions I think there are several key things that could be improved in a future campaign:

      - a kick ass trailer, 2 min are enought if they are well done... you need a good english speaking voice over!!!! Show the things outcast made so good (music, dialogues, humor, exploration, diverse quests, story...)
      - you don't need a fully polished demo of shamazaar, a few good pieces might do the thing, but you need character models, we need to see some gameplay, action and fun things.... look at the "dreamfall chapters" campaign.. they did show very very little.. but it worked.

      for new backers:
      - you need lower mutli platform goals... drop VR it's not relevant

      for long-time fans:
      - you need to have new content like the motazaar oil quest in lower goals; Where is the rumored talanzaar/okaar gamor bones subquest?!
      - for me the Kizaar and new music strech goal were the most interessting... I think most fans really want a few extra things not just a "rehash in HD"

      - I backed €250,- and I would have even more if you'd included the fancy parts like Kizaar and new music and some lost quests a higher priority like technical stuff like VR.

      It's a difficult balance between old and new fans... but I think more than 5.000 of the 400.000 original players would back if you'd given them a bit more in the lower goals except "HD" focus.

      Take your time.. I'll back again!

      btw.: Please skip "reboot" .... "Outcast HD" is perfectly fine!!!

    16. GoodLuck on

      @Fresh3D: Thanks for the thanks, and thank you in return for this campaign!
      For me it was quite an exciting time, despite of the outcome.
      I'll be watching what the next steps will be, and I'm looking foward to support these! Cheers!

    17. Lee Swain on

      Please keep going. Keep us informed. Wherever this project ends up, I'll follow and support!

    18. raron on

      Nicely written! Like many other Outcast fans, I too will back you the next time around! And thanks for not giving up on Outcast! I somehow had a feeling you would not do that :-) Which makes me glad even though this kickstarter didn't make it. Best of luck in the future! (And I'm not entirely altruistic here :P)

    19. Missing avatar

      Christian Egerer on

      DrBrunsen is right. No need to advertise technology so much. In the future focus more on the things players experience while playing the game. And get in touch with a marketing professional!
      I really hope you will finally make it! It would be a dream coming true for me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Just do another Kickstarter, a lot of projects succeeded on their second attempt.

    21. Nemo Pohle on

      Plan your options and if you do I'm absolutely sure that the next approach will be successful. Outcast is unrivalled until today in its atmosphere and the kind of open world it creates. With the right content and marketing this WILL be successful far beyond fans of the original games. I'll support you along the way.

    22. Christoph Zürcher on

      Best of luck to you, you will have my support for whatever is next.

    23. Missing avatar

      DrBunsen on

      I don't think you must offer more for less, as your analysis says. The people who loved Outcast already supported the campaign, no matter what you offer. If you want to attract newbies you are approaching unknown territory. Probably it's not easy to sell the great game play to people who don't know the original game.
      Why not thinking more in turning the brand into money? Just produce a good looking reboot for half of the money and try to get attention with it. No unnecessary features, no consoles, no state of the art graphics.
      Let the great game play/great voices/ great music speak for itself. Don't try to be Crysis 100, don't promote your technology, you cannot compete with the big players here.
      What you sell is a game, not an engine.
      The original game world speaks for itself. It doesn't need rocket science technology or ahead of time graphics.
      May the Yods be with you!

    24. Cowboy on

      Take your time to weigh the options. Just not too much time ;-)
      Just kiddn'. I'll support you anyway.

    25. Gonzalo on

      Don't be to hard on yourselves, there are projects with less footage and material who get lots of money, so I don't think that was the problem. Besides the initial goal wasn't that high for a AAA game remake. Hope you can fund this project someway, good luck!

    26. Nico Houbraken on

      I really hope you guys can still find a way to make the game. If there ever is another Kickstarter or whatever, I'll surely back it again.

    27. Jan Boon on

      The grass was just too fluorescent green.

    28. MERCENAR on

      A bientot j'espère :) !

    29. Robert Kock on

      Don't give up!

    30. Todor Nikolov on

      That's a good, honest self-evaluation. That's why we like you guys! :)
      I am looking forward to the next step and my zorkins are still yours for the asking!

      My guess is that you can easily get the amount that the die hard fans pledged during the first two days of this campaign, which could help you start the project and create some impressive content.

      Staying tuned!!! :)

    31. Tom

      I think you are correct by assuming there was not enough new content and updates to convince new backers. Although there are quite a few people remembering the glory of the original game, not everybody of those fans can be reached through a kickstarter project, and thus also new people need to be convinced to finance a reboot.
      I really love to see it happen and will support the project if I get the opportunity to do so!

    32. Richard Stuckey on

      I just dont get it!!! I think the things your post mention are correct, that there wasnt enough there for those who don't remember playing this AMAZING game.

      I hope you sort it out and you'll certainly have my support in whatever method you choose to continue in.

    33. madGamer on

      make a new kickstarter. i will suport you again :)

    34. Mellefly on

      We will be back next time ! Long live Outcast ! :)

    35. Marcelloz on

      Good luck, i'll support you again the next time so keep those updates coming!

    36. Alvaro Manuel Recio Perez on

      May the Yods be silent.

      Good luck!

    37. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on

      Thanks so much for trying! I will be there from the start the next time again. This game deserves to have its own HD-reboot, simply because it's so different today as it was back then.

      Good luck for the future. Maybe you'll even have some publisher knock on your door to finance this reboot or some other way to bring this to life!

    38. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Your last update is all I hoped for after realizing that the project wouldn't be funded here.
      I'll gladly pledge to another campaign or buy a similarly priced game at a later date.
      You failed this time, but gracefully.
      Thanks for all your effort.

    39. Christian Serra on

      Thanks to you Fresh3D and as I said, I'll still be here when you come back!

      In bocca al lupo ragazzi!

    40. Missing avatar

      Marcus Zottl on

      Thank you for this honest and open update. It's great to hear that you won't give up and you can be assured that I will be part of the next steps of Outcast (if possible of course)!

      I only played the demo back when the Game was released and only played the full game thanks to a few months ago. Despite it's aging graphics it is still a great game!

      Question: since you now own the Outcast IP again, do you get any money from the sales on If so, I'll gift the game to all my friends to support you! :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Fernan on

      thank you for the update & please don't give up!

    42. Gergely Fazekas on

      Thank You guys for the update, and hope for the best! Looking forward for the survey, and the future of Outcast. Keep up the awesome work!

    43. Schadows on

      Let's face it, we've seen it coming, but it's still hard to accept that hash reality u__u

      I'm glad the team has noticed most of the things which prevented the project to be successful (especially the need to make potential backers dream)

      Talking about next-gen stretch goal, you should be crystal clear about the fact the pledge give access to the next-gn digital version, otherwise I don't see any backer wanting that stretch goal.

      Kickstarter has also suffered from big disappointment : projects with several delays, not upholding what they promise, and now the backers are more prudent.

      Just a last suggestion (in case your using kickstarter), try next-time to launch the project as a "draft". People won't be able to back the project until it goes live, but it will let them ask question you can't take into account before really launching the project, and It will give the project visibility for an additionnal amount of time.

      Good luck.

    44. Sylvain Charriaud on

      I'm sorry you didn't meet your goal. In the meantime I'm pleased to see that this has provided you with great feedbacks and that you could identify the reasons of this kickstarter not reaching its goal. I wish you all the best and I'm looking forward to see the future of Outcast very soon.
      Cheers !

    45. Jan Killian on

      good luck in getting outcast hd on track, it's a good piece of art to bring back to light!

      and let your supporters know on

      your propagation was really terrible from day 1, and I was quite sad you'll fail, but hoped you won't give up ;) ... if you ever go on crowdfunding again, don't distract yourself with the zillion things you listed above (you always can do everything better), but get someone to help you and study other un/succesfull campaigns from various pov's, including the structure of received pledges ... warhorse studios did it and succeeded with glory

      get all knowledge from the lesson and succeed! best luck!

    46. quickssilverr on

      An amazing and nice written update. Thanks to you as well Fresh3D for the commitment to Outcast and trying to get it revived. You can be sure of it that I will be part of the next step in the journey to promote Outcast to the public.

    47. Antonio Reavis on

      GO AEHAD!
      andate avanti, sosterrò qualsiasi vostra futura iniziativa