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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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pledged of 600.000 $pledged of 600.000 $ goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 7 2014 9:59 PM UTC +00:00

Making of Shamazaar part 2

Posted by Fresh3D Inc (Creator)

Good moon adelphians,

This is part two of the making of Shamazaar prototype, talking about how the temples are recreated and how the sky is being made.

 May the Yods be silent.


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    1. Ana Maçanita on

      ... still strolling about the internet looking for a reboot or a sequel on this game! there will never be anything quite like it again... it's a shame so much time has gone by and most people who remmember it are full of kids running about the house and too busy to play or care anymore! this needed to come out as anew! and I still wonder how best to convey the new audience how WORTH IT this game is! I recall back then what drew me to it was the AWSOME collection of jawdroping screenshots I saw on a german videogame magazine. I'm guessing another 4-5 page article with such well chosen BIG images in a renowned international magazine might just do it again...

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      Robert Silesius on

      The interesting thing with voxels were that super high volumetric detail was just as expensive as low detail... and now with this video, all that seems to be gone with the polygons... or are all your textures also parallax mapped?

      The skybox is absolutely amazing, though.

    3. Luke Johnson on

      Hey!! Fresh3D.....Your all Kool ;-)
      love you guys for recreating this Amazing Game, I Back you guys 110%......
      this game was like one of the first fully 3d action adventure i ever played in the late 90's....

      my favorite thing about Outcast is....wait for it......The lovable yet annoying robotic voice thats like "HKP 12 Ammo Located" and "Foreign Vegetation Located" Epic....also the Twon-Ha. and i hope that Talon in Shamazaar that look's after the Twon-Ha still has his personality in the hd reboot, his just funny guy....he desirves to be in it.

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      Edward Palmer on

      Awesome to see my favourite game of all time reimagined in this way. I really hope that even if the kickstarter is not successful you are able to secure funding to finish the project.

      It does look as though the technology is pretty developed and it is now the arduous task of converting all of the voxel data to polygon meshes and then texturing, but I'm sure there's more to it than that.

    5. Frank Geppert on

      This is an amazing video showing a fantastic prototype. Thanks!

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      DrBunsen on

      Nice video, thanks for sharing!
      Even if you say graphics are demo only all the time they look pretty polished already and don't need to be improved anymore IMHO.
      As most of the technology seems to be complete, and graphics look pretty finished perhaps there is a way to try to do the remake with half of the money?
      Perhaps this would help to establish a fan base that could lead to funding of Outcast 2 even if this remake is not as far beyond its time as the original Outcast?
      I really hope you try it again with 300k.
      Good luck to you in any way!

    7. Rafael Masoni on

      So beautiful! The textures and the sky are gorgeous.

      Please don't give up on this project! Continue with Paypal donations or something like that.

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      DietmarSchaible on

      Thank you fore sharing this second part of your making of, allways very interresting for me how you approach the technical stuff. So buildings are mesh cleaned up, but for rocks not necesarry i gues.. allways wondered how the clowds have this kind of "flow" transition, now i know you basically do it with stretched mapping coords. As Laurnet said, please keep sharing those videos in you second camapaign. A lot of other companies allways see those technical stuff like a top secret or just not willing to share any ideas (from my perspective of view) . Really nice stone texture in the Themple. Please dont give up the good work on the remake guys!

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      Laurent Longerich on

      For the next crowdfunding attempt, you really must continue to share this sort of "technical content" with the community (Steam). We think it will be really amazing when we could look at the new animation cycles of HD characters like Cutter or Marion.
      Please keep on the fight: OUTCAST is really worth it.

    10. raron on

      Another great "Making of" update! Very cool to get a glimpse of how you do it (also in part 1 ofc), so thanks for that!

    11. Antonio Reavis on

      oh! the sky of outcast!