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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 7 2014 9:59 PM UTC +00:00

First gameplay video

Posted by Fresh3D Inc (Creator)

Hi There,

I'm pleased to share with you this "so awaited" video of our current prototype of Outcast HD.

Keep in mind that it is a very early prototype which is still using some assets from the original version, specially for the characters, animations and effects.  

For those who don't know the original game, I hope this video will give them a glimpse of what the game could be if we had the chance to modernize all the components.

Thanks again for your patience and your amazing support and please continue to spread the word !

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    1. CutterSlade23 on

      I think like you, although I had not previously focused this way :)
      I hope they heed your advice for the benefit of the overall project.
      Eïssa ! :D

    2. partTimeCrazy on

      Looks good so far. My first impression though was "what's up with that draw distance" - is it for atmosphere?! Started to remind me of Turok on the n64... Hopefully that will change (or at least be scalable by the user)

    3. Missing avatar

      DietmarSchaible on

      @ CutterSlade23

      Totally agree with you, i think, original Outcast team and Open Outcast Team should stick their heads together and try to make the best of both. Outcast HD has nicer landscapes, no doubt, but Open Outcast had years for Charakter 3 d Models, and Fresh 3d really needs such models quick. The Talans from Open Outcast are really nice also they have a lot of Houses and other small stuff already everything looks very nice. I hope they join together. Only my 2 Cents

    4. Missing avatar

      Dominik Mayr on

      nvmd my previous comment. Its back again, maybe a browser issue of mine

    5. Nakano

      Moons, water, bushes and trees looked good. Still a lot to do though: better water effects, new models etc. Thanks for sharing regardless!

    6. Missing avatar

      Dominik Mayr on

      Is it just me or did the embedded video dissapear from the "update 7" section/post? I can only see it on the mainpage. Also noticed a hyperlink problem on the mainpage (upodate images leading to the steam page), but this apparently just got fixed.

    7. CutterSlade23 on

      Sorry, but Franck Sauer, announcing this project in interviews and press release, said this. it would be all remade again, that some areas would be larger and in fact there is that one could use to ventilope mount to improve experience in technology 'Oculus Rift'. So who is lying?

    8. CutterSlade23 on

      @Miika Liukka
      I 'm sorry if my words hurt. But my grievance is not only the mechanics of the original, it is also to use things from the original, a product should smell fresh and not an ugly mixture of both. Original Outcast is beautiful, it's like playing in an oil picture but the water (new) and oil ( old ) must be separated . I am a fan and creator of 'Outcast Spain', I am objective when I speak from my Spanish gaming community, I support this video (although personally my opinion about that it is not what I expected). I think for a new public, this video does not convince. To show this… it had been better to optimize the original to current machines (which I told to the creators so like other fans) and from a good optimization, Reboot sell this appropriately.

      What is not normal is that an unofficial sequel ( Outcast : Legacy of the Yods ) is prettier and adapted to our days and not this Reboot with the original creators. I sincerely hope more from Fresh3D as old fan, and I do not want to think about as a new fan, this video does not increase funding. Very poorly made the Fresh3D homework , I feel in my soul be so hard , but if I'm soft play false my thinking , and I hope more of you , because you can do better.
      You have to take advice (not only to improve your image), I think that you have much to learn from the team 'open Outcast'. At least how to do things before coming to Kickstarter campaign.
      Pd. Would be easier aplaud you and so have a better opportunity to do that project in the future that I speak private message to Yann. I know that with this opinion may not be possible but I can not play false what I believe. 'Outcast Spain' there this because I admire the work you did with the original, I feel you are not working with Reboot, at least not with those shown until now. You can do better and unfortunately you have to demonstrate at the present time, not with old glories (which are not optimized to today's computers, officially).

    9. Grimm_Ninja on

      Regarding the reboot discussion, I totally agree I think they should have gone with the term Remastered, or remake, reboot has become synonymous with complete redesigns and sometimes "franchise hijacking" of big publishers cashing in on an existing title and it's "brand power". definitely not something you want to have as an instant connection with the project title.

      I hope the sales of the original outcast (if the money is going to fresh3D) and this remastered release raises enough revenue to do what the re-release of the odd-box did for Lorne Lanning and the spiritual successor studio to oddworld inhabitants as they are now pursuing not only a remake like this, but plan to evolve and return to expanding thier IP. hope Fresh3D have the opportunity and will to do that :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Miika Liukka on

      "Looks like a copy and paste of the original. " - that's kind of the point, isn't it? It's a HD remake of the original game, using much of the original data for gameplay. "Reboot" is perhaps a bit misleading in this sense, they goal never was to reinvent the franchise. :)

    11. Todor Nikolov on

      @DrBunsen haha nice idea, they should get Nikaa to narrate their videos!!! :D

    12. Xavier David on

      I agrea with Sh@dows. He talks about your true problem, the promotion of your project and that what you choose to show for backers. I think you don't need money to make a alpha Cutter model with better animation and graphic (texture). My opinion is the same since the beginning of your campain, you don't give working impression and i'm afraid about the game and this kickstarter. Please, make me wrong !

    13. CutterSlade23 on

      With all the pain of my soul. This video has left me very cold. Looks like a copy and paste of the original.
      I agree with Sch@dows.
      The only thing I'm impressed with the new Shamazaar is at 2 Moons*. There are awesome. The rest is not something that your dream.
      (*): If someone saw the film 'The Time Machine' (2002) when the moon is destroyed, it's something I remembered seeing the moons of Adelpha, so near to us,in 3D and turning on themselves :O

    14. Missing avatar

      DietmarSchaible on

      Nice vid, love those Rocks, they really rock!
      Just 1 thing, i know its early in development, but please add tesselation to the water later, so we can have a more realistic fluids, and the transition area from liquid to land should be much more smooth, like you did in the original. Outcasts water was outstanding that time, it looked better than Unreal Engine, cos it wasnt only a Plane cutting into other Polygons. Keep up the good work !

    15. Missing avatar

      Ashley Gittings on

      Love the gameplay video guys looks amazing :)

    16. MERCENAR on

      thanks for the video !

    17. Schadows on

      Obviously it is a WIP video, but as I said on facebook about the screenshot prototype, it doesn't make people dream.
      It seems to make sense to proceed as you do for developping that remake, but to promote the kickstarter project you should have focus on appealing to potential backers with a target render video, or focus on a smaller video/area but closer to target (models, fx and fog), to make people dream.
      It's hard to convince people who didn't know the awesomeness of the original outcast with that video, even while insisting it's just a WIP (as we say in French: you don't catch flies with vinegar).

      Don't forget that a lot of people has been disappointed by several strong kickstarter projects lately, and it's a little harder than last year.

      My comment may be a little harsh (if taken wrong), but seeing the funding not progressing which put the project in danger, I might loose the chance to play that epic game in a more epic version than ever.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ignarius on

      +1 backer from Switzerland.
      looks nice and sounds still great with original sound and music.

    19. Missing avatar

      Miika Liukka on

      Looking great! It's amazing how well the old assets are holding up, with some fancy new shading and texture filtering. :) A mobile version of the original game would be great - the graphics are just stylized enough to look pleasant on a small screen - just saying... ;)

      Oh and you HAVE TO implement water ripples! Would be a shame if the original Outcast had better-looking water interaction, won't you agree? :P

    20. Missing avatar

      DrBunsen on

      I think this video gives a very good impression of the game and is a very nice showcase of the beautiful graphics and the great gameplay, including dialogs. Thumbs up!!!
      The only thing that could be improved IMHO is the speaker. He is very hard to understand and the voice is a bit monotone. Perhaps a female voice with french accent would do better, as we all know... sex sells ;-).

    21. Tomma on

      J'aimerais bien augmenter mon pledge pour acquérie le t-shirt, mais les frais de port US sont un frein pour moi qui suis français. Serait-il possible d'envoyer les goodies d'Europe pour baisser le prix des frais de port ?

    22. Christoph Zürcher on

      Where are the sexy water ripples? Just kidding, looks glorious ;).

    23. Nico Houbraken on

      Very cool video! :-D I really hope you guys make this reboot! I just played through the original and still loved it like the first time I played it!:-D

    24. Patrick on

      Great video, nice use of the assets available!

      One tip: a small overlay overlay text 'character models and animation not yet updated' or 'not final' etc. in stead of just 'WIP 2014'. This for viewers' short attention span and tendency to skip through videos :)

    25. Dominic Schulz on

      great! this should have been here from day one. hope it gets the campaign going again. keep up the awesome work :)

      oh and i would recommend linking this video on the starting page, not just in the update post.

    26. Pyragor on

      This !
      Thank you for this !