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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 7 2014 9:59 PM UTC +00:00

That orange shirt

Posted by Fresh3D Inc (Creator)

Cutter statuette

First we want to thank you for your patience, we know you're waiting for that gameplay video but it's been taking more time than expected. So meanwhile, we wanted to share with you some progress FX has been doing on sculpting the new Cutter. It's still wip but it's coming along nicely we think:

Exclusive Backer T-Shirt

Now it's time to have a look at the exclusive backer T-Shirt. Don't worry about the size, those of you who have the T-Shirt in their rewards will be contacted in due time to enable picking the right size for you.

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    1. Robin Furr

      I have to say that putting the pack on the back instead of the "Backer!" thing would seriously make me consider going up. I don't think I can afford it, but it would be tempting enough that I might start considering selling a major organ or something.

    2. Missing avatar

      DrBunsen on

      Only my 2 cents, but perhaps you should also offer a limited edition of the shirt with the strings. Could bring some more money.

    3. Missing avatar

      DrBunsen on

      Nice shirt, but like most people I think the backside should be blank. But I didn't pledge for the shirt, so just ignore...
      Cutter looks much stronger than in the original game but still realistic. Looks good this way, please don't use more steroids. ;-)

    4. Fresh3D Inc Creator on

      You guys have a point with the back of the T-Shirt being too crowded. Also nice idea the backpack CutterSlade23. We'll think about that !

    5. Christian Serra on

      Cutter is very cool! But please, remove "BACKER!" from the t-shirt backside.

    6. CutterSlade23 on

      THE SHIRT IS ...
      Perfect front.
      Waste back (good to keep logo with moons and name, top).
      Why in the back there is no imagination? For example ... A small picture of the backpack (use nanotechnology). This drawing arrows pointing out other budgets. Or just one example Kizaar advertising, goal to achieve in this Reboot. I do not know, something nicer. Even one of the new artworks of Michael Defroyennes, it would be more beautiful. Oh and word BACKER remove, or put it in the TALAN LANGUAGE :O ;)

    7. Wighnut on

      I would consider upgrading to the $80-Tier because of the Shirt. But I can't stand the back of it. Just the front-logo and nothing else would be perfect.

    8. Alessandro Saiko on

      The shirt basically looks awesome, especially on the front. Please remove the horrible 'Backer !' text on the back and make the Outcast logo smaller or better completely remove it. This way it would look just perfect!

    9. raron on

      Cutter model looks cool, as does the shirt :)

      Ok the "BACKER" text font is a bit boring (at least it's on the BACK, right? :P Could maybe do without that word, but it's not a dealbreaker imho. It's a T-shirt about my favorite game. It's cool! (^-^)

      Aaron Amoth: Now that would be something! But would increase price by maybe a lot I fear? (maybe for some higher level tiers rewards they could / should do a proper one?).

      Btw, the T-shirt was admittedly one of the factors for me to stretch to "T-shirt" backing level :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron Amoth on

      I don't like this t-shirt, I want the REAL one (with strings).

    11. Missing avatar

      Kristoff Brunet de Courssou on

      I'm glad other people feel the same way about the back of the t-shirt! I'd prefer if it were blank too. Merci les gars :)

    12. Patrick on

      lol @namesake :)

    13. Patrick Bos on

      Yeah, the shirt backside is really bad. I pledged higher than I would otherwise especially to get the shirt, hoping it would be ulukai logo only. Will have to lower my pledge by at least 1$ if it stays like this ;)

    14. Patrick on

      I imagine they are working hard on the game and the 3D models at the moment as well; might as well use one as placeholder for the statue, might pursuade a few backers. And I don't think the guy or girl doing the T-Shirts would have been on programming or modeling otherwise also. :)

    15. Mark van Steen on

      Current t-shirt, no. Ulukai logo only, yes.
      Also, an update on a Cutter statuette seems a little out of place considering the funding goal has barely come any closer over the weekend. I really think this Kickstarter campaign should have started with prototype in-game footage, and lots of it.

      What's the plan if the Kickstarter goal isn't met?

    16. Missing avatar

      Nicolas ASSIE on

      I approve the Ulukai symbol only.

      But you seem a bit too confident for the kickstarter to finish at the 600k (sadly)

    17. Christiaan on

      Cutter looks great. T-shirt too but I agree with others, please front ONLY. It's much cooler with just the symbol and no overt references to either Kickstarter or even the name of the game. That way it's a reference only fellow fans will get and others will just think it's a cool shirt. :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Tomáš Sedlák on

      You can't be serious about the back side, who would want that? Don't you have any 2D artists on team?

    19. Missing avatar

      DietmarSchaible on

      Nice Update on Cutter, i know those things take time, i am waiting to see him with Texture maps. 2 Bad those things were not there for the start of the campaign. Of course, you bought back the rights, we backers/old fans fund, sounds quite fair, unfortunately, ppl that dont know the game want to see more:-(
      Please leave the back of the shirt plain, the word reboot became a sickness since those crappy reboots of movies (Star Trek, Total Recall, Judge Dreed etc), dont need this backer on the back..If this campaing should fail, ill be there again

    20. partTimeCrazy on

      I've got to agree with what people here are saying. Front of tshirt is nice, back not so good - image is way too big, it'd look like the tshirt was on back to front. Better to keep the back plain - please!

    21. MERCENAR on

      cutter model looks great, and the tshirt is very cool too ! hope update 7 is coming soon :) !

    22. Patrick on

      ... OR pledge for the backpack tier to cover up the logo and go full-on Cutter-style. ;) But agreed, lose the text, indifferent about the logo on the back personally.

    23. spitfire_ch on

      +1 Logo only please! I was not interested in most backer T-shirts so far because I don't wan't to walk around like an advertising board. Outcast was the exception - so far :(

    24. Missing avatar

      Miika Liukka on

      I'd also love the shirt with the front logo only, please consider changing that! :)

    25. Gustavo Leal on

      i agree with @Rafael Masoni.

    26. thomaswe on

      "Don't worry about the size"

      The size always played a major role.
      Will the T-shirt in XXXL or only to XXL as in some stores?

    27. Pyros on

      if the -t-shirt was available with the front logo only ... :) (could be have the "outcast" text on the back also)

    28. Zéfling on

      It's not possible just with the front logo ?

    29. Rafael Masoni on

      Yeah, the back of the shirt looks really bad. Looks like some cheap promotional T-Shirt.

      Please let us have one with only the Ulukai symbol. You could write the backer details as really small copy on the back of the neck.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ashley Gittings on

      Love the new Cutter guys and can't wait to wear my T-shirt :) keep up the good work guys

    31. Daniel hugens on

      I was thinking the same @kafkaz, so we can actually wear it outside :3

    32. Missing avatar

      kafkaz on

      The back side looks terrible. Can we have some with only front symbol?

    33. Missing avatar

      Elliot Gittings on

      Love it and I can not wait to wear mine. Keep up the good work guys I know your working very hard right now are we are right behind you

    34. Steven Blomkamp on

      Holy bat nipples have I been dying to own an ulukai t shirt. Looking fantastic!

    35. Mellefly on

      Yay ! New update !
      Cutter looks flawless IMO and this T-shirt looks great too ! :)