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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 7 2014 9:59 PM UTC +00:00

First ingame screenshots

Posted by Fresh3D Inc (Creator)
Good Moon Adelphians,

First of all, I would like to thank you again for your amazing involvement and support!

Unlocking $20 pledge

As requested by many, we are pleased to announce that we have unlocked the limitation of 2000 backers for the $20 pledge. Bakers at the 25$ level will now have access to beta.

First gameplay screenshots

We know that all of you are waiting for a gameplay video, we're working hard on it and should release it this week. Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you some gameplay screenshots where you can see some Twon-Ha.

Cutter among wild Twon-Has
Cutter among wild Twon-Has

It's worth to notice that, for now, all the characters are using the original 3d models. These 3d models are converted at load time from the original assets. To do this, actually, we have integrated FreshEngine into the original source code and plan to replace or improve each relevant subsystems. As an example, the character controller and the related animations will be completely redone to interact smoothly with the environment by developing smarter controller which take in account the environment to  the constraints and physics system. We generally want to rely more on procedural animations instead of relying too much on predefined animations. Hopefully this should greatly improve the old Cutter's locomotion! :)

Having integrated the original source code allows us to start working quicker on a functional gameplay version instead of restarting from scratch and taking the risk to loose the essence of the game, which is a big risk given the size of the project.

Obviously in the production phase, each of these characters will be replaced with highly detailed 3d models, more bones, detailed textures and dedicated shaders. 

Here is another example of quality difference between the original and the reboot HD version. This screenshot is taken from  gameplay prototype  in first person view:


May the Yods be with all of us!


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    1. Peter McVeigh on

      Hey Guys, I think this is fantastic so excited. But I have to admit i found out about the project by randomly typing in Outcast Kickstarter just to see if there was anything. I'm a massive fan of the game and happened to randomly find this… I'm sure much more backers would love to be part of it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Elliot Gittings on

      Looks great keep up the hard work guys

    3. Missing avatar

      Miika Liukka on

      Looking really good! Nice to hear about the planned locomotion and animation improvements as well. The original Outcast really blew me away with the animation quality; I remember watching in awe as Cutter's feet adjusted to the ground below... :)

    4. Missing avatar

      DrBunsen on

      Just composited both screenshots into one, should clarify the difference a bit better:
      hope I didn't violate any copyrights...
      BTW: old skybox still looks very pretty.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sturmhardt on

      Very nice screenshots, you could work a little bit on that skybox of the new version though, the old one still looks better :)

    6. oxe23 on

      If possible you should adjust the description of pledge 20$ / 25$. It still says that 20$ is limited and 25$ says nothing about beta access.

    7. Borut Bergant on

      The world looks amazing!

      Hope, the unlock on 20$ pledge will pay off, personally i would limit it to 20 :)

    8. Mellefly on

      Amazing improvement, and good idea to unlock the 20$ pledge. I love the comparison shots ! :)

    9. Dominic Schulz on

      they look amazing and capture the original mood very very well, hadnt though that would be really possible without voxels :) keep up the good work, i hope we can rech the funding goal.

      gameplay video needs to be as awesome as possible AND embedded on the main page. than we need media coverage by different youtube and game sites.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ashley Gittings on

      love it, love it, LOVE IT!!

    11. adam easton on

      looks AMAZING guys keep it up!

    12. adam easton on

      I'm going to have to buy a new pc for this

    13. quickssilverr on

      Omg! The pictures it looks so awesome!

    14. Nick Ludlam on

      Wow, the low vs high res images really bring home the improvements you've made. It's amazing how much our brains up-rez the memory of the game automatically

    15. Richard Stuckey on

      I've also upped my pledge to $25 so I get the beta!

    16. Richard Stuckey on

      Certainly pleased with the art style, keep it up!

    17. Missing avatar

      Raphaël Mussard on

      I love the new engine art style but I think Facebook is apply some kind of crappy compression over the screenshots. You might want to upload these elsewhere to avoid that.

    18. MERCENAR on

      thanks for the new update !

      can't wait to see the REAL new 3D models of the twon-ha and Cutter !