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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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Fresh3D IncBy Fresh3D Inc
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, May 7 2014 9:59 PM UTC +00:00

We are listening

Posted by Fresh3D Inc (Creator)

Good Moon Adelphians,

Outcast, a style to be remembered

Outcast features hand-painted environments and textures such as these skies that contribute to the overall feeling of the game:

Although the production techniques may now differ, our goal with Outcast Reboot HD is to retain this feeling of a game with a style to be remembered. To do that we are using the latest painting and sculpting tools to craft models and textures with all the love they deserve. Some of the many professional art tools we are using:

  • Photoshop (for concepts drawing, for textures painting and processing)
  • 3D Coat (for voxel object sculpting, for 3D painting, for surface retopology)
  • Mari (for 3D painting)
  • Substance Designer (for texturing)
  • Mudbox 2014 (for surface sculpting)
  • Z-Brush (for character sculpting)
  • Maya 2014 (for modeling, rigging, animation, level building, shader preview)

Reward section added to main page

A new reward section has been added to the main KS page with a table summary for all rewards/pledges. Preview images of physical pledges will also be added regularly.

Improving upon initial design

When we submitted our new Cutter concept art a few days ago, we carefully read all you comments. And that’s one of the reasons we wanted to go with crowdfunding, is to have feedback from the community while we are making the game. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and say, please continue giving us feedback this is important for us in order to deliver an awesome game, and we won’t do without your help.

FX, our lead character artist is working on the 3D version of the new Cutter Slade and I’m happy to be able to share this first wip render of the Cutter ‘head and torso statuette’ physical reward.

As you can see, your input was invaluable to improve the design over the first concept art and making it look a lot more Cutter Slade-like. And in case you wonder, yes this will also be the in-game model, albeit with more limbs :P  

May the Yods be silent.

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    1. Ana Maçanita on

      ah, that's more like it indeed! Hope he can still make the comical large eyes-big mouth face to the absurd stuff Talan tell him, LOL! that was awsome! Anyone recall Maar? Most inteligent Talan??? mahn that guy was a blast! and trying to guess the mine worker's song and gettin lines wrong all the time... Now THAT was good character design ;)

      Btw, will there be night and day now? or will that require too much additional programing? (sorry, I know squat about game making)

    2. Your average joe shmoe on

      That looks more like the sort of mouth that would come away with some sardonic quip.

    3. Missing avatar

      Roze on

      I think that model is a big improvement over the first concept art. It looks more true to the orginal and doen't bear that slightly generic look the pictures had.

    4. Missing avatar

      Yacine Benbaouche on

      This looks great! I cant wait to see it ingame engine!

    5. Julien Sephius on

      @MERCENAR I think they are from the original game ;)

    6. MERCENAR on

      those skies images are used for backgrounds for the skies in the game ? and you have the moons, the suns, and the couds above those backgrounds ? right ? sorry, just curious :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Raphaël Mussard on

      Definitely more Cuttery, that's neat.

    8. Missing avatar

      DrBunsen on

      Looks much more like the original cutter, thank you very much!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bauke Regnerus on

      Those skies are awesome. I wish they were available in high def, they would make for some beautifull desktop backgrounds.

    10. Missing avatar

      Val Berger on

      Cutter Slade pretty much looks quite like he used to look like back in the days, which is perfectly fine. I think I wouldn't like the idea of rebooting his design as well (as it usually happens in reboots of franchises) .
      I wonder how it works that those suns sometimes have different distances to each other, looks a bit weird. But it's not like I'd really mind, as averything, like always, looks amazing. I'm worried about reaching the 1.7mio-stretch, so I'm twittering about this once again. spread the word, partypeople, we need to have Kizaar! NEED!

    11. MERCENAR on

      The new cutter 3D model is AWESOME to say the least !!! Amazing work (with maya I guess).

      Frequent updates, saw update 3 yesterday and this morning there's already an update 4 !! Woot !

      Keep up the good work, we're gonna make it ! we have to believe it !

    12. Mellefly on

      OMG that WIP, I love it ! That's totally how I imagined Cutter in a 2014 version ! Fantastic and thanks for this new update !

    13. Missing avatar

      DietmarSchaible on

      Looks more like Cutter than your concept art below, looking forward see him with textures!

    14. Gustavo Leal on

      This is awesome!!

    15. Robert Kock on

      Yeah, much better now. He's cool.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ice Breaker on

      Looks like the Cutter I remember, nice work!