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OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.
OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.
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    1. Missing avatar

      JackJonesK on

      Do you have a timeline on when Oura will have full features for the android app vs iOS which is already fully developed?

    2. Chocolate

      So I installed the app last night successfully I think and got my sleep score for last night. So right now is this what the android app is capable of? I'm not wearing it right now and just plan to use it at night until the android app is full fledged.

    3. Carol J Feidt on

      I love the OURA Ring and now finally some of the android app,cant wait til the full app is working for the steps and walking part.I am a walker so it will be a great addition. Love it!

    4. Andrew "Shotgun" Smith on

      Howdy, Hello, Hola, all that stuff.
      Based on last update is the second pass at Android this coming week? Would like to see more daytime information, and yes readiness is a good start. In the future would it be possible to get real time information?

    5. ŌURA Creator on

      @Marleena: We will update apps roughly once a month. For March Android app update we are planning to bring the Readiness view. That'll give you plenty more to chew on!

    6. Missing avatar

      Marleena Valtasola on

      When do you estimate to have the Android app with approximately the same features as the iOS currently? Just can't wait to get more data out of my ring :)

    7. ŌURA Creator on

      @Scott: Thank you for that heads up! We need to take a look at it.

    8. ŌURA Creator on

      @Tim: You backers are indeed our partners, we value that highly, and we do tell you more than we would do publicly. However, crowdfunders don't have quite the same status as our main investors - we haven't met you personally, we haven't done background checks on you, and you are not talking with us under NDA. You are, as early adopters. way above average regarding knowledge on new tech and new products - and that we truly appreciate. I do trust that the product lives up to our claims!

    9. Missing avatar

      Scott Pierce on

      FYI - app is not functional on my HTC One M7 running android version 5.0.2. It sits on "Connecting to the ring". I can pair it via bluetooth within the admin bluetooth interface, however. On iOS, everything has been flawless.

    10. Tim Moore on

      Well, there are 2328 backers. It's a known number. Why we can't get an idea of how much stuff has been produced so far is ridiculous. If I felt like adding up those numbers I'd know exactly what you need to produce. The fact that ŌURA isn't transparent is somewhat troubling. There's nothing to prove here. You don't have to produce and production metrics to funding partners at the moment. We are your funding partners. I hope your product lives up to your claims to have us waiting this long. It really isn't our problem.

    11. ŌURA Creator on

      @Rodney: Thank you for your comment, and I do feel you. I believe telling you regularly everything I can is better than a silent treatment. If we can't ship, we should estimate when we can. If we can't even estimate - which has been the case for several weeks now - we explain why and tell what we can. I am sorry that I don't have tools to exclude you from these updates individually. You'll have to bear with me, or filter me out in your email settings.

    12. Rodney van Royden on

      This is appalling - you have our money and fill our emails with useless information.

      I appreciate you trying but if you really want to be useful, you could provide us with our order status.

      I.e where are we in the queue, what is the rate of production etc.

      Plus delivery time, when can we expect what we paid for last year and were promised for delivery last month?

    13. Missing avatar

      Edward Baguer on

      Just means a larger group of people waiting for a ring they can expect at some point before 'the end of the year.'

    14. Bernát Gábor on

      Love that now we have an app, now just need to ring to be useful :D