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OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.
OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.
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    1. Jay on

      Idea: calendar integration , some people schedule gym time and this way the oura app can give a suggestion based on readiness if you should attend and/or based on previous class to take it light or rest.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. ŌURA Creator on

      @Edward: Oh, just now I realized where you stand: your week ends on Saturday! Please appreciate that we are a company placed in Finland, and our week ends on Sunday. Thus, I am in the midst of writing that update "before the week is over" here. Thank you for revealing that mismatch. I'll need to be more accurate in the future.

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      Edward Baguer on

      @Öura you say you have regular production and shipping updates and you do. Your update last week said you had to work on upping your numbers and that 'this week' would be about that. Well, a week has passed and no mention if that succeeded. It's great you shared what is in the app but it seems that helps a minimal number of your backers so how about providing that production update now? I think we would rather hear about that. Thanks.

    5. ŌURA Creator on

      @Barrett, tbd: That you for you suggestions!

    6. ŌURA Creator on

      @Edward: We have regular production and shipping updates for that.

    7. ŌURA Creator on

      @Stephen: Skin conductance is not measured. HRV can be, during the night, but we are not showing it in the app at the moment.

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      deleted on

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    9. Maya Sellon

      I would like an update to the app that would remind me to stand up every so often. Something that reminds me to stop and take a break instead of staying hunched behind my computer all day long at work.

      Love my Oura ring. I wear it everywhere and all the time ever since I got it.

    10. Tanja Juslin on

      This is so awesome, I almost cannot wait anymore.

    11. Barrett Dent on

      I think one of the most exciting aspects of OURA is the heart and breathing rate data combined with your sleep analysis. I'm a CPAP user. I'm really interested to see CPAP respiratory data from the major brands (Phillips Respironics and ResMed) potentially integrated with your data. This would provide unparalleled therapy and quality of sleep data. Which could prove incredibly beneficial to sleep apnea sufferers and help their doctors. Heart rate is part of data that is collected during a clinical sleep study.

      Additionally for evaluation purposes on your end. Comparing CPAP respiratory data to your own calculated data set would provide validation of your calculation accuracy.

      Exciting stuff.

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      Edward Baguer on

      Not a word on how the assembly process is going? Are things getting stable? Any improvement on speed?

    13. Stephen Jacobs on

      Can we get skin conductance and/or heart rate variability out of the ring?

    14. ŌURA Creator on

      @Sakimin: It is quite likely that that possibility will be there eventually.

    15. Sakimin Richard Post on

      is it possible to make read / write access to Apple's health in future updates? would be nice to write the sleep data in Apple Health

    16. ŌURA Creator on

      @Gary: You were right. Link changed now, should work.

    17. ŌURA Creator on

      @Al: Sorry, it is in the future and we can't say it accurately enough to have any meaning to you.

    18. Al Billings

      Is there any way to find out when our individual ring will ship?

    19. ŌURA Creator on

      @Gary: Hmm, Google Docs published, should be as public as they come...

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      Gary Mulder on

      Protected document