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You'll never know when you are going to need this kind of leverage. A realistic, hand cast, articulated prop for costuming or display.
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105 backers pledged $12,278 to help bring this project to life.

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Last 2 days of Holocrons! Discounted 5-Packs!

Hi all!

Well, we have only 2 days and change left on the Sith Holocron project and I wanted to send a message out to those who have pledged with me before. We are nearing the else of this pledge drive and the end result is going to be amazing. If you have not, pop over to the page, check out our updates and pledge before these are all gone!!

Darkside Holocron Prop/Sculpture

We also just added a  5-Pack pledge level which comes with five of everything, including patches, stickers, lighted holocrons (and coins if we hit $7000) AS WELL AS a special price but there are only five 5-Packs (see what I did there?) so don't delay! Onward to victory!

The Darkside


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.



For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Shipping Update!

If you've been following Rachel's twitter (@theoubliette) you know there has been another recent hiccup, so while I'd like to say that everything is shipped... What I can say is that most pledge levels have shipped as of Sunday, and we are only just waiting on one part to arrive for the electronics in order to have the rest done and shipped as well (and be out on the same day the parts arrive)!

Dozens of packages containing "DIY" detonators are in the mail and on their way to their respective backers! We'll soon be posting a backer only update with the electronics part list and detailed schematics and assembly instructions.

You can bet we'll be glad when all of this is wrapped on our end, and we know everyone is excited to get their respective rewards!


Almost Finished!

We have overcome innumerable hurdles and setbacks to get this far, but we have a lot of positive things to update you on!

There is a great deal that is already ready to ship:

  • We have screened all the shirts.
  • The keychains are cast and polished with gems and hardware in place.
  • We have received stickers, coins, and stands.

Also, all of the diplomat, loyalist, and smugglers' packages are already shipped, and we've gotten the first few responses back from them!

This (extended) weekend marks our final push to get the detonators finished. You may ask why we haven't sent out detonators as they are finished, and the simple answer is that while the bodies of all of the detonators are already cast, we're now casting the last of the switches, and lastly the grips.

What does all this mean?  We know we're past our outlined deadline, but we ship next week!

Also, there was some demand for more progress photos:

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