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Lift weights, play sports, or just have broad shoulders? Hard time finding clothes that fit? We hope to fix that. -- MADE IN USA

Lift weights, play sports, or just have broad shoulders? Hard time finding clothes that fit? We hope to fix that. -- MADE IN USA Read More
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Here's some recently taken photos of the final fabric in action. The buttons are still testers and we are still finalizing the design, but this is mostly it!

Just an FYI: This is a SMALL garment. Look at the sizing chart to see the dimensions.

Actual taper in shirt when laid flat.
Actual taper in shirt when laid flat.
Not baggy
Not baggy
Just to show off fit
Just to show off fit
Close up to see texture of fabric
Close up to see texture of fabric

We've all been there

You want to dress nice so you buy a dress shirt. You're in shape so it means you've got a decent build on you. You go into a store and buy something according to your neck measurement, and it ends up looking something like this...

Shirt Tent
Shirt Tent

Well that isn't going to cut it, so you decide to just get a form fitting shirt that you don't feel like you're swimming in. That leads to this scenario...

That button is screaming for help.
That button is screaming for help.

So what is the solution for our fellow Swole Brothers? All options today are quite expensive, take huge stretches of time, and don't always produce desired results. We wanted to fix that, so we created the Swole Society Apparel company. Swole Society clothes use high quality fabric, are made in the USA, and certainly affordable.

The Proper Fit:


The Fit: the most unique aspect of Swole Society 

If you shop for clothes from virtually every retail company, you'll quickly learn they are quite limited on sizing options. Even when most companies claim they have "slim" fit options, it typically doesn't go far enough, or doesn't account for broad shoulders and a larger neck. For our sizing, we interviewed hundreds of men from all types of athletic backgrounds. We didn't follow any conventions when it came to sizing, we went straight to the people we thought would fit the brand the best and got their exact measurements. From powerlifters, bodybuilders, football players, Crossfit members, general strength athletes, weightlifters, fighters, and even regular guys with broad shoulders. We compiled all the data and created a sizing chart that specifically was designed to fit the form of the athletic man. 

What we came up with is a shirt that's bigger in the neck, broader in the chest/shoulders, and tapers in quite a bit in the waist (so much so that it is slimmer than most retail company's slim fits!).

We're rolling out of the gate with seven size options, with plans to add at least two more in the near future and a Tall option (with increased sleeve length + shirt length) .

Made in the USA 

Our clothes are manufactured in the USA by one of Chicago's best clothing manufacturers in Irving Park. Our fabric comes from a New York City fabric company as well.

Aesthetic and functional, a lot like you.

All of our fabrics are sourced from American companies and shipped to our manufacturer in Chicago. For Swole Society's initial line, we picked a super high quality 97% Pima cotton and 3% Spandex blend. This gives all of our shirts a tiny bit of stretch, but doesn't alter their appearance or feel in any way. 


Our focus is going to be on quality, and since the company launch will coincide with Kickstarter, we're offering 3 colors of button up dress shirts initially. This fabric is from a New York city company that has a reputation for extremely high quality fabrics, and the fabric we've selected is soft, strong, great to the touch, and has a little bit of stretch.

If we exceed our Kickstarter goal, we can implement more colors and patterns, and let those who pledge decide what gets made. Some potentials include:

Sizing Chart

Significant taper on waist on all sizes
Significant taper on waist on all sizes

While we use standard sizing labels (S,M,L, etc) our sizing is anything but standard, it acts as more of a guide. Accurate sizing is important, usually the best measurement to go by for picking your size is chest.

By pledging, you're not just pre-ordering a shirt(or multiple shirts!), you're investing in a clothing company tailored toward your body. 

"But where are the pants, man??" Shirts are only the beginning, we plan on offering virtually every sizing-specific piece of clothing you could want, including polos, tees, blazers, pants, jeans, you name it. 

Stretch Goal: If we exceed our goal, we can add more colors/patterns 

The initial kickstarter goal is for fabric, manufacturing, and packaging minimum orders for initial 3 shirt designs. If we pass the initial goal, we can add more colors and fabric choices to available shirts, and I can update the pledge donation levels if you want to buy all shirt designs. If we really hit high pledges (remains to be seen) we can get started on an entirely new piece of clothing (whether it be chinos, jeans, blazers, or some other type of shirt).

Be involved!

Truly, this idea exists mostly because of the encouragement I've gotten from people I know who share this problem, and the online community that said something like this needs to be made. You all are the main reason why Swole Society is being created, so it only makes sense that you have the most input on what gets made and which way the ship steers. I'm always interested to know in what people want and will do my very best to make sure I can deliver.

Feedback is very important to me, especially if you have any criticism. I'd love to hear everything, positive or negative. A problem you notice may be something I've overlooked, and fixing those problems will just lead to a better product and experience for everyone.

Gift it for Christmas

The campaign is scheduled to end the 21st of December. If you are pledging to eventually gift a shirt to someone, we'll be in contact with everyone who pledged and those who want will have a printable coupon they can gift to a friend or family member for when the shirts eventually ship mid-January.

If you pledge $15 or more

Everyone who pledges $15 or more gets a Live Swole band shown here:


  • December 21st: Kickstarter campaign ends

2 weeks for funds to clear, send out printable coupon for those who are gifting shirts to friends/family

  • January 4th (or earlier if funds clear faster)

Order fabric to manufacturer in Chicago, takes 2-5 days.

  • January 11th

Fabric arrives, production begins.

  • January 12th-18th

Kickstarter pledges and initial inventory made. Officially launch site and ship orders!

We can make everything happen this fast because we're only dealing with American companies that aren't held back by waiting for things to ship overseas. All fabric is already in the country, and so is the factory.

Thank you

This has been extremely fun to do so far, hopefully the kickstarter goes well so the team and I can keep advancing the Swole Society! Thanks!

Risks and challenges

This idea is very new, very focused, and its success depends mostly on the online community. To make a physical storefront for such an idea wouldn't work, as the concentration of people that can benefit from it is too spread out and everything is made in the USA. Online is where this idea was grown, online is where it will thrive.

The biggest challenge will be this kickstarter campaign. With a successful campaign we can start to offer more types of clothes, more sizing options, and more styles. I know everyone wants jeans, chinos, and pants that fit as well. Those are coming next, but only if we make it this far.

We have our manufacturing figured out, we have our fabric selection, our samples and pattern grading. All we need from kickstarter is the first push to get our manufacturer to start making initial shirts for the kickstarter pledges + initial inventory. We need kickstarter to fill the minimum order.

We've taken it as far as we can up until this point, it's up to kickstarter to get us to the finish line. Thanks again!

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  • Certainly. My name is Oliver Trunkett. I'm a graduate from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I majored in business with a focus on entrepreneurship. I've owned businesses in the past and this is my latest venture. Fashion isn't my strongest background, but I'm working with extremely talented and long-standing fashion experts who know fabric and manufacturing excellently.

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  • This question was asked, after further looking at the sizing chart this individual found the perfect size for their body (it was the XS). It fits all kinds of people, so check the sizing chart even if you're unsure if you fit.

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  • We're aware of fit issue with some arms. Rest assured arm size was taken into account when compiling the master sizing chart, and the armhole will definitely be accommodating and not restrict movement in any way.

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    About $5 USD

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    Eternal thanks and a blessing from Brodin himself. We'll also throw your name on a page on the main site dedicated to those who pledged.

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    Pledge $15 or more
    About $15 USD

    10 backers

    You want to show your support and believe in the idea, but you want to play it safe. We understand. Each $15 pledge will you a Live Swole band, so you can always show people you are a member of the Swole Society.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $55 or more
    About $55 USD

    40 backers

    This is for our "Swole-Fit" button up shirt. You can select one of our three initial lineup colors. If the project exceeds goals and gets more funds, we'll add more color options.

    You also get a Live Swole band.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more
    About $100 USD

    14 backers

    This is for 2 out of 3 available pattern choices for a "Swole-Fit" shirt. If we exceed our initial goal we will add more colors and patterns to choose from.

    You also get a Live Swole band.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $145 or more
    About $145 USD

    5 backers

    This is for all 3 colors. You'll get all 3 initial colors of the "Swole-Fit" button up shirt, and if we exceed our goal you can pick any 3 colors you like.

    You also get a Live Swole band.

    Estimated delivery:
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