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A campaign expansion and additional Anime & JRPG inspired miniatures for Endless: Fantasy Tactics.
110 backers pledged $14,815 to help bring this project to life.

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Book Shipping Complete!

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)

We're leaving shortly to go and drop off the last of the book shipments! Thank you once again for your support and patience!

Gen Con

We'll be at booth #936 in the exhibitor's hall alongside Scale 75, if you're at the show make sure to stop by!

Books are here!

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)

We got our first batch of books in today!

 Just a batch of softcovers, the hardcovers are supposed to arrive tomorrow. We're waiting on a second batch of softcovers that should be here in about a week that will cover the remaining backers and Gen Con stock. We're going to ship these books out in no particular order, probably by pulling names from a hat.

Update on Books and Gaiden Bonus

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)
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Hey folks! The internet here at cmon expo is terrible, so please excuse any formatting issues from my doing this via the app. 

 We've gotten approval from the printer for the books, and have the proof copies on there way to us.

Miasma War to Gaiden Backer Bonus!

We announced the Endless Starter Set at CMON Expo yesterday, and with it an exclusive to the starter set Dwarf Knight. This Dwarf is only going to be in the starter set until sometime next year, but any Miasma War backer who joins us for Gaiden and is getting models will recieve the Dwarf Knight in thier rewards for free.

Gaiden Ends tonight at 10pm ET.

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Art is done!

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)
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Rejoice! The art is done!

 Tomorrow we will be doing the final render of the book, and sending it off to get printed. It will take a few weeks to get the proof copies, and then a few more to get the actual books in, and we'll ship them out ASAP once they're in.

CMON Expo!

CMON Expo is this upcoming weekend in Atlanta, GA. Come stop by and say hi if you're in the area. We'll be hosting a panel on Saturday night to countdown to the end of the Gaiden Kickstarter, and talk a bit about what we've got in the works.

Gaiden Series - Ends Saturday!

Gaiden Series is funded, and working on stretch goals. We'll be giving anyone who also backed Miasma War a bonus figure that will be announced on Saturday.

Otaku No Video

 We're also working with AnimEigo and Studio Gainax to make a LE miniature of Misty May from Otaku no Video. She'll be sculpted by Patrick Keith, is in scale with Endless figs, and will only be available as part of the Otaku No Video Bluray Kickstarter.

Gaiden Now Live & Other Updates

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)
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Hey Folks! Wanted to make sure to give y'all an update on the books and to say that the Gaiden KS is now live.


Noa has given me a date of June 4th that she'll be finished with the art. So once we get it, we'll put it into place and start the printing process. It'll take about 2~3 weeks for us to get the proof and make sure everything is okay, and then we'll get the actual production copies about 2 weeks after that. So we're looking at early July to ship out the books. We might be able to drop ship the books from our printer, and if it is possible, we'll do that to get y'all your books sooner.


Gaiden brings new models, new units, and more scenarios. We're starting things off with the often requested Dragons, Kirin, and Behemoth. Eirona and The Fallen from the Miasma War book are also included in the base goal.

We hope to see you join us again, and we will be doing a 'Returning Backer' bonus mini at the end like we did with the Miasma War KS. If you decide to back the new campaign, or unable to we'd also like to ask that you help us spread the word on social media, forums, and anywhere else.

Thank you all for your continued support, we wouldn't be able to do this stuff with out you guys.