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A new fantasy miniatures game, featuring anime style miniatures with a console RPG playstyle.
182 backers pledged $23,783 to help bring this project to life.

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Final Week for The Miasma War

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)
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Hey folks, just wanted to give y'all a reminder that the campaign for Endless' expansion, The Miasma War, is ending this upcoming Saturday. We're going to be including a little bonus to any backers who backed both EFT1 & EFT2 (and are getting a shipment in EFT2).

Here is some of the stuff we're including in the new campaign:

More Trolls, the Summoner's monsters, new & variant classes...

New Gels...

 And an Orc!

We know a number of you have joined us in the new campaign, and we hope to see even more familiar names pop up in the backers list!

The Miasma War Begins

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)
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Remember when I said Update 79 was the last? I lied.

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)

One last update, and its with a side of spam.

In 7 days (May 1st, Noon EST) we'll be launching the Kickstarter for Endless' first expansion, The Miasma War.

This 140 page book will be full color and include 16 story-based scenarios, along with a bunch of new rule variations.

  • Taisen Mode: Alternative initiative rules to streamline play at higher Party Sizes. For those interested in doing mass battles, we’ve got you covered.
  • Adventure Mode: The Boss AI rules previously teased on the VH are being adapted for all EFT minis. Now you can play “singleplayer” or “co-op”! These rules will work either standalone or with the Miasma War campaign.
  • Mai Yunito, a Character Creation System: Designed to allow players to create their Player Avatar/Main Character, this allows job changing and permanent abilities for a unique flexibility to your party.
  • New Units including new & variant classes, new monsters, new characters, and new Bosses.

In addition to the new book, our base goal will include 8 new miniatures, sculpted by Patrick Keith (Bombshell Babes, Counterblast, Reaper Miniatures), Sean Bullough (Warmachine/Hordes), and Bob Naismith (Warhammer 40k, Kings of War, Brushfire). Further stretch goals will fund more art for the book and additional models.

 Keep an eye on the website, or Facebook, or Twitter, or DakkaDakka for more. Anyone who returns for the second campaign are going to find a bonus in their shipped rewards. :)

And now for the more spammy bits..

 Noah Page, who did several of the unit designs in the Endless core book and is doing a bunch of work for the Miasma War has launched a Kickstarter to do a set of Tarot Cards. So if you'd like to get some more of her art, or are a Zelda fan, or love tarot cards, head on over!

We Dig Giant Robots, You dig Giant Robots, Chicks Dig Giant Robots. Mecha Front has 6 days left and is full of awesome 15mm & 6mm scale mechs. Go check it out.

And thats a wrap!

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)

We've got the final shipments* packed up, and ready to get shipping labels tomorrow morning. This is likely the final update, so from here on out keep an eye on the OTLG & Endless Facebook pages and/or the OTLG Website for news. Thank you for all of your support!

*Other then the two we messaged whose last couple of minis are waiting for us to get a resupply of Mold Release on Monday.

Teo Torriatte

Posted by On The Lamb Games (Creator)

One Last Bit of Bad News

Currently we’ve got 8 orders packed up (just need labels), and the last 16 left to fill. Unfortunately, due to a couple of molds not quite lasting till the end and needing be replaced (Adepts) and two just being jerks and getting random bubbles (Rhapsodists) its pretty likely that we won’t get them all filled before we have to leave on Tuesday for Templecon. We need to have 8 pours have a 100% success rate, and we’re probably only going to be able to get 4~6 pours done by Monday evening. We’ll try to push it to get an extra two pours done, but with the drive to Rhode Island (from Florida) on Tuesday/Wednesday I don’t want to push the whole ‘not sleeping’ thing too much.

The good news is that other than those troublemaking models the remainders of the orders are completed, and allocated separately from what we’re bringing to templecon. So anything that doesn’t ship before we leave will be casted and shipped out the week of the 17th.

Costs, Lessons Learned, and Wrap Ups

We’d like to take a moment to just go back over the EFT Kickstarter. Back at the end of 2012 we raised a total of about $26k (KS + BackerKit extra). We had a bit of rise and fall during the last few days and decided to keep the $30k Stretch Goal unlocked. We had also decided to unlock half of the $35k stretch goal to include the Rhapsodist & Gunsmith in their respective chests and part of the $45k stretch for the Bandit, so that each chest would have 5 models in it.

So how much did the Kickstarter end up costing? $33,897 not counting this weekend shipments.. which should put us at right around $34k. So about $8k more than what we had raised, and amazingly close to my estimated costs for the stretch goals.

How does that break down?

  • Sculpting - 35%
  • Art - 21%
  • Casting (Material & Equipment) - 17%
  • Misc (Dice, Cards, Bases, etc) - 10%
  • KickAzon Fees - 7%
  • Shipping - 6%
  • Refunds - 4%

These breakdowns are all fairly accurate to what I had initially planned. There is a bit more going into the shipping/refunds, but it gives me a better idea for the future. Casting is actually a bit less than I thought, but that is mainly due to us bring the casting in house during the summer.

What’s in Store for the Future?

Minis-wise we’ve got Patrick Keith lined up to keep doing more Endless figures each month, he is currently working on the Crusader [F] and will be doing the Lunarians next. We’d like to get the Summoner’s monsters done soon and have them out for the summer.

We’re looking into creating a small starter set with a few models and the quickstart rules to give new players a good starting place, but we haven’t fully decided on that yet.

King Szabo II (The King Gel), while available as an add-on during the pledge manager stage, is being held back from a retail release for a few more months. We’re planning on releasing him as a boxed set with several lesser Gels, AI Rules, and possibly a scenario/unique Item Cards. Once this is all finalized we’ll let folks who picked up the Bubbly Lord get the extra goodies for a nice discount.

Other Endless items being worked on are a full campaign book (The Miasma War), several smaller scenario packets (Dungeon Densetsu), and two things we’re going to talk about at Templecon next week.


Keep an eye on the OTLG Facebook Page, and the Endless: Fantasy Tactics Facebook page for more news. We'd love to see your painted figures & battle reports posted to the Facebooks or on our Forums. (You should visit the forums just to see Tonio's amazing tables!)
Every other week Matt & Tom do a Visiting Hours post on the forums that usually includes a new scenario or other DLC for EFT.