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The Temple of Whollyness at Burning Man 2013 – please support us in order to help Black Rock City become WHOLE.
The Temple of Whollyness at Burning Man 2013 – please support us in order to help Black Rock City become WHOLE.
1,317 backers pledged $76,381 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ansgar on

      Please, enough of the "gift for cash" commodification already. It's not a gift if it only is given in exchange. No matter how worthy the cause.

    2. Nir Zion Pengas on

      hey guys, is it possible to email or post the assembly instructions for the cube? i have lost it but still have the pieces :/

    3. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      Jennifer - you can read minds. We were just firming up details today. Looks to be Wednesday night August 28th at the Black Rock French Quarter. Might be on the early side - 6:00 - 7:00 pm. Details to follow via a survey soon. Thanks for your patience! We are excited too - leaving for the playa in 12 days - yikes! So much to do! Stay tuned.

    4. Jennifer Clifford on

      I was hoping that the night of the donor dinner party has been set? I'm starting to make evening plans during the week and I want to plan around that. I hope the build is going great! Excited for you guys!

    5. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      Truly the node is the "code" to the Temple of Whollyness. It is genius and one of the reasons we can build the Temple without nails, glue or metal fasteners of any kind. How can six identical parts fit together so apparently randomly but perfectly to create the necessary connection component to construct the "whole" ? Ask Gregg Fleishman when you see him on the playa!
      Special thanks to Anna Berken who is an expert on instructional diagrams and the graphic arts. She finally helped us design a step-by-step way to assemble the node. Keep in mind, there are MANY different ways to solve the node puzzle so maybe you will discover your own.

    6. Janet Lackey on

      Hans I had this trouble and it was that I did not pay enough attention to the high notch and low notch being in the correct spots. once I read through directions about the notches and the steps a few times the logic of it sunk in and then I was able to assemble it correctly. I love my little node I might paint it. Looking forward to seeing the Temple this year!!

    7. Hans Gelpke on

      Is anybody else having trouble assembling their model. Each time I get like 90% there but then it just won't budge.

    8. Missing avatar

      M on

      I received my node last night!! I will be playing with this for days! And it will stand as a reminder to myself of this year's temple and burn. How easily these separate parts connect together to build something great! Thank you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Celina on

      I didn't see the filtering face mask as a reward option on the original Kickstarter goals. Was this available elsewhere?

    10. Wendi Anderson on

      I had an old email as my contact email for Kickstarter, and as a result just logged in today and saw that I missed the deadline to respond by in order to get my pendant before the burn. I responded today by confirming my address, but what will this mean for fulfillment? I'm a Temple Guardian and the Temple means much more to me than a small necklace, but I just thought I'd ask as my OCD demands that I now follow this path to its end. Thanks so much for your amazing gift to the citizens of BRC!

    11. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      Our Kickstarter fulfillment lead will be in touch with your shortly.
      Thanks for your support,
      The Temple 2013

    12. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      Dear Deya Dova:
      Your music is incredible!
      Many people are contacting us to see if they can create a sunrise dance or choir performance, marry, leave a special offering, etc. Thanks for asking permission but you don’t need to – it is YOUR temple – we don’t own it.
      When the event gates open on August 26th, we turn the Temple over to the Temple Guardians - and the community. At that moment, the Temple is not really “our art piece” anymore and it isn’t our place to plan out what happens there during event week up until the morning of the Temple Burn (Sunday September 1st) when we have to take her back to prepare her for the Burn.
      So please bring the gift of your voice to the Temple when it makes sense for you - I know our community will cherish the memory of your offering.
      All the best,
      The Temple 2013

    13. Missing avatar

      kim young on

      I received an email requesting a tshirt size and cannot get through on kickstarter response feed.
      Large Mens works for me.
      I can't wait to see the project on site.

    14. Deya Dova on

      Congratulations! Absolutely stunning design + concept.
      I'm moved to support by also putting myself forward & offering my voice to The Temple.
      I am a singer / producer from Australia. I live at a sacred site (like a pyramid) called Wollumbin/Mt.Warning on the East coast. Originally I come from the Nullarbor Desert.
      I am a Caulbearer, born “behind the veil”, inside my intact water membrane. When I sing, many languages come from within me. I believe the experience to be a Remembering of the timeless memory that exists within us all, and the Earth. My gift is to bring through in song the energy that exists at a site in a particular moment. I sing the Songlines.

      You can hear some of these Songline songs here -

      I am not sure how/where/if this fits with the Temple, I simply felt called to share.
      This will be my virgin Burn :] I'm booked to play at the Sacred Spaces Village & would love to collaborate by Singing Up The Temple. In gifting, Deya

    15. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      Thank you Charles (Jet Burns)!
      We love Gregg, Carlos and Trudi too - how could you not?!
      We appreciate your your support.
      Wholly yours,
      The Temple 2013

    16. Charles White (Admiral) on

      Can't wait to show up at the Temple with the Mars Rover Art Car (we got our funding too!). See you on the Playa! Shout out to Greg, Carlos and Trudi!!! Congratulations on the project and the funding.

    17. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      Hello Eric.
      Sorry for the delayed response but we had a Temple test assembly in Alameda CA this past Memorial Day 3 day weekend (May 25 – 27) so we have not been online. It looks like you asked us one day ago. We are an all volunteer crew and we try our best to be on top of our game but it is difficult to balance work, family and the Temple so thank you for your patience. Please check out our Facebook photos (as proof) so you don't think we are being condescending or trying to doge your important question:

      Your inquiry deserves an answer so we will try to honor it. First off, in an earlier request for the Temple 2013's wood accountability you said that all the previous 13 Temples used recycled wood or “discarded lumber.” We do not believe that is correct but it could be. Is recycled and discarded plywood’s glue less toxic when they burn? Whether the glue from pre-FDA tested older wooden pieces was even more toxic (it seemed like it was a chemical free-for-all in the 1950s) or if they contained glue at all (or something worse), we do not know.

      Definitely Basura Sagrada in 2008 and David Best's early Temples in 2000 (and maybe 2001) were made from the recycled wood or discarded wooden pieces of dinosaur kits but you could check with the Burning Man organization (or the artists directly) on that fact as well as the pre-burn glue tests they ran on the past 13 Temples and the Burning Man effigy. It would be helpful to everyone if we shared our research and experience.

      Our previous projects, the Otic Oasis 2011, 2012 and the Man Base Pistil (also in 2012) did not burn but, yes you are correct, the Temple of Whollyness will burn on Sunday September 1st at sunset (around 8:00 pm). That was one of the criteria for applying for a Temple honorarium.

      As far as burning plywood goes, yes, we are “OK” by Burning Man’s guidelines. As far as toxic gas levels go, we are not scientists and, to be honest, we did not do a ton of due diligence since we only found out we received the honor to gift a temple this year on March 14th and we have been operating under hyper speed since then. It appears that Burning Man participants, beyond the 1,000 you mention, really do need to look at this question more thoughtfully since we are a gathering of environmentally and socially concerned citizens.

      It has also crossed our minds that the combined automobile exhaust (airplane, train, bus, etc.) from 50,000 participants traveling to the event from all over the globe seems like it would be much more toxic than the wood or glue that the Temple 2013 will add to the overall mix and how do we address that issue as well? It appears that it is difficult to create an experimental community - off the grid - without consuming our plant’s valuable resources. But somehow, it still feels like this event – and the element of fire – is important to our overall purpose. In the end, don’t we need carbon and fire to live since they are one of the building blocks of our planet as fires also promote vegetation growth and the uptake of CO2? Is there a way that fire can break the code?

      This subject can be “incendiary” and much debated but the operative word in this discussion is the BURNING part in Burning Man. Participants are electively, under quite adverse conditions and obstacles , trekking to Burning Man and, by our attendance, we are demonstrating that we accept and condone the concept of fire art and all that entails. Perhaps the bigger question is why?

      We certainly do not have the answers since we are only artists (not scientist, visioneers, or fire and glue experts) but we are open to your suggestions on how we can learn more in order to cherish our planet.

      Thank you for your support.
      Wholly yours,
      The Temple 2013

      First off, I think in an earlier request for the Temple 2013's wood accountability you said that all the Temples used recycled wood. We do not believe that is correct. Definitely Basura Sagrada in 2008 and David Best's early Temples in 2000 and maybe 2001 were made from the recycled wooden pieces of dinosaur kits)

    18. Missing avatar

      eric smiley on

      Hello--- I'm once again asking, on behalf of myself and many thousands of others: Will you be burning large amounts of quality plywood that contains toxic glues that will be released into the immediate surroundings and the atmosphere? This concern has been raised to me by several people, hence my desire to seek answers from you. Please do not condescend to me for asking. I asked very respectfully the first time, and was ignored. I am asking once again (as a grateful and donating participant), and would like you to please clarify. If the toxicity is extremely minimal, I can deal. But I would like to hear something specific according to your research, as I'm sure you had to win approval from the authorities and BM. Thank you.

    19. Edward Goldstein on

      I upped my donation level and pushed to my Face Book burner friends to contribute.

    20. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      The Temple is a gift. We are fully aware that many will appreciate our gift and many will only feel something else. So be it.
      The name came to us. It seemed right.
      When the event gates open on August 26th, we turn the Temple over to the Temple Guardians and the community. At that moment, the Temple is not really “our art piece” anymore and it isn’t our place to orchestrate what happens there during event week up until the morning of the Temple Burn (Sunday September 1st) when we have to take her back to prepare her for the Burn.
      We do not own The Temple. Feel free to rename the Temple. Please make it your own. Feel free to support it or not.
      Wholly yours,
      The Temple 2013

    21. Eric Montoya - Archaeologist of Valoria on

      A man was sitting one day in silence, when another man came and sat down next to him. The second man looked over and asked, "What is it that is bothering you? You look upset." At this the first man sighed then replied, "It would seem that my peace has been interrupted by self interpretation." The second man upset at the reply, scoffed then stood up and walked away and the first settled back into silence. - The name of the temple is that which each person will come to on their own terms. If it incites unrest, look deeper beyond the name and into ones soul. It seems some healing may be in order.

    22. Missing avatar

      eric smiley on

      Splendid work as always, guys.

      I do have some concerns, however, which I hope you will address.

      While past temples have been constructed mainly of discarded lumber, this one is to be built of quality plywood, which is rather pricey and a valuable resource. Even more alarming, I understand the smoke from burning this wood is highly toxic.

      On a less urgent note: I'm afraid I fall into the camp of those who aren't crazy about the title. The "W" is silent. It will always be spoken and understood as "Holiness."

      Thanks for all your work! Looking forward to seeing these issues addressed, especially the first 2!

    23. Fausto Callegarini on

      Luca Lorenzo and I are so proud of backing you up as we believe (him more than me) that The Temple, is, the True Home and the magic of the seven days during which Burners use The Temple, is very precious, and on the burn ..... the magic and the mystic multiplies itself 1000 times.
      Each Temple has it's own time, space and matter, but this is truly unique and beautiful as it is the 2013 one! Thank you guys for letting us be part of this.

    24. Camp Catmandu on

      Thank you Connection Crew! The Otic Oasis was my favorite structure for the past 2 years. In 2011, we happened upon it by chance when we decided to ride through Walk-In at night... what a magical discovery. Was happy to see it grow in 2012, and glad a wider audience will be able to experience the beauty in 2013. Best of luck! -Ian

    25. The Cosmic Serpent on

      This looks amazing! Beautiful design and concept, bravo.

      Hopefully our 10 person Eagle Bike will also get funded, so we can fly to the temple and bless it!

      With gratitude for your courage,
      Golden Hour

    26. The Connection Crew 5-time creator on

      Thanks for your support and comments everyone!

      I wanted to respond to Tony Brasunas since I understand our name might not float everyone’s boat! Coming up with a name for the Temple was a challenge – sort of like naming a child - everyone has an opinion but at some point you have to go with your gut! I have always felt that a name that had many meanings and made you think a bit was more interesting. Like when I picked the word “Otic” for our first project (The Otic Oasis in 2011). Also, I like Heterographs – words with different meanings, different spellings but the same pronunciation, when said aloud, many interpretations could percolate up.

      I read a comment once that essentially said that a heart can either be holy, holey or wholly. That inspired us to create a temple that would be a safe haven for people to wholeheartedly reflect upon how to live their lives completely (wholly) in their divine power rather than letting their polarizing spiritual beliefs (holy) in combination with the inevitable chasms in their lives – the holes they feel in their hearts over disappointments; pitfalls and sorrows- lead them astray from joy.

      “Whollyness” is a made up word and I honestly never saw a connection to Hollywood!
      Be well,
      Melissa (aka “Syn’)

    27. James Holdsworth on

      Looks amaaaaazing - its great to be able to gift a little part of it to everyone at BM...! :-)

    28. Tony Brasunas on

      I love this! I'm so proud to back it, and I look forward to experiencing it on the playa this year.

      My only one issue is the name. The Temple of Whollyness sounds a little too clever and silly, and I thought at first it was a pun on 'hollywood'. Why not just go with The Temple of Wholeness? It's better, more evocative, more meaningful, and less likely to be construed as a pun on 'Hollywood'.

    29. Michael Levitt on

      I was so blown away by the Otic Oasis at BM2012 that I had to help with this temple of my dream. The siting of the Otic Oasis, the tranquility, the sunsets and everything else makes me feel that an installation in that same location should become a future feature. Breaking symmetry is a good thing!

    30. Jason Thomas Borneman on

      I've got an idea! We should BURN IT!

    31. Zina Brown on

      Such an amazing, inspirational, and truly beautiful idea. If there was ever a worthy Kickstarter, this is it! This Temple is going to be legendary and I'm ecstatic to be able to support it. Best of Luck!!!

    32. Christopher Bowns on

      This looks simply *fantastic*. I can't wait to see it come together.

    33. Missing avatar

      ImpetuousDude on

      I am so excited for this!