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Update #8

Otic Oasis Film


Hello Otic Oasis supporters. We thought you might be interested in this latest update.

Daniela Ardizzone, a filmmaker based in LA, documented the build at Burning Man, and her goal is to complete a full length documentary on the Otic Oasis.  She just launched a fundraising page at IndieGoGo, to help her complete the film. There you will see a 4 minute teaser that captures the spirit of the Otic Oasis as well as all community based, volunteer dependent, inclusive and interactive art that you are all an integral part of creating.  It’s worth a visit to her IndieGoGo page just to view the trailer:

And obviously, donations to her efforts will help make this film a reality. 
Thanks again for your interest and participation in the Otic Oasis project. 

Happy Holidays!

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    PLEDGE LEVEL: We will give you a Sticker with the title of distinction, “2011 Charter Collaborator of the Otic Oasis," plus a virtual sticker or widget to post anywhere that links to the site. In addition, we will list every donor to the launch of the Otic Oasis, for all levels, as a "2011 Charter Collaborator" on our online historic register.

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    PROMISE LEVEL: In addition to the sticker, register listing and widget above, we will also send you a Patch with the Otic Oasis logo that can be sewn onto your playa wear. This patch includes the “2011 Charter Collaborator” distinction. All Charter Collaborator rewards are only available with pre-event donations and will not be handed out as schwag on the playa. Let people know you were an early supporter of this important civic development.

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    COPPER LEVEL: In addition to the rewards from the Promise Level, you will receive an official certificate, suitable for framing, signed by the artist, documenting that you are a year one Charter Collaborator of the Otic Oasis.

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    BRONZE LEVEL: You will receive a fashionable Otic Oasis T-shirt, plus the rewards from all levels above.

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    SILVER LEVEL: Everything from the bronze level plus an exclusive “Otic Oasis” logo Buff. A Buff is a colorful cylinder of stretchy microfiber with built-in sun protection – pull it over your head as a headband, neckband, pirate cap, beanie, dust mask, tube top and more. This is incredibly useful and unique.

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    GOLD LEVEL: There’s more! Everything from the Bronze Level plus an exquisite Pendant with our Otic Oasis logo. This collectible necklace is playa gold – eureka!

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    PLATINUM LEVEL: Unbelievably, the Otic Oasis structure is constructed without the use of metal, nails or glue. Instead artist Gregg Fleishman has patented unique geometric connectors, or nodes, to magically assemble his structures. For your generosity, we will send you one of his Full-size Nodes, router cut from Finland birch, signed by the artist. It is an interactive and unique piece of playa art you will want to display in your home since not only is it art, but it is a puzzle and a conversation piece. Sent to you flat with video instructions to assemble. And yes, all the wonderful gifts through the Silver Level! See the connector here:

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    5 backers Limited (4 left of 9)

    ROCK STAR LEVEL: You and a guest can pile on your playa finery and all your 2011 Charter Collaborator logo collectibles through the Silver Level, and come for a magical ride as passengers on a Flight over Black Rock City. Don't forget your camera and passport for your official BRC Customs stamp! For a $700 donation it will be you and two guests.

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    5 backers Limited (5 left of 10)

    SUPER STAR LEVEL: If you join the ride here, we will give you something worth much more than your donation to the project. Gregg has designed the most ingenious "Sculpt Chairs" that are router cut from a single piece of Finland birch. His acclaimed, innovative and architectural furniture pieces express both modern and futuristic aesthetics and are included in museum collections such as the Museum of Modern Art. His signed chairs retail for more than the pledge amount. He has generously created a signed Special Edition of a new style Flame Chair. For this donation, you will receive *two* child Flame Chairs. Also includes all the items through the Gold Level. An image of the original 1980's Flame Chair in yellow is at left.

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    1 backer Limited (9 left of 10)

    SHINING STAR LEVEL: For this level of donation, you will receive one of Gregg's full-sized signed Special Edition Flame Chairs. As noted, these museum-quality chairs retail for more than this donation amount.

  • Pledge $5,000 or more
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    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    METEORITE LEVEL: We feel your love! We have a strong desire to sit down with you and talk about it so we will gift you two signature Sculpt Chairs (the Special Edition Flame Chairs described above) and a round Tsunami Table, which will create your conversation space. Museum quality furniture that doubles as art, price tag = priceless. Also includes all the items through the Gold Level. An image of the Tsunami Table in natural is at lower left.

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    PATRON LEVEL: We bow down. So much so that we will actually give you the large shade structure from Gregg's 2010 camp, which is a pyramid central space with a semi-enclosed chill space adjacent to it -- all wood, no metal, in the spirit of Gregg's design ethos. Finally create that interesting gathering space for your camp, or mini-RV park, that you have been dreaming about. See the photo of the 2010 camp at bottom left. We will even transport the shade structure to the playa, supervise and help you set it up and break it down, and we can even take it back to the Los Angeles for you and you can pick it up there. Imagine the possibility of a no hassle, aesthetically pleasing camp this year - truly invaluable! Also includes all the items through the Gold Level for you and five friends and family.

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