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Burning Man's first wilderness outpost, the OTIC OASIS 2.0, a shelter in the walk-in camping area, free from noise and vehicles.
Burning Man's first wilderness outpost, the OTIC OASIS 2.0, a shelter in the walk-in camping area, free from noise and vehicles.
260 backers pledged $25,392 to help bring this project to life.

We're Back with the Otic Way

The Temple 2013 builders are back at Burning Man this year with an art installation – the Otic Way - to be placed in Walk-in Camping. Our community asked us to bring back the spirit of our previous installation, the Otic Oasis, and we received an art honorarium to build on playa for the 4th year in a row. We listened to you! Read all about our recent presentation at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and how to support our mission:

We are keeping it simple/Old School with fundraising for the Otic Way this year so you won’t find us crowding the usual crowdfunding sites. But – good news - we just found some awesome glow-in-the dark Temple 2013 medallions in our warehouse – so for those of you who donate over $50 to our Pay Pal link - we will send you a pendant to show our gratitude (while supplies last - limit of 30)

Temple of Whollyness glow-in-the-dark medallion
Temple of Whollyness glow-in-the-dark medallion

Thank you!

The Otic Way

Helping the Stanislaus/Yosemite Rim Fire restoration efforts

Do you remember the ubiquitous haze during Burning Man 2013? Also, the eerie and extraordinary red sunrises and looming flaming moons at night? As we now know, those photogenic phenomena were a direct result of one of the worst wildfires in California's history. It began at nearby Jawbone Ridge in the Stanislaus National Forest and spread to Yosemite National Park. Now called the 2013 Rim Fire, it burned 254,685 acres, or 400 square miles, of our protected woodlands. The Temple 2013 for Trees has reached our original goal of raising $5,000 in order to replenish more than DOUBLE the wood we used to construct the Temple of Whollyness in partnership with Green Forests Work. Since the Rim Fire devastation, our new goal is to raise $10,000 by September 30th (today – only $1,600 more to go) so that we may also donate $5,000 to the National Forest Foundation to aid with the Rim Fire restoration efforts. Please consider a donation to benefit our neighboring Black Rock Desert forest lands.

Plant a tree and replenish wood burned on the playa and at the Stanislaus/Yosemite Rim Fire. Final call-out, LAST day:

Wholly yours, The Temple 2013

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New Kickstarter Link to the Last pre-playa opportunity to support the Temple of Whollyness

OK – so we are multi-tasking maniacs with our pre-playa Temple preparation and non-stop fundraising so we shared photos of our awesome rewards (medallion and dust mask) with you the other day but NOT the link to our new Temple Kickstarter page – whoops! Many of you have been asking for the link so here it is:

Trust us, we wish we didn’t have to keep asking for your financial support but we are not independently wealthy and there is no patron (or Medici family) jumping in to underwrite the Temple this year. But, if you know of someone who can step up – please send them our way!

Also, keep in mind that the Temple is truly a gift to our Burning Man community. We own nothing at the end of the event and we expect nothing in return. We wish we didn’t have to ask you to chip in to build our playa sacred space but, contrary to popular belief, the Temple is not (and has never been) a Burning Man fully funded art installation (we received a grant – just like other honorarium art projects - which only covers a portion of the Temple costs). Yes WE (as in “us” as in the Burning Man community) build the Temple! Since the Temple is now a legacy and an integral part of our playa lives, we all need to come together to make it happen.

We only have 3 weeks from TODAY until we leave for the playa. We can’t wait to begin the build!

Thanks for your understanding and support.
The Temple of Whollyness

Last pre-playa opportunity to support the Temple of Whollyness

We now have photos to share of some of the Temple’s commemorative Kickstarter Rewards (see below). Our two-sided medallion with its silver finish and glow-in-the-dark enamel Temple 2013 emblem and a limited edition, microfiber, organic cotton filtering face mask with the Temple of Whollyness logo on it.

We are quickly approaching our departure date for the playa. We will begin our build adventure on August 9th and will most likely finish our post burn clean-up by September 8th. We hope to see all of you around, and inside of, the Temple from Monday August 25th until we take the Temple back to prepare her for the burn on Sunday morning September 1st.

Wholly yours,
The Temple 2013

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48 Hours to go!

Thanks to all of you, we have reached our goal on Kickstarter with only 48 hours to go. We are amazed that 1,152 backers support the Temple of Whollyness. This is truly a Temple built by the Burning Man community! With this Temple LOVE momentum, we hope to surpass our goal.

Our Kickstarter campaign will end this Thursday at 6:00 pm EST (3:00 pm PST) so, if you are still interested in a Temple Reward or know a friend who might be, this would be the time to make sure you get it!

UPDATE: we managed to find 5 more dinner reservations and we just added them to the Rewards! The 5 that we added last week went in one hour! We also added an offering candle last week. These 8” glass cylindrical candles will have a special label on them with your name, or the name of a loved one. Candles have been used for ceremonies, rituals and grieving throughout time since their warm glow ignites the senses and holds many meanings. The Temple strives to be wholly-denominational and we hope to resonate with this message and continue to celebrate the uniqueness of all of us.

As we explain on our current Kickstarter page, we still have to continue fundraising – at least the amount of this campaign - so please consider helping us spread the word since every dollar will go toward the Temple. While Kickstarter is an excellent fundraising tool, their service fees total about 8%, and then there's the additional cost of sourcing, designing, manufacturing, shipping and fulfilling all the 1,152 rewards – so we typically net only 80% of the monies we raise. This means that on a pledge drive of this size, we won’t receive about $13,000 - $15,000 of what we raise, so we have to continue to fundraise until we net our overall goal.

Wholly yours,
The Temple 2013 Team