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Other Travel is a collaborative art project that aims to be presented in the form of a publication in conjunction with an exhibition.
186 backers pledged $10,201 to help bring this project to life.

Only 15 Days left/ invitations delivered /2 new artists joined!

Hello there!

Just wanted to send a quick note to give you an update on what has been happening on the Other Travel homefront. 

These last 2 weeks have been extremely exciting and we are SO GRATEFUL for the 76 individuals who have contributed to the project! We can only begin to express how deeply grateful we are for your participation in Other Travel... thank you for your support! 

At this point we have 15 days left but we have not met our half way goal.

If it is at all possible please pass our page along to friends and fellow holographic admirers who you feel may be interested in supporting the project.

In order for us to be able to print this unconventional publication we need to raise $10,000 by May 30

The majority of that sum (8,500) will go to to the actual printing and binding of the publication. The rest of the budget will go to our graphic designers and documenting the physical exchanges (1,000) and 500 will take care of some of the materials for the packages/installation. It is really important to us that the book is something that is tactile and physically substantial. We are trying to create something that is conceptually interesting but is able to stand on its own as well conceived art object in the form of a book. We are extremely dedicated to making this book well worth your time and hands : ))) 

Last night invitation deliveries were made to the homes of several artists in the New York area so if you happened to see a light blue or pink blog floating around your neighborhood dont be alarmed! We are so pleased to share with you that Travis Boyer and Twin Gemz have joined on as the next 2 artists! We are extremely excited about this and cant wait to give each of them their installation/package... 

Thank you again for your support! If you are in New York please try to come by Heathers next Thursday, both the Other Travel secretaries will be in house as well as a few surprises... 

With Love,

Hayden and Meriem