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Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a 
quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
13,987 backers pledged $860,356 to help bring this project to life.

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More team & share the vision, get some claws!

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)
Let me introduce you to a couple of the game designers building Underworld Ascendant.

Tim Stellmach was one of our gifted designers at LookingGlass. He was lead designer on Ultima Underworld II, and made key contributions on Terra Nova and Thief. Tim tells more:

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Scott Kimball has designed board and computer games for over a decade. He collaborated with me on the design of several mobile games, including Civilization. Scott speaks:

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On another topic, I want to talk about getting the word out about Underworld Ascendant. Back at LookingGlass we made some great games that fell under the radar. For example, our System Shock games were largely ignored when first released. Only years later have these games been broadly recognized as classics. Ultima Underworld fared much better, but even then it took nearly a year following release to get wide attention.

The Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter lasts but a month. We can’t wait a year for a larger audience to find us.

While we’re well along towards reaching our base funding goal for the project, it’s still up in the air how many of our stretch goals might get funded. We would love to do them all! They include some great extensions to the Stygian Abyss, and to gameplay. Also some wonderful innovations.

To reach more stretch goals the community of Backers will need to steadily grow over the next couple of weeks. You are the vanguard who first recognized the vision for Underworld Ascendant. It's your voice that will ring loudest with friends and colleagues to join us. Let’s make sure they don’t miss out on this great game.

So we've got a little challenge… Over this next week let’s see if we can exceed 8,000 Backers by a healthy margin.

As a pat-on-the-back for all Backers, if we end up exceeding the 8,000 mark by noon (EST) Sunday the 15th, we’ll gift everybody who pledges $5 or more a special Kickstarter Exclusive in-game item:

These dwarven-crafted claw knuckles pack a surprising punch for such an inconspicuous weapon. And for every 500 new Backers past 8,000 that join us by Sunday, our dwarven smiths will set an extra fine Blue Opal stone in the knuckles of the Little Friends. Let’s go for the bling!

Finally, if the $1,200,000 Stretch Goal (which includes co-op mode) gets unlocked during the Kickstarter, we’ll upgrade everybody’s Little Friends with an Enchantment of Stunning. If a pair of friends can simultaneous land a blow on a common foe, they will deal out a one-time stun. 

So we ask that you venture forth and let your voices be heard!

Paul Neurath

P.S. Just a reminder that while the all of in-game Backer Exclusive items are fun and distinctive, and some oddball, none are powerful. We don’t want to imbalance the game, or give a meaningful edge over players who might not have these items. But they are unique and will not be offered to any players after the Kickstarter ends.

Meet some of our team

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

I wanted to start introducing some of the folks helping to make Underworld Ascendant a reality. First up, our concept artists. These are the superbly talented guys who help envision the look of The Stygian Abyss and its inhabitants.  

Robb Waters worked with our team at LookingGlass in the 1990’s, doing some of the most memorable concept art for the System Shock games (including SHODAN), as well as for Thief (including the main character Garrett.) More recently Robb did a bunch of the concept art for BioShock and BioShock Infinite, games which won awards for their visual style. Here’s a couple pieces Robb has done so far for our game:

Shaddy Safadi, art director of his own concept studio One Pixel Brush, has been behind some of most stylish game art coming out in recent years, including for Uncharted 2, BioShock Infinite, Last of Us, and PlanetSide 2. A few pieces Shaddy’s done so far:

 CLICK HERE to check out more concept art.

Getting a superb look for a game is more than just fancy rendering and high-end hardware. Great concept art can inspire more than mere pixels can. We are still refining the visual style for the game, it’s an iterative process, but we are off and running towards reaching a high bar. The concept artists are keeping notes and works-in-progress. This will all get rolled into a special Concept Art Portfolio. All Backers who pledge at the Adventurer tier or higher will get a digital copy for free.

Also wanted to introduce you to Warren Spector, who I’ve had the enormous pleasure to collaborate with since the 1980’s. Warren was our Producer on the original Underworlds, and worked at LookingGlass as well. He may be best known as the creative vision behind Deus Ex, and more recently Epic Mickey. Warren has never been timid to challenge conventional thinking about game design, and as a creative advisor to our team he keeps us on our toes. Here’s Warren waxing poetic about what we’re doing with our Improvisation Engine, which underlies one of the most distinctive aspects of gameplay in Underworld Ascendant:

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Finally, thrilled that on the third day of our campaign we have over 5,000 Backers. You are the vanguard! The fans who recognized the vision of this game, and stepped up first. We are honored. All the help in spreading the word and sharing the vision is greatly appreciated.  

Paul Neurath

Sharing the love. And vote!

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

Fans have been sharing their excitement and love for Underworld Ascendant. Makes us blush. Wanted to pass along a few from Twitter and the Kickstarter page:

Anthony P. Ingram - "I have fond/hilarious memories of my Dad banging his head against the keyboard of our 386 trying to get Ultima Underworld to run. It was a birthday present to me and he wasn't going to let up until it got going, and well, a couple days later there I am entering the abyss for the first time. It's an experience that has stuck with me throughout the years, and I'm really looking forward to being able to journey there again. Even thought my Dad isn't with me anymore, supporting this Kickstarter is a small way that I can remember the bond he and I shared over the nerdiest (best) stuff."

Thanks to everyone who is excited as us to get the ball rolling on the next Underworld experience. We can't wait for the journey to begin.

We also have a vote going on over at our forums. Jump on over and tell us which art direction you like more:

Here is a video that explains everything at stake with the outcome of this vote (hint: it involves raccoons)

Great first day for Underworld Ascendant!

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

Halfway through our first day and already over $165,000 pledged towards Underworld Ascendant! Crazy cool. The team and I feel humbled, and hugely thankful for your support.  

Wonderful to see how many of you are reaching out with your comments, suggestions, and thoughts on where we should go with the game. When we were developing the original Underworlds we did it largely in isolation from our fans. Much better this way! We encourage you to keep the dialog coming.

Most of all, we are thrilled to have you along with us on the creative journey to shake up the fantasy RPG genre once again.

Finally, I wanted to acknowledge that some of the descriptions we have of rewards and the like on the Kickstarter page could be written more clearly. For instance, a number of people asked if they get the full digital copy of the game at the $20 and $25 dollar pledge tiers? Absolutely yes! The use of “discounted” on these tiers was just to try to say that the full retail price of the game will be higher than these pledge tiers, since we want to offer our Kickstarter backers the game at discount.

We are revising the text to improve clarity (except the pledge tier descriptions themselves, where changes are not allowed once you go live.) We have also added some additional Q&A to the FAQ. I ask your forbearance while we work through these kinks. While we are veteran game developers, we are comparatively new to running a Kickstarter, especially one of this scale and complexity. But we’re learning.

Paul Neurath | Founder, OtherSide

AMA and GOG Twitch Stream Today! (2/4/14)

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

Join us for an AMA at 12:00PM EST on February 4th to ask questions of the OtherSide Entertainment development team, many of whom were developers for the original Underworld games with Looking Glass Studios. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about Ultima Underworld? Are you wondering what our vision is for Underworld Ascendant? We’re happy to answer any questions that we can about Underworld Ascendant, Ultima Underworld, and Ultima Underworld II.

We are pleased to announce that our friends at Good Old Games will be Twitch streaming the classic Ultima Underworld at 9:00PM GMT. (4:00PM EST) on February 4th. Please join some of the OtherSide team in the chat as we wax nostalgic about the game that changed the face of modern RPG gaming.