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Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a 
quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a 
quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
13,987 backers pledged $860,356 to help bring this project to life.

Tracy Hickman!


We are thrilled to announce that Tracy Hickman is lined up to write a novel for Underworld Ascendant. Tracy is a best-selling fantasy author, known for the Dragonlance series, the Death Gate Cycle and Apogee of Fear to name a few. He also co-wrote with Richard Garriott, Blade of the Avatar, the book that tells the story behind Shroud of the Avatar.

Tracy’s talents as a fantasy author, together with his deep experience with gaming and close collaboration on Shroud of the Avatar, a world connected to ours, make him ideally suited to write the Underworld Ascendant novel. The novel is going to be set several generations before the game takes place, and tell the story of how a band of Dark Elves from the land of the Shroud of the Avatar passed through a magic portal to make an exodus into the Stygian Abyss. It will tell of their trials in this harsh and dangerous underworld, and of how they carved out a place for themselves.  

Tracy talks about how excited he is to be joining with OtherSide:

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We will need the help of our Backers to make this happen. Tracy’s novel is being rolled into our first $750,000 stretch goal. Let’s bring Tracy aboard!

Other Announcements

Hope you didn't miss the first OtherSide plays LookingGlass Twitch session yesterday. Over 15,000 people joined us on this romp through Thief, with Paul, Tim, Chris, Randy Smith, and of course the stealthy Garrett. If you missed out, you can watch the archive HERE.

We wanted to highlight another of the special rewards. This time it's the Amethyst Ankh, a magical amulet given to backers at the $150 or higher pledge tiers. This artifact was forged long ago by Dwarven miners, while seeking hidden veins of gold. For when wealth is near, the Amethyst Ankh glows with a purple light alerting it's wearer to the nearby treasure. Useful for miners and adventurers alike. May yours be eternally lit!

Over the last 2 weeks a number of folks have been asking about Mac and Linux versions. From our forum poll on platforms, we’ve also learned that a larger percentage of you play on Mac or Linux than we had anticipated. There is also some information suggesting that a non-trivial number of people who have come to check out the Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter page move on as soon as they see that we’re only showing Windows support up front.  

So… we have decided to roll Mac and Linux support into the base funding goal. There are tradeoffs when moving around features within a budget, but this seems worthwhile. One tradeoff is that it will likely mean we’ll need to hold off for a month or possibly longer to release the Mac and Linux versions following the initial Windows release (staging it this way helps to minimize budget impact.)  

If making this change brings in new backers and funding, then it will all be a wash, as we’ll be that much more likely to go past our first stretch goal. We do suggest that our Mac and Linux backers take a peek at a tier or two above where they are currently pledged...

The Team at OtherSide


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    1. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on March 2, 2015

      2 more backers for the Linux version

    2. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on February 25, 2015

      Steam stats kthnxby

    3. Michele Mazza on February 22, 2015

      @Leon Moor - I envy your knowledge.
      Where did you get all that information?

    4. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on February 21, 2015

      There aren't really that many Linux gamers. The few that exist are just extremely vocal. There are also heaps that will run Windows to play games but pretend they don't.
      I don't think this project will have the money to support this decision.

    5. Boone on February 21, 2015

      Thanks for adding Linux support!

    6. Necdet Orkun Osken on February 20, 2015

      It would be nice to support most platforms for game, I hope game will be released on Mac Linux and even on consoles but they should be stretch goals as game can be developed for one platform which will be faster than trying to develop for multiple platforms same time, so it's better to add more platforms for stretch goals but complete the game first on Windows as aimed. Great news Mr. Hickman joins the game.

    7. Stormcry on February 20, 2015

      Mr Hickman is in da house! Getting the good vibe here !!

    8. Michele Mazza on February 20, 2015

      I'm one of those who were not pledging until a Linux build was announced.
      Now here I am!

    9. Ken Oh on February 20, 2015

      Backed upon hearing the news of Linux support. Thanks, guys!

    10. tarasis on February 20, 2015

      Loved the Deathgate Cycle, hopefully we can get Tracy on board!

    11. Missing avatar

      Clayton on February 19, 2015

      I'm backing this KS now ONLY... ONLY because it now has Linux as a target/goal.
      I'm one of the many who check out KS projects and move on if no Linux version is planned.

      Keep it up! :-) We need those Linux versions on ALL Kickstarters

    12. Peter Kelly
      on February 19, 2015

      Great news on Linux and Mac, Fingers crossed there is some beta love for Mac and Linux users. For me it's not about playing the game early, its about getting any issues for my favourite platform (Linux) sorted out before release. Good to see Tracy on board too. Hope you make the stretch goal :)

    13. Rob Crowther
      on February 19, 2015

      @Starhowl Pretty much everyone commenting here wants Linux support, including me.

      I've backed at the beta level, when you say the Linux version won't be available until a month after the Windows version is released does this mean the beta will be Windows only? If so, I'll likely be reducing my pledge.

    14. Missing avatar

      SteveW on February 19, 2015

      Another thanks from me for the Linux support; I also would have canceled my pledge if the stretch goal was not reached. Simultaneous release on all platforms is ideal, but if you do end up delaying after the initial Windows release, please ensure the delay is minimal. Some projects promise Linux support, and then don't even bother starting on it until well after the initial release (Banner Saga, Moebius, Divinity: Original Sin). That leaves us backers extremely annoyed, when we could have just waited and got the game on sale, since we couldn't play it earlier anyway.

    15. zacH on February 19, 2015

      Hey, thank you so much for promising linux support! I was probably going to rescind my pledge near the end if the stretch goal was not hit (though I feel pretty certain we'll hit it anyway), I am now officially locked in. You guys rule!

    16. Missing avatar

      Naithan Briffa on February 19, 2015

      While I'm a windows gamer, I have (and do) work extensively with the linux derivates as well as OSX, and seeing support for these users is fantastic. Up goes my pledge!

    17. Missing avatar

      James Bellanca on February 19, 2015

      Awesome news in a Mac version.... Time to check out the higher pledge levels now...!

    18. JoelofDeath on February 19, 2015

      Another excellent update, guys, keep 'em coming!

    19. Haz on February 19, 2015

      Nice, will definitely be a huge boon. Thanks for the excellent update.

    20. Mikhail Aristov on February 19, 2015

      Mac and Linux versions are always delayed, and I am glad that you recognize that and don't overpromise from the start. ^^

    21. Fernando Scherrer on February 19, 2015

      Thanks for Linux support!

    22. Alexandre on February 19, 2015

      Ho man, i'm 40's, grown up with lancedragon, Tracy you made my teen age a dream ! <3

      Raistlin is still a reference of a tortured soul...

    23. Missing avatar

      Shmerl on February 19, 2015

      Thanks for Linux support, I'm looking forward for your game! I hope you'll release it on GOG.

    24. Missing avatar

      Shmerl on February 19, 2015

      Sorry, that's bunk. If you don't need it, it doesn't mean that no one wants it. Speak for yourself please.

      > @Starhowl: Pretty much no one wants Linux support,
      > every single time, but you still gonna do it anyway.

    25. T.J. Brumfield on February 19, 2015

      I'm hoping Tracy Hickman will be spreading the word to all his fans which in turn will bring new backers to the game.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jordan Sullivan on February 19, 2015

      Linux is the future. Thanks.

    27. Leewelo Lorekeeper
      on February 19, 2015

      Thanks for the Linux support!

    28. Ivan on February 19, 2015

      Thank you so much for the Mac version!

    29. Dr. Zin on February 19, 2015

      Yay! Mac support! That clears the way to significantly up my pledge :)

    30. Angel BBQ
      on February 19, 2015

      Yay! Linux support!

    31. Niels on February 19, 2015

      Thanks for Linux support!

    32. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on February 19, 2015

      Tracy is an awesome guy! I could be bias as he goes to my church but I still stand by it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mathieu CUNY on February 19, 2015

      Juste like Mikael, i will up my pledge thanks to linux support.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mikael Grahn on February 19, 2015

      Awesome with some linux support. This make my pledge even more worth while :D Thinking about upping me pledge due to this :)

    35. Starhowl on February 19, 2015

      Pretty much no one wants Linux support, every single time, but you still gonna do it anyway.

    36. Dablue
      on February 19, 2015

      Big thumbs up guys!.. now spread the word!

    37. 9littlebees
      on February 19, 2015

      Very happy with the Linux announcement. I use both Linux and Windows, but much prefer gaming on Linux, as there is far less OS system bloat competing for my hardware's attentions!

    38. Madopal on February 19, 2015

      Big thumbs up to the Mac/Linux versions. I went in knowing there would be a chance I'd have to play in Wine, but it was worth the risk. Good to see that you'll be moving to other platforms, and I'm sure the other folks will understand any schedule juggling given having their platform supported. I know I will!

    39. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on February 19, 2015

      We will be putting the novel in the Add-On section shortly.

    40. T.J. Brumfield on February 19, 2015

      Are people getting the novel with pledge rewards? Is it a paid add-on?

    41. SamuraiJack
      on February 19, 2015

      I would create some new pledge levels around those with the later fulfillment date.. not that it matters, Reaper still has people who haven't locked in their pledges and who don't have emailed asking why they haven't received their stuff yet.. despite 5000 updates and emails about the project