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Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a 
quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
13,987 backers pledged $860,356 to help bring this project to life.

Name that Monster

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)


Time to call this week’s vote, the face off between Lava Bats and Dire Fairies. By a whopping 195 vote margin, Dire Fairies win over Lava Bats!

Clearly some of you are haunted by dark nightmares, or want to be. (Despite the lack of a win, we do reserve the option to include Lava Bats in some more remote areas of the Stygian Abyss if we reach our first stretch goal.)

Rather than doing a straight up vote for the coming week, we’d like you to join in helping us name one of the monsters of the Stygian Abyss:

This massive, semi-translucent ooze feeds by cramming it gelatinous bulk into tight dungeon passageways, absorbing detritus and any creature unwary enough to get in its way. We’ve been using the placeholder name “Tunnel Trapper” for this oddball beast, but we know you can come up with something better! Go to our forums HERE to submit a more suitable name. Then in a week's time we’ll select the one that we feels fits best.


Mieu, as an active member of the Underworld Ascendant community, proposed a clever way to give backers a badge of honor, while also sparking an uptick in pledges. To wit, any backer who pledges an additional $5 can have the special "Avatars of Underworld Ascendant” title next to their name in the Forums and in the Kickstarter comments. The extra $5 could come from a move from Early Bird to $25 (helps bring in new peeps), or $5 additional set aside for Add-Ons. This is based entirely on trust, we’ll take your word that you’ve done it. Simply click on your portrait and "edit profile" to change your name on the Kickstarter page to include the initials “AoUA”. On the Forums, all you have to do is post “I upped my pledge” in this forum thread and we’ll do the rest.

We noticed that there are just 732 likes on the OtherSide Facebook page. If you would go to our Facebook page and like us, it’s an easy way to help spread the word. Let’s see if we can get to 2,000 likes by week’s end! While you’re at it, please follow us on Twitter.

It's been just a half week and Underworld Ascendant has already broke into the top-40 out of over 1,700 games currently on Steam Greenlight. Pretty amazing. If you’ve not already done so, please vote YES. Let’s see if we can get into the top-20 and really make our presence known with the Steam players!

Also, tickled to announce another superbly talented voice actor joining the Underworld Ascendant roster:

Terri Brosius was part of the team at LookingGlass, doing both design and voice acting on the Thief games and System Shock II. She is the voice of Shodan and Delacroix in the System Shock series, and the voice of Viktoria in the Thief series. She has also worked with Ion Storm, Electronic Arts, Tiger Style, and Arkane. Terri has writing credits on the Thief games, Dishonored, Waking Mars, and more. Terri also plays keys for The Vivs, teaches piano to unsuspecting youngsters, likes to crochet, and has an unreasonable fear of hornets. We are thrilled to be working with Terri again!

Last, we wanted to give everybody a heads-up that over the coming 3 weeks we’ll be doing a series of sessions on Twitch, which we’re calling OtherSide plays LookingGlass, Folks from OtherSide, along with some very special guests, are going to be playing a selection of classic games we worked on when we were at LookingGlass.

First up is Thief, this Wednesday at 3pm – 6pm EST.  Then System Shock 2 on Wednesday the 25th (time TBD). For the finale session on Wednesday March 4th (time TBD), Ultima Underworld naturally.

During each session we will be chatting about the game, sharing behind-the-scenes anecdotes, stories about what went into its development, and more.  We will also be giving away some free digital copies of these classic games. Please come join us, and tell your friends to come along too!

The Team at OtherSide


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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick B. on

      Okay, first Garrett, now SHODAN is doing VA in this? What's next? The guy who voiced JC Denton?

    2. Missing avatar

      Max Z on

      Please don't forget to upload your play sessions to Youtube for posterity (and for the people who can't attend).

    3. Trubaduren on

      @Pabluzcu Yes, that's actually some of the benefit of upping your pledge. Opening up those slots is an effective way to bring new people in. Then later, they may even decide to do the same thing. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Pablo Gamio on

      Terri! That´s it, im going up in my pledge, but does it leave a space open in the lower "tier" I was until now? Or is that space "lost" anyway for other people to pledge now that it says "all gone" Cause that would be even better, to attract another one who would pledge "20" instead of me in that tier, someone who wouldnt want to pledge more money than that, while I pledge more money in a higher tier. Sorry if the question is silly, I have never changed my pledge in a Kickstarter before.

    5. Howard Kistler

      The woman who is the voice of SHODAN? Even more to love about this game now!

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Smith

      Click the blue 'Manage' button by your pledge amount. There you should have the option of manually increasing your pledge amount above the base amount for your pledge level.

    7. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Welcome aboard, Mrs. Brosius!

      Is Terri going to do other things apart from acting as well, like she did eg on Thief?
      Is Mr. Brosius coming along too, to compose music and design the sound?

      Is this really the rebirth of Looking Glass?
      I shall increase my pledge. This is going to be glorious.

    8. Missing avatar

      david mclaughlin

      I was going going to up my pledge but there isn't a five dollar increased tier above my pledge.. Any suggestions?

    9. phil-s on

      Yay, it's Terri!

      Now you need to write a group called the Tribe into the story, and get Eric and Greg to take part, and it will really seem like the old days to me :)

      My comment to Stephen applies here as well: Love your work!

    10. Missing avatar

      Technotica on

      Oh my god we are getting Shodan into the game? (Well the voice actor!)

      Please let her voice a villain!

    11. JoelofDeath on

      Great update, and good to see how hard you're working to promote this. More on game mechanics and systems would still be good though.

      Any chance of getting a 'simulated final quality' screenshot or something? It gave PoE a huge boost when they released that beautiful screenshot in the middle of their campaign.

    12. Jonathan Patterson on

      Love the idea of you doing twitch feeds of your earlier games, but I hope you'd consider doing at least one of them a little later in the day. 3-6PM EST is noon to 3 PST in the middle of a work day.

    13. John Romero on

      I can't think of a situation where I would call a fear of hornets "unreasonable."