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Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a 
quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
13,987 backers pledged $860,356 to help bring this project to life.

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UPDATE 1 - Build Notes, Developer Roadmap, & More

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)
Hi everyone,

We released a big "Update 1" for Underworld Ascendant today! Your game will automatically update on Steam. This update includes a new save system, combat fixes, and more. Read the build notes here.

We also posted a Developer Roadmap of what we were working on for Update 1 and our plans for Update 2 next year. You can check out the roadmap here.

Our CEO Paul Neurath wrote a post for the community of Underworld Ascendant about the development cycle leading up to launch and our plans for the future. You can read that post here.

We also want your feedback about the game, particularly about the updates we made as well as other suggestions for future improvements. Please fill out the survey here!
As we draw closer to the end of the year, we also wanted to update you all on the status of your Kickstarter rewards, particularly the physical ones. You can view the live status of all digital and physical goods here.

We've been coordinating with Fangamer since January to prepare for the majority of the physical goods. Many of the smaller quantity and highly detailed goods, such as the Wood Patron Sceptre and Figurines, took us a little longer to find an external manufacturer for since the size and quantities were so unusual.

We've previously shared images of the box art for the physical editions, but we have not received a sample prototype from Fangamer yet since we’d like to have a complete sample set to review all of the goods at the same time. We're waiting for a final pass on the digital art book, strategy guide, soundtrack, and Making of DVD. As a result, the shipment of the physical goods have been delayed.

We expect physical goods to be shipped sometime in early to mid-2019.

If you need to change your shipping address as listed on your BackerKit account, please contact us at as soon as possible so we can update your address.

If you are a LORE SEEKER or above ($300+), make sure to check your emails so we can coordinate your customized rewards (custom tabard, custom theme music, custom theme art, etc.).

We'll share another update when we have images of the physical goods and more information about the progress on digital rewards, as well as our next update progress. We will also continue to work on Mac and Linux builds as well as look for a non-Steam DRM-free vendor after our update focus on Underworld Ascendant.

Happy Holidays!

The OtherSide Team


Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

Hey everyone,

We just released another Developer Video alongside today's hotfix, which outlines what we're planning for December! Watch the video and read the hotfix changes here.

To check on the current status of Underworld Ascendant, be sure to watch our Steam News page for more hotfix and weekly updates from the team.


You can check on the live status of your digital and physical rewards here.

Note that some digital rewards may not appear in the chest in Marcaul near Aelita unless you start a new save file after you redeem your Steam keys on BackerKit. We will continue to send out updates when more of these rewards are available.

If you have any trouble logging into BackerKit or redeeming your rewards, please email us at .


The OtherSide Team

LAUNCH DAY! Updates, FAQ, & More

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

Morning everyone! IT'S LAUNCH DAY! 

Kickstarter Backers should have their final game Steam keys unlocked on BackerKit NOW! Please remember to check your email for a notification and make sure your BackerKit is registered under the right email address. 

ALL backers are receiving a Steam key, but note that the game is actually DRM-free. (Can be launched without the Steam client or played offline, etc). We are still working on acquiring a non-Steam DRM-free key for interested backers and will update everyone when that is finalized. 

Here is a FAQ / Build Notes Doc that we will update over the next few weeks.

 We also have another trailer!

Your other KS rewards will appear as a bundled Steam key on BackerKit in a few days (we are waiting on Steam to confirm.) 

ADVENTURER+ backers will receive keys for their Companion Creatures on BackerKit today. 

To report or follow up on bugs, please be sure to check our Technical Support thread on Steam.

If you have ANY questions, the best way to reach us is at

It's been an incredible journey with you all, and we still have a couple of plans in mind for The Stygian Abyss post-launch... 

Thank you for supporting Underworld Ascendant! Happy Launch Day! 


The OtherSide Team

Backer Beta Patch: Mac and Linux Available!

Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

Quick update for any JOURNEYMAN backers ($35+):

We just pushed a patch to the Backer Beta build on Steam! This patch should update your game on Steam automatically and is now Mac and Linux compatible. 

 - Mac and Linux update: they fallback to opengl if metal or vulkan don't work, which should fix some of the crash issues we noticed
- Alienware DLL bulletproofing for PC / Mac / Linux
- key bindings window fix
- mac bootup crash with missing video DLL's fix


Posted by OtherSide Entertainment (Creator)

Hey everyone,  

It's finally here! 

The BACKER BETA build for Underworld Ascendant is now available on BackerKit for JOURNEYMAN-level backers and above! 

Read our monthly update here about what we've been working on.

Please refer to this page for more information about what's in the build. 


 The OtherSide Team