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Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a 
quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a 
quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
Join the original creators of Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.
13,987 backers pledged $860,356 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gregory McIntyre on

      honestly I'm kind of excited. I'm a huge UW1 and 2 fan. The main thing they seem to have over modern RPGs is this feel of character to the dungeons. and I saw that in the trailer. Something about Elder Scrolls has always bored me with their dungeons and caves. I'm really looking forward to this.

    2. Missing avatar

      MBybee on

      After the various journalist reviews, I'm leaning towards "cautiously pessimistic" and happy I didn't pour as much money into this as I did into SoTA (oh the humanity).
      I'm looking forward to seeing the responses from the first line of players here...

    3. Missing avatar

      laggerific on

      K§H ~¤|AoUA|¤~: You nailed it. I really hope they get more going with the interactions with npcs...additionally, I hope they take all the time they need/desire to get it right. I just want to know how they are going balance all the environmental immersion with a deep and compelling RPG.

    4. K§H ~¤|AoUA|¤~ on

      The game has certainly shifted more and more away from being a direct modern representation of UW1 and UW2, and more in the direction of Underworld meets Thief in a sense. However, I am a fan of the art style that is reminiscent of D&D art back in the day, and the Thief series is among my absolute favourite games. I have had my reservations for sure concerning this shift, but I think that the game in the end will turn out to be a fun and interesting game, even though it will be different from the old Underworlds in many ways.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      I honestly don't think this game even remotely resembles Ultima Underworld. I almost regret my pledge. UW1 and UW2 are some of my favorite games. I had hoped for a facelift, not a spiritual successor.

      This reminds me of the "Syndicate" reboot that crapped the bed...

    6. Curratum on

      All journalist coverage of the E3 2018 build of the game has been an absolute horror to read through.

      Even PC Gamer who always find something nice to say about even the jankiest of games managed to end their article with: "I hope it at least manages to be an obtuse, messy game with interesting enough level design and skill combinations to hold it all together."

      At this point I just wish I could get a refund of this dumpster fire.

    7. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      @Jarod Stewart
      Have you read our latest newsletter from earlier this week? :) We shared our new key art, a new narrative clip, new screenshots, a new insider blog, and celebrated our 26th Anniversary for UW1!

    8. Jarod Stewart on

      "We'll have more to show after our SXSW panel next week (March 16)!"

      Anything to show?

    9. Colton Clayton on

      Man I picked a fun time to check back on the comments. Would be awesome to get the game this year.

    10. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      We partnered with 505 Games in August, and Underworld Ascendant is on track for our release in the second half of 2018. We'll have more to show after our SXSW panel next week (March 16)!

    11. Londo2001 on

      While I never expected this to be delivered in Nov 2016 we are coming up to 18 months overdue and still no idea when ...or if this will ever be released. Can someone please give an idea when we can expect this?

    12. Missing avatar

      volca on

      Well at least this game looks to be in good hands (SS1 reboot seems to be in hands of a creative, but not experienced team), and it makes me hopeful System Shock 3 will be comparably entertaining as this new UW installment. I loved the titles Looking Glass made, and here I sense a very similar vibe. I'm a happy backer, so far.

    13. Sterling Treadwell

      Pretty sad. Your "Friends" at NightDive Studios have seemingly run that System Shock remaster into the ground. I'm glad your project is trotting along nicely, cause thanks to your referral to them, I'm sorely disappointed and out significantly more than I backed here... ugh.

    14. Florent on

      Thank you @devs. I appreciate your quick reply over my concerns and I'm willing to see what you will come up with! As a huge fan of Ultima Underworld (I've always been claiming that it's my favourite game ever, I played it about 12 times since the nineties) I really have big expectations for Ascendant.

    15. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      @Torp Pre-alpha, alpha, and beta access will be available through Steam but does NOT lock you into Steam for your final version! You will be able to select a Steam or DRM-free key for your final version,

      @Florent We are focusing on showcasing the emergent gameplay aspects of UA right now because it is what we are focusing development on at this moment. Since it's less scripted than narrative gameplay, we want to make sure it's as smooth as possible. However, we are NOT abandoning the narrative aspects that made the UW series so great! We will show more narrative characters and information about our dialogue soon.

      Thank you for everyone's support and feedback!

    16. Florent on

      How can you guys claim that this is a spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld while nothing in the footage actually looks like what made Ultima Underworld a great game? I mean, no dialogues yet at all? How are you going to have a good dialogue system with interesting contents and intrigues and complex NPCs in a few months time? I'm sorry to say that, but so far it looks like an action-based dungeon crawler without any depth, except for physical interactions and some cool looking creatures...
      Unfortunately I have major concerns regarding this title, as much as I still have a lot of love the developers behind the project. I sincerely hope that the upcoming months will show how the essence of Ultima Underworld will translate into Underworld Ascendant. In any case, good luck, awesome developers like you should be able to sort this out but I had to share my concerns.

    17. Missing avatar

      Torp on

      Got compelled to check this out by the news that the new System Shock is in trouble.
      I backed this at a level that gave me alpha/beta access, if i take advantage of that am I locked into Steam? I'm willing to wait for the final version if that gets me GoG.

    18. Sal

      Thank you for the update!

    19. Gregory McIntyre on

      should have been a comma between well and made

    20. Gregory McIntyre on

      we're probably a long ways off, I've yet to see a video game kickstarter not take years. some have come out good and some are well made by Lord British.

    21. Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on

      I've seen some news coverage about the game. Looks to be shaping up. Is there any official news on a release date yet or is it still too early?

    22. Mieu OOoE|WoOS's|AoUA|BoSB on

      Bevontule: Altar of Roots
      Bevontule is an eclectic fusion of Western, Japanese, and strategy RPGs, with stunning 3D visuals and challenging tactical combat.

    23. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      Please email us at and we can help you find your BackerKit information!

    24. Missing avatar

      Cem on

      I did not know there was a survey. How can I tell Backerkit what my reward is? I have not an account.

    25. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      @Mat Fleck
      Yes, we're looking into a GOG release for non-backers as well. (Backers have an option between a Steam or DRM-free version for their digital download.)

    26. Remember Citadel on

      Have you guys considered to release on GOG? I'm asking because this is the place where I buy and play most of my games these days.

      And thanks for the latest update! The game looks almost like I hoped it would when I backed the campaign. You're definitely getting there!

    27. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      @Maxim Armour
      All Kickstarter pledge information was transferred to BackerKit, so as long as you have reviewed your Backerkit and ensured the survey and pledge information is correct, you have nothing more to worry about! If any of you need assistance with your BackerKit accounts, please email !

    28. Maxim Armour on

      I got an email about locking down my rewards on BackerKit before 15th Feb. Do I need to sign up to this and choose my rewards or does it have nothing to do with those who pledged via Kickstarter?

    29. Missing avatar

      Pessimeister on

      I'm not getting a very strong Underworld feeling in any game-play and in the general aesthetics that I've seen so far, unfortunately. A lot of glorified Thief and Dark Messiah worship, but not a great deal of claustrophobia as far as the dungeon design goes or any classic touches that make the UU games so memorable. None of my questions were seemingly acknowledged in the recent round table discussions either, so I'm mildly grumpy about the game at present! Hopefully the signs improve as development continues into 2018.

    30. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      @Peter Ostrowski who knows, we can never be sure. I pledged for quite some projects and I don't really expect them to ship until the postman knocks on my door or the game-key hits my e-mail. Less disappointment this way. Stay positive! :-)

    31. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      @Peter Ostrowski
      In case you missed our last few updates, we partnered with 505 Games in August! Underworld Ascendant is definitely still in development, and on track for our release in 2018.

    32. Peter Ostrowski on

      I would say 99% of pledge money is gone. 2 years since, 850k is not going to pay for a lot of development, art, modeling etc.. They are probably shopping around looking for a publisher. If they do not get one, good chance they run out of money before the game is done. Of course this is pure speculation on my part

    33. Matt Miller on

      Updates are great and we love seeing them but how about an updated timeline on the different stages? We'd like to have a better idea of where we are at, where we are going, when we are getting there and most importantly, when we can play!

    34. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      @Leon Moor If you haven't checked in with us recently, we have a newsletter that we send out every month and a half or so, and you can always check our website for our latest updates about our progress on Underworld Ascendant as we continue to refine mechanics.

      It is thanks to your and all of our backers' support that we are able to work on Underworld Ascendant, and we can't wait to show it to you all! Thank you for being patient with us.

    35. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      I figured that out shortly after the Kickstarter ended and they seemed shocked they didn't make a bazillion dollars. Seemed kind of obvious it wasn't going to get past the concept stage then.

    36. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Late 2018? So ... about two years late? Yeah, I know about game development and delays ... and about delays on Kickstarter. Still, I think I'll stay away from computer games on Kickstarter in the future (most of the ones I backed either have not yet been delivered, will not be delivered or are not really fun games ... Larian's Divinity games being the shining exception).

    37. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      Backers should have access to the digital rewards, including Steam and DRM-free keys through relevant builds, through the "Digital Downloads" page on BackerKit as they become available.

    38. Gregory McIntyre on

      even with partnering with someone keep in mind game dev takes a loooooooooooooong time. it'll be a while yet.

    39. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      So based on the last update, this is finally coming to fruition? Where do I go to ensure I receive the digital product once available? Is it going to be released through Steam, or the like?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeff Taylor on

      Is it possible to increase my pledge level? I'm at the Adventurer level and would like to bump it up to the Digital Protagonist level but it doesn't seem to be possible.

    41. Missing avatar

      M4rq_RR on

      Thank you for the clarification..

    42. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      Hi @M4rt_RR , we're addressing that right now! (Yes, all Digital Add-Ons are included with the Avatar packages and above).

      If anyone has personal questions related to their pledges, feel free to message us! (It's harder for us to notify you from the general comment page here.)

    43. Missing avatar

      M4rq_RR on

      Hi, I haven't been in the loop for a while so I don't recall, are the "Faction Banners" included with the Avatar Package? Just wondering because it doesn't have a green arrow in my backer kit.

    44. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      Christopher -

      We're aiming for mid to late 2018! :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Christopher Mallett on

      I know we got an update today. Has there been any word on when this will be released? Before I get flamed, I noticed it said Nov 2016 on the Campaign. Just want a ballpark like maybe this year or early next year or late next year or "we have no idea" or "we just won't say so you don't hold us to it."

    46. OtherSide Entertainment Creator on

      OSE's Community Manager, Sam, here: we're still going through the Kickstarter, email, forum, facebook, and twitter messages to sort out what is still an issue for backers. If you still haven't received a response to an unresolved problem, please resend it to so we know it's an ongoing issue. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Ali Graham on

      Ah, they have finally responded and fixed things in BackerKit. :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Ali Graham on

      The OtherSide support email address doesn't seem to be monitored at all, no response in the last month.

    49. Lee James Wood on

      there's been like no updates since last year, has this turned into a scam ?
      Where's my key for the game.

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