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A film about the family we choose and what happens when they turn out to be the wrong choice.

Our feature-length film, “Other People” is a wry, dark comedy about the family we choose, and what happens when they turn out to be the wrong choice. (Above is some pre-production test shot footage we made specifically for Kickstarter).

Max is pregnant, and believes someone is stalking her. For the last six years she’s been living with her boyfriend Nathan and his twin sister, Claire. Using their large inheritance, the twins have sequestered themselves from the outside world and other people, Max being the exception.

But when Max decides to conceal her newfound pregnancy, which she believes to be the reincarnation of her dead older brother, her interest in their invented utopia wanes.

Then! Nathan & Claire’s idol, a sleazy writer named Marc-Philippe, moves into the loft, further alienating Max. He plays off the twins’ paranoia and naivete, convincing them to restrict Max’s freedom in the guise of protecting her. But Marc-Philippe is a parasite, an instigator using the enclosed circus life of the twins, and his unsettling sexual obsession with Max, as fuel for his next novel. As their expansive loft turns into a prison, and Nathan becomes obsessed with kidnapping his girlfriend’s ‘stalker’, the fabric of their insulated sanctuary begins to unravel.

Time is of the essence in this sort of pursuit, and we are currently looking to raise money in order to help finance the film in post production, circulate it in the festival market, and get national commercial distribution in theaters etc.

With preproduction well underway, we've assembled an amazing cast and crew of over a dozen young professionals eager to make something of worth, a film we can take pride in. We've been working on this original screenplay for nearly a year, and start shooting on location in NYC next month for approximately 20 days. It's going to be fun, strange, tiring, terrifying, and good. We are dependent on contributions like yours, so everything really helps. Thanks!


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