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This Film follows the actual student movement of the University of Puerto Rico in their fight to maintain access to public education.

The 14 Minute Preview:

The Documentary:

This Documentary film, ‘More Than 800 Reasons’ explores, the current struggle of the student movement at the University of Puerto Rico. It follows the students, professors, general public and politicians that are fighting against the Government’s policy of imposing an 800 dollar fee increase to students studying at the University of Puerto Rico. This and the threat of privatization has created an atmosphere of confrontation and militarization on Campus. Fundamental rights of freedom of expression and speech are being crushed and suppressed by the state. From January to March 2011 students, professors and the general public made a peaceful civil disobedience campaign which was met with brutal aggression, torture and pepper spray by the police force. More than 230 students were arrested, 13 of which were summarily suspended and 6 were charged with criminal offenses, of these, 3 will face serious penalties of up to five years in prison. For over one year students have publicly denounced these abuses of force, sexual assault and illegal surveillance by the Puerto Rican police. To date, no policeman has been charged with any offense. This is becoming an all too familiar story as was recently seen in the student movement in England. These stories of struggle need to be acknowledged, these abuses and violations by governments need to be exposed. Say yes to freedom of speech and fair education. Your support is priceless, there are more than 800 reasons to get involved. Join those who fight for public education!

With your Support:

This Documentary is a totally independent production and has to date been financed by my self and my wife. In Just one month ‘More than 800 Reasons’ preview has been viewed online 12,000 times. Your involvement in this project will support the realization of ‘More than 800 Reasons’ as a full length documentary, and shed light on the decreasing access to education that may affect you and your children.  With your involvement we will have the means to  pay operational expenses (travel to Washington and Puerto Rico to hold interviews, rent equipment, marketing,  distribution), and significant post-production expenses. Interviews are scheduled in mid-July with Congress Man Luis Gutierrez in the USA house of representatives, with history professors of the University of Puerto Rico, and further investigatory interviews with students of the University.  This production will be made entirely possible by the good will of people such as yourself. 


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