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OSTRICH PILLOW offers a micro environment in which to take a comfortable power nap in the office, travelling or wherever you want.
OSTRICH PILLOW offers a micro environment in which to take a comfortable power nap in the office, travelling or wherever you want.
OSTRICH PILLOW offers a micro environment in which to take a comfortable power nap in the office, travelling or wherever you want.
1,846 backers pledged $195,094 to help bring this project to life.

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Beta testing with backers on Kickstarter

Why is this update for you?

  • Expert nappers are wanted: become part of the codesign 
  • Meet our homeless and nomadic traveler beta tester 
  • Backers and designers working together

Dear backers,

When we crowdfunded the first OSTRICH PILLOW it was a quirky idea born from our passion for napping. During the design process, we tested with friends, family and coworkers.



Since the crowdfunding of OSTRICH PILLOW Original, our creative processes have incorporated more and more collaborative design methodologies. Putting end users and designers to think together always, always drive a much better outcome. And all this time we were longing to codesign also on Kickstarter, to go an extra mile. And this day has finally arrived!

 #1 A homeless nomadic traveller as beta tester

Testing, as better as thorougher. This thought led us in the preparations of our new crowdfunding project: OSTRICH PILLOW LOOP, an eye pillow providing blackout, comfort and well-being to sleep anywhere, anytime. Which better beta tester than a modern-day nomad who spends the 25% of the year on a travelling around the world? If the prototype worked for him, it would work for anybody!

And three months before the campaign, we found it: Cédric Waldburger takes around 100 flights per year and he spends an average of 3.7 days in each location. A modern-day nomad by definition. He’s passionate about startups: having founded his first company at age 14, he has built various tech companies over the years, invested in ten and currently works on a productivity startup, a computer vision company and a crypto currency.

To spend as much time as possible with his companies, which are spread across two continents, he gave up on having an apartment last year and has since lived out of a bag. He travels constantly and owns only 64 items. In fact, now he owns 65, because he received an OSTRICH PILLOW LOOP prototype, which he has been testing during all his trips since July. During these months with our eye pillow around the world, Cédric recorded several videos as part of the codesign process, including the unboxing and first impressions, his bad experience with the fastener, and how other travellers couldn’t stop looking him when he was wearing the prototype. Take a look to this beta testing on the go!


#2 Backers as beta testers

In the same way that the Cédric’s experience has been a valuable contribution to the project, we decided to get involved the community. So we have given to the backers the chance to test the product DURING the crowdfunding campaign and suggest improvements to design, user experience and materials, before the fabrication.

How is that possible if the product is not even manufactured yet?

We have created an exclusive super limited edition called Kickstarter Premiere. Those backers who have pledged the Express Early Bird Backers has already received one of the twenty units available. Since days ago they are sending us their feedback on the product. On real time, the designers are extracting enriching insights about the level of comfort, adaptability, cozyness, efficiency of blackout, ease of use, fastener, etc.

And what about the rest of the backers?

As soon as we have received the feedback from all the beta testers, the whole community is going to become part of the codesign. We are planning to share the result of the testing in an update and we hope other backers could bring their point of view and even contribute with their experience with other eye masks.

#3 It’s your turn

You backed the first OSTRICHPILLOW. You are an expert napper, a coziness specialist, a supportive daydreamer. Your expertise as dreamer is just what we need.

Discover our new napping invention and dream with us!


Still curious about Cedric’s 64 things?

Cedric is one of the most extraordinary people that we have ever known: take a glance at the list of 64 things + 1 OSTRICHPILLOW LOOP that he possesses. Guess where is Cédric today? Follow him around the world on his Instagram profile.



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Oops, we’ve done it again!

Dear backers,

Five years ago your support and generosity brought the first OSTRICH PILLOW to life. It was the beginning of the OSTRICHPILLOW family and we will be always extremely grateful for believing us. That’s why we want you to be the first to know our new napping invention:


OSTRICH PILLOW LOOP is the most stylish eye pillow providing you a cocoon to disconnect and rest in the blink of an eye where you want, when you want.


You already have an OSTRICH PILLOW, so you know what you can expect about LOOP: a top-notch product, extremely comfy, created by dreamers for dreamers. That’s how our pillows are. Besides, if you really need blackout for sleeping, or you wish an ultralight and easy to carry pillow for taking a rest anywhere and anyplace, you will definitely enjoy LOOP.



Infinite thanks for supporting our dreams



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Only 15 days left to GO!

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Dear Nappers,

Time to wake you up with a gentle yet firm nudge to let you know we are back on Kickstarter and would love you to join our napping antics again.

Click to get your OSTRICHPILLOW GO.

Do drop us a line we love hearing from you and are keen to know what you think.



Have a dreamy day!

Our 6th Kickstarter is live!

Hi guys and girls!

We have just launched our 6th Kickstarter campaign......OWLBAG.  We would love you to stop by our campaign and let us know what you think.

OWLBAG - One Bag, Many Bags
OWLBAG - One Bag, Many Bags

 Have an amazing day!