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Help Operation: Sound Off! give the talented men & women of our Armed Forces the opportunity to pursue their musical dreams. Read more

Nashville, TN Music
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Help Operation: Sound Off! give the talented men & women of our Armed Forces the opportunity to pursue their musical dreams.

Nashville, TN Music
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What is Operation: Sound Off! Operation: Sound Off! (OSO) provides music recording and performing opportunities to active and veteran military personnel with musical aspirations they put on hold to serve their country. We believe these efforts can help with rehabilitation, reintegration, and give them an opportunity to tell their stories through music. OSO was created by Grammy Award winning artist, Robert Reynolds (The Mavericks), and producer/arranger, Scotty Huff (The Mavericks, Keith Urban), to help facilitate the musical dreams of these brave and talented individuals for the sacrifices they’ve made to protect our very freedom to dream. We think they’ve earned it! This includes time in full-service recording facilities, with professional recording engineers, music producers, songwriters, and accompaniment by world-class musicians, all at no cost to them. This will culminate in an ongoing series of “best of” albums, spanning all genres, digital downloads, concert tours, and an episodic television production. [Watch an OSO Preview including a few OSO Artists]

This Project We need your help to “Kick Start” Operation: Sound Off!. Your purchase/investment (see the pledge rewards on the right) will provide the necessary funding to further develop the tools we need to attract corporate sponsorship, record label and distribution partnerships, etc., which ultimately will lead to OSO becoming an on-going, self-funded enterprise.

And remember: KickStarter is as all or nothing campaign. That means you will not be charged unless we meet our goal.

Specifically, your contribution will fund the following:

- 1 full production, 5 song EP, each song by a different military artist - 5 biographical video vignettes highlighting each artist, their story, and their music - 1 broadcast quality music video, and 4 viral music videos for Internet distribution - 1 high quality television “sizzle” reel, like a mini TV Pilot, used to pitch the television show concept

The Budget Operation: Sound Off! is committed to giving our military artists the same world-class recording experience employed by the biggest recording artists today. Using our 20+ years of experience and talents, we will successfully guide these artists and the project through the recording, mixing, and mastering processes. Simultaneously, our film production will be developed by television industry veterans. Following the production phase, the same distribution and promotional techniques used by the major record labels and television networks will be implemented. Best of all, we have the ability to produce this quality of productions with a progressive, “new era” approach to costs.

Here’s how the money will be used:

EP Recording, graphics and Manufacturing:............$41,200 Video Production and Post-Production:....................$17,950 Publicity and Promotions (3 Months):..........................$6,000 Associated Legal Fees:.................................................$1,600 Management and Administrative Fees @ 15%:.........$10,013 Transaction Fees (from Kickstarter & Amazon):.........$6,000 Misc. Unforeseen Expenses @ 3%:..............................$2,483 =================================================== TOTAL:............................................................................$85,246

Meet A Few Of Our Artists

Brent Ellis

This Georgia native began writing poetry at an early age. Poetry turned to country songs in his late teens. He felt the call of duty after the events of 9/11 and enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served bravely in Iraq. Now living in Nashville, Brent has picked up his guitar again and is chasing his dream as a songwriter and recording artist. [Watch an interview with Brent]

Sal Gonzalez

Sal set his musical dreams aside to enlist in the Marine Corps after the terror attacks of 9/11. One minute he was writing songs and playing gigs around his East Los Angeles neighborhood, and the next minute he was behind a .50 cal. machine gun in Iraq. He was injured by a roadside IED, causing the loss of a portion of his left leg, and the loss of a fellow Marine. After his medical discharge, he returned to his music by moving to Nashville and pursuing his dream. Sal was the first OSO artist. Check out his recording of his original song, Heroes, produced by Robert and Scotty. We’re happy and proud to announce that Sal is currently negotiating his first major record deal. [Listen to "Heroes" by Sal Gonzalez. OSO's FIRST recording!]

Crystal Guzman

This small town Iowan has been immersed in music her entire life. And though she always dreamed of a music career, she felt a more practical approach was best. She joined the U.S. Air Force Nursing Corp and soon found herself in Iraq, taking care of wounded U.S. and Iraqi soldiers, as well as civilians. Music became her therapy from the harsh realities she experienced. Now back in the States, she hopes her music will help other military folks and let them know they are not alone. [Watch an interview with Crystal]

Dustin Wilkes

Born and raised in Georgia, Dustin grew up singing in church and knew from an early age that he wanted to be a country star. He enlisted in the Marine Corps because of his sense of duty and also because he felt he “needed it” for discipline and personal growth. After serving in Iraq, he finally got the chance to move to Nashville. He’s been living the life of a struggling singer/songwriter and is determined to turn that into something more.

Our Business Philosophy The Operation: Sound Off! business model was inspired by other charitable for-profit companies like; TOMS Shoes,, and TerraCycle. We are a For-Profit with Heart. From it’s very inception, OSO, was designed to benefit the military artists we work with, both in opportunity and profit share, as well as a multitude of military charities like The Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Troop Aid, and The Fisher House Foundation, just to name a few. Our research leads us to believe we would have more freedom to do more good as a for-profit entity.

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