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Original Grain: All-Natural Wood & Stainless Steel Watches's video poster

Made from 100% All-Natural Wood and Stainless Steel, Original Grain watches are designed for the OG in all of us. Stay Original. Read more

San Diego, CA Fashion
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This project was successfully funded on March 29, 2013.

Made from 100% All-Natural Wood and Stainless Steel, Original Grain watches are designed for the OG in all of us. Stay Original.

San Diego, CA Fashion
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About this project

Connect with OG on: Facebook and Twitter

Media Coverage:

In Stash: "Original Grain Wristwatches offer a seamless blend of all natural wood  and stainless steel in a sturdy and elegantly designed timepiece that’ll attract more than a few looks.

Drool'd: Talk about unique! Original Grain are new hybrid watches that add a twist to traditional wooden watches. They are made from all-natural wood and stainless steel, which gives the perfect blend of style and comfort. They feel just right and look oh so sleek!

The Flow Zone: "I can't say I've ever seen a better looking watch. Or one that made me want it so badly."

Wasabi Mountain: "The added weight of the metal will be a welcome feature for those who like a heavier watch but want the look of a wooden watch."


Stretch Goals:

Stretch Goal #1 - Sapphire Crystal Glass ($55,000)

Introducing our first Stretch Goal! Once we reach $55,000, any backer will have the option to add $5 to their pledge to upgrade their watch face to Sapphire Crystal Glass.

Stretch Goal #2 - Women's Watch Design ($100,000)

Alright lady OGs, we heard you and want to offer you a watch of your own. We hit the $100,000 mark and have now unveiled the women's Rosewood design! This design features a sleeker 38mm face diameter and for those of you who like a little bling, rhinestone studs at each hour mark.

There is one more design in the works and that will be available here shortly. Stay tuned for updates!

Stretch Goal #3 - Black on Black Design

Introducing our third stretch goal at $175,000. One that we're super excited about here at OG. It's our black on black design, featuring all-natural black sandalwood and matte black stainless steel. And to set it all off, luminescent watch hands.

We can't even begin to tell you how excited we are to see this one in real life!

Stretch Goal #4 - Commemorative OG Caseback

Introducing our fourth and final stretch goal for all you backers out there. A custom laser engraved caseback commemorating our very first supporters...or as we like to say, "Founders" of the OG brand.

Once we reach $325,000, any backer will have the option to add $3.00 to their pledge and receive this limited edition caseback. This will only be available here and now on our Kickstarter as a special way to acknowledge your support! Thank you all!


First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to check out our Kickstarter page. We truly appreciate all of the support!

We have spent the last year sketching out designs (literally with crayons in the beginning), working with people in the industry to develop prototypes, tweaking those more times than you could imagine, and are now finally ready to present the first collection of Original Grain Watches. Maple, Indian Rosewood, and Green Sandalwood - All of which will be offered exclusively on Kickstarter before anywhere else.

The Next Generation of Wood Watches

The one thing we're most proud of with this first design is the fact we didn't have to sacrifice quality for style. We're one of the first to agree that the majority of wood watches on the market today are trendy and fashionable. However, the only problem is when you put it on your wrist. At that point it no longer has the feel of a real watch, as it's too lightweight and quite frankly feels cheap.

So, we set out to create a new wave of wooden watches...the next generation, with a design that would change the game. The result, was a hybrid design that combined 100% all natural wood and stainless steel. Here, go ahead and take a closer look at our Maple Wood design:

Here's the breakdown:

  • Bezel Material: 100% All-Natural Wood
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter: 52mm
  • Face Diameter: 43mm
  • Case Thickness: 11mm
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel with 100% All-Natural Wooden Inlay
  • Band Width: 24mm
  • Band Length: 230mm with Adjustable Links
  • Clasp: Stainless Steel Butterfly Clasp
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement
  • Display: Analog with Date Function
  • Water Resistance: Splash Proof

All-Natural Bamboo Case with every Original Grain Watch:

The OG Team and Inspiration for our Brand

We're three regular guys who grew up together in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Jasem who is still reppin the hometown feel (Eugene, OR), Ryan who has been living in Hong Kong for the last two years, and A.J. who moved to sunny southern California more than three years ago.

Not only do these three places possess vastly different landscapes, but their own unique style, and that is ultimately what inspired us when we sat down to create these watches. We were able to take small pieces from all our experiences and incorporate that into the design, which was very rewarding once we received our first prototype. To put things simply, the wood symbolizes the nature of the Pacific Northwest and the stainless steel represents the cityscape of Hong Kong. And of course a little Cali swag never hurt anyone!

What's the meaning of OG and our brand?

Our Name
Coming up with a name for our brand was actually a lot easier than we imagined. From the very beginning our goal was to design and create something "Original". So, as soon as we decided to incorporate wood....Boom, Original Grain (OG) was born!

What We Stand For
Original Grain is more than just a watch collection. We are a lifestyle brand meant to emulate that of an OG. And to us, an OG is an individual that stands out from the rest: a leader, trend setter, and a down right boss. Just like our watch designs, our intention is to create a movement. To transform the modern day meaning of "OG" from someone who only represents original style into someone with an equivalent level of class. A person whose motives align with their goals.

And that gets to the heart of our brand. In today's world nobody makes it without a little hustle and an undeniable level of determination. It's the drive that gets you out of bed every morning and kickstarts (no pun intended) the day...because it's at that very moment you know you're one step closer to reaching your dreams.

Next Steps: Production

Now that we've tweaked the initial prototype, finalized our design, and selected a manufacturer, the next step is to get these bad boys placed nicely on your wrist. This is of course the most exciting part about any business. When all of the hard work pays off and you finally get to see your vision become a reality. But this is where you, the Kickstarter Backers (and soon-to-be members of the OG Family) come in to save the day.

We Need Your Support

We want to be completely up front and candid about the fact that we need your help. Your support, and yes by support we mean your money (of course in exchange for something awesome), will be the driving force propelling us forward. The important thing to remember with Kickstarter is, if we don't reach our full funding goal....we get nothing. 

Our reach only goes so far beyond our networks. By simply liking or sharing our Facebook page, following us on twitter, or sending a few quick emails to your friends and family goes a long way (Check out the links below). But ultimately, our hope is that you will love our watches as much as we do and pledge your support in order to receive one of the very first from Original Grain.

Connect with us on: Facebook and Twitter

Where does the $$$ Go?

All of the money raised during this campaign will go straight towards the first official order of Original Grain Watches. Of course the majority of that money will be used to cover any and all production costs (watches and packaging), while the rest will help us pay for shipping and successfully launching Original Grain. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email.

OG Shirt Design:

Risks and challenges

One of the primary challenges when dealing with any physical product like this is complications in manufacturing. Rest assured, as we have already found reputable and highly capable suppliers for producing our watches. Everything from where we source our wood to the movement of the watch to final assembly, we've got it all dialed in.

We work directly with our suppliers from start to finish and even conduct all quality control in-house. And the process will remain the same as we get ready to manufacture more units post-kickstarter campaign.

Knowing the exact timeline for production from start to finish is never an easy thing to judge. Thanks to the relationships we've built however, we're confident that we can finish all orders within 45 days upon the conclusion of this campaign. In the case that any delays do arise all backers will be informed immediately and kept up to speed with all updates.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Of course you can! For each additional watch you want, simply tack on another pledge amount to your current pledge. For example, if you're in at the $99 level, add an extra $99 for each additional watch. If you want two watches at that pledge amount, you'd pledge $198 (free shipping within the USA and an extra $15 for International).

    Last updated:
  • At the conclusion of the campaign, we'll send you a quick survey that will ask for your preferred watch color. We'll also ask for your physical mailing address, so we know where you'd like us to ship your OG gear .

    Last updated:
  • Absolutely! For example, if you want to choose two of the Maple wood and one Rosewood, you're more than welcome to do so. Just let us know which three you would like in the survey sent out at the end of the campaign.

    Last updated:
  • Once we reach $55,000, simply add $5.00 to your pledge for every watch you purchased and would like to be upgraded to Sapphire Crystal.

    Last updated:
  • Our watches come with adjustable links and almost any and all watch stores should be able to re-size your watch for you.

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  • You selected
    Pledge $5 or more

    14 backers

    FOUNDING MEMBER: A big time shout out from the team here at Original Grain showing our deepest appreciation. AKA a tweet welcoming you to the OG family and a spot on our website with your name.

    Estimated delivery:
    Only ships to: United States
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    Pledge $10 or more

    3 backers

    OG REPRESENTATIVE: Receive a limited edition Original Grain decal. Throw it on your skateboard, beach cruiser, laptop, forehead or wherever you'd like. Represent.

    Estimated delivery:
    Only ships to: United States
  • You selected
    Pledge $25 or more

    1 backer

    OG TEE: A very limited "Kickstarter Edition" Original Grain printed T-Shirt, only to be released during this campaign. After that, there will be no more printed...seriously none, zilch. Plus, the previous incentive for good measure. Free shipping within the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $89 or more

    100 backers All gone!


    Easily the most exciting offer we have. The first 100 people who support us will receive a watch of their choice at over 40% off! These will be retailing at $150 in stores. Choose between the Rosewood, Maple Wood, or Green Sandalwood. This also includes our 100% all-natural bamboo packaging and an OG decal. Free shipping within the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $99 or more

    298 backers Limited (2 left of 300)

    Missed the last offer? No sweat, as the next 200 backers will receive a watch of their choice at $51 below retail. Same great offer as the one above. Free shipping within the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $105 or more

    53 backers

    Lady OGs: We've released the Original Grain women's watch design. The first 200 backers will receive a women's watch design of their choice at $105. This already includes the upgraded Sapphire Crystal Glass, as well as our bamboo packaging. Free shipping within the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $109 or more

    400 backers All gone!

    REAL OG: In the case you missed our above specials, we're rolling out another deal for the rest of our backers and future members of the OG family. This level will land you one of our signature wooden and stainless steel watches. Again, pick the swag you like, either the Rosewood & Silver, Maple Wood and Black, or Green Sandalwood and Black. Includes our bamboo packaging with laser engraved logo and a decal. Free shipping within the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $110 or more

    243 backers

    Black on Black: Presenting one of our favorite men's designs, introduced with stretch goal #3, all natural black sandalwood and matte black stainless steel. Our black on black design is now available for $110 and already includes the upgraded sapphire crystal glass. For more information about this reward, please look at 'update #5' for a full breakdown. Free shipping within the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $119 or more

    268 backers

    LAST CALL: Sometimes, you just show up late to the party.... At least you can still arrive fashionably late and pick up a watch at well below retail. One watch of your choice and free shipping within the know the drill.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $250 or more

    780 backers

    OG COLLECTION: Looking to add a little flair to your style? Go ahead and pick up all three watches in our first collection. You'll get the Rosewood, Maple Wood, and Green Sandalwood including our Bamboo packaging with each. You're a boss! Free shipping within the USA.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world
  • You selected
    Pledge $1,000 or more

    1 backer All gone!

    OG GOD:
    One lucky backer is going to receive all three watches in our first collection along with the ORIGINAL PROTOTYPES! Seriously, the very first Original Grain watches we ever received. And just so you know, The Rosewood is truly unique as it has a red second hand and slightly different face design.

    Estimated delivery:
    Only ships to: United States

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