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Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
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    1. Mike Vander Veen on

      Excellent caution expressed on the game bits. I receive and track inventory on those that Print & Play Admagic sells. We order bulk so I see lots of bits. Fragility due to wood grain is a thing. And, the painting process can hide the fragility while increasing it. Can share more on this with y'all. Just know that even if all looks good, there will be a percentage of bits with weaknesses that will result in breakage when the "just right" force is applied.

    2. Kosk on

      Agree about the fire token comments. Those will break in two places. Need to be thicker! Great work and thanks for the great campaign. Congratulations!

    3. queerchameleon

      From previous experience I would suggest you not make the fire so fancy and make it more sturdy. Or else you might find yourself with a crap ton of replacement parts orders. Mind you I think they look fantastic. Maybe make them out of plastic.

    4. Rune M on

      @Bry Hearn EU/Denmark

    5. Missing avatar

      Joakim Ysland on

      Depending on the direction of the wood grain these wooden bonfire tokens could end up being veeery fragile. With the grains like on the example image, the small part on the right side would be very prone to breaking off. Same goes for the middle part that connects the left and right side. I hope you'll take this into consideration :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Bill Carney on

      Backed, looks great. Hope you do well today.

    7. Justin Boehm

      Cool update, I hope there may be a way to incorporate the fire tokens into the main game (either as is or in a future co-op expansion), as the solo is something I won't likely ever play. Either way, I'm very glad this has gone so well, the game deserves it, keep up the great work!

    8. Bry Hearn on

      They did 120k in day one lost campaigns do at the same as first day on last day

    9. Bry Hearn on

      @frnaz have you watch the send of other campaigns before ?? 100k last day is very doable

    10. Mathieu on

      The monkey's name should be :
      Kiqui son's of Mont Chichiz (from my young dauther)
      : Once encounter, if you have defeted no monster at this point in the game, get or stole a loot of your choice already reveild from anywere.

    11. Bry Hearn on

      @rune - what country are you in? In the Us it’s $10 for shipping the expansion

    12. Nujiel on

      @Thomas van Ek, it is mentioned on the KS page that Community Journey is for fun and will not be playtested

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas van Ek on

      I've been wondering, with so much community imput there is a danger of broken combo's like in other games with so much overpowered nice machanics, like in magic the gathering or any other game with loads of content. I hope you'll keep that in mind, test all the new content.

    14. Yann Cardon

      Sometimes I’m wondering if you are not doing a little too much... But finally it’s not the case: all of this thoughts are blowed by your enthusiasm. Please do continue ! (to do great games also :)

    15. Rune M on

      Congratulations on getting this far :) As of the $1-backers, I'm guessing a lot would convert to higher tears, if pricing and what happens with the PM was more clear. By now I'm assuming shipping will be the full price if adding another expansion to a green level tier (making it $47 for me, even if it's added to a friend's pledge), but I wouldn't be getting the promo and mini. So the expansion is just too expensive for me with shipping adding 62% to the price, since there is no way to save on shipping by bundling 'orders'.

      If I knew the price of the promo (and mini) in the PM, it might be worth making a separate pledge, but now I'm waiting to see the price ($20 for both??), and then I'll either decide it's too much for a promo, or just buy the promo and do without the expansion (and extra mini).

      Either way, good luck with the final stretch, I hope I'll be able to pick up the expansion somewhere down line (as $30 seems a very reasonable price for the expansion).

    16. Missing avatar

      FraJo on

      1st reaction: 8..F*****CK! - I hope you're including late pledges!!

      2nd question: Will you simulcast on youtube as well, to remedy the KS blurry?

      3rd and most important: Did you see the almost representative shout-out in the comments regarding your Thank-You-gift for all your backers?
      The 6-player co-op with lots of treachery?