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Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
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    1. Groundhog on

      Journey XIII -

      Vigor (or maybe Camaraderie or possibly Drinking Buddies)

      When you activate a companion, gain 1 honor.


      After completing the activation of one companion, you may immediately activate a different companion (only one extra activation per turn, pay influence costs as normal).

    2. Groundhog on

      Journey XII –

      Skithizx, the Skittering Swarm

      At game end, gain 7 honor if you have defeated more than three monsters (not including Skithizx, the Skittering Swarm).

    3. Marcel C.

      ...wait...checking the Campaign page....WHAT?! All of them have already been checked off HOURS AGO?!?
      ...should've just stayed in bed...

    4. Marcel C.

      1. Investigating intriguing new institutions -> Mussing up bed rolls, lots of piddling (Twitter - Orange Nebula - 29 Jan 2019 - 'Inn of the White Raven')

    5. Marcel C.

      11. Sauntering to the song of the soul -> Traipsing around in a trance. Adorably. (Twitter - Orange Nebula - 5 Feb 2019 - 'songs and poetry')

    6. Marcel C.

      3. Pursuing precarious path side pilferings -> Claiming treasure. Wants cake though (BGG - Vindication.Forums.General - Orange Nebula microbadge! Get 'em while they's hot!)

    7. Marcel C.

      6. Bullying buddies with building site wonderings -> Slinging things from trees. Questionable worrisome things (BGG - Vindication.Forums.Rules - Building Sites Rules Questions)

    8. Marcel C.

      12. Lounging around with layabouts (or perhaps 5. Sneaking peeks...) -> Performing some much-needed grooming (Facebook - Orange Nebula - Feb 7, 2019 - live video)

    9. Marcel C.

      2. Tinkering with timeworn tech -> Poking things with sticks. Getting impressive results (Facebook - Orange Nebula - Feb 7, 2019 - Chronogate)

    10. Marcel C.

      9. Scuffling for sandwiches with squirrely sorts -> Hoarding Hoagies (Facebook - Vindication Boardgame - Oct 13, 2018 - Quest for Answers)

    11. Felipe Suarez Perandones

      Forest Paradise:
      At the end of your turn, gain 1 Strength and 1 Honor.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Pozniak on

      "Confusing everyone with his presence"

    13. Christopher Park-Thomas on

      Spotted a monkey having a staring contest, chewing random things. (he was hanging out with Kakapo on facebook!)

    14. David Barton on

      I saw a monkey "Slinging things from trees. Questionable worrisome things." It was in the BGG Vindication Forum.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Sleurink on

      #11 Monkeys - I'm a believer?

    16. Missing avatar

      jboyer on

      There is one monkey on the store Vindication page.

    17. Kirstine H. Larsen on

      Journey XIII - New trait
      “Thoughtful consideration” / “Thoughtfulness”
      A trait about thinking things through before taking action (cause and effect / action and consequences)

      Ability: Secretly look at the top card of a deck before choosing between it and the face-up card (Mini impowered-draw)

    18. Missing avatar

      Bill Muldowney on

      It’s been a really fun campaign with creativity from Orange Nebula as well as the campaign backers.

    19. Ellie Perkins

      There are two monkeys hiding in a couple of BGG Vindication Forums; “Orange Nebula microbadge, Get ‘em while they’re hot!” and “Building sites rules questions”. :)

    20. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) Collaborator on

      Thank you Brett! Thank you Rikki!

      Adam, Stuart - I see you! Those are now checked off!

    21. Brett on

      Kakapo looks awesome, thanks for an awesome campaign and cheers to your new success with this expansion and the massive amount of new backers that have joined The Nebula.

    22. Adam Rossi

      On the creations page of the orange nebula website

    23. Missing avatar

      Stuart Jorgensen on

      From the February 7th AMA video- "Performing some much needed grooming"

    24. Missing avatar

      Rikki Oliver on

      Omg it's a Kakapo!! I love you folks!! :D