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Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
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    1. Ben Shaw on

      @Mike/David - I was tending towards that way of thinking myself. I thought perhaps the main rules maybe had some clarification over gaining conviction which made it obvious that it couldn't come directly from potential.
      I figure you can pull the influence off companions etc. as I believe you can choose to pull stuff back into your influence pool whenever you wish, at the risk of losing the companion.
      Thanks for the responses guys!

    2. David Barton on

      Love the Chronogate! Can't wait to play with it. For the pet, how about Heketoro, the Farsighted. While his companion is active you may pay for an empowered draw using one Vision instead of Conviction.

    3. David Barton on

      @Mike/Ben: I agree with Mike on the interpretation here. I hope they change the text so that it is clear on the guild board.

    4. Mike Vander Veen on

      @Ben Shaw - Pretty confident that the "gain 2 conviction" in the Leading with Logic means "augment 2 of your influence to conviction". :)

    5. Marcel C.

      Oh. My. Gods. You have positively lost your mind with all these new, juicy effects that mess with conventional Vindication tactics. And yes, I mean 'positively' cuz it just moved the game into a whole new stratosphere of sandbox options... can we just stop pretending and admit that Orange Nebula is crafting the sandiest of sandbox games every to exist in this playground we call the gaming industry?

    6. Ben Shaw on

      Forgive me if this is obvious in the full rules, but where does the conviction come from in the case of leading with logic? So, you use the power to remove 2 influence cubes from other players which gets returned to them, do you then augment some of your own influence into conviction, or is it potential to conviction, or can you pull it from anywhere? I guess if you pull it from a companion, you still risk losing that companion etc.

    7. Missing avatar

      FraJo on

      Nooo, instead of Green Dread use Dreadparrot!

    8. Missing avatar

      FraJo on

      Name: Kakazilla, the Green Dread aka. Loverbird
      Ability: It likes you - a LOT
      Attaches itself to your most daring companion and blocks(engages) him/her for a turn or two, maybe some loss of honor, too?
      Afterwards Kakazilla can be activated to block an opponents companion for the cost of one influence per turn.