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Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
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    1. pupooh

      Yellow Companion:
      [Cahab, the Lost Captain]
      Revenger. Initiative: 23
      Return 2 influence from Cahab to your influence sphere: Visit the Gaping Maw region without having to be adjacent to it, paying any required cost. Cahab is considered to have the lowest initiative when performing this ability.

      Doby, the Serpentine Leviathan
      At game end, gain 1 honor for each influence block on a companion, 2 honor for each block is on Cahab.

      Thinking: Played around with the idea that two cards could have some affinity with each other based on the story above (an eternal/personal battle between the companion and the monster). You can probably guess where the influence came from. The sticks behind the companion can be used as a weapon and as walking sticks, if his right leg is a pegleg. :)

    2. David Barton on

      Monster name: Morag the Wyrm
      Ability: Draw a secret quest after defeating this monster. (or draw 2 choose 1)

    3. David Barton on

      Grit: Whenever you lose control of a region, or are targeted by a treachery effect gain one heroic attribute of your choice.
      "Every setback is just another stepping stone to victory."

    4. pupooh

      Grit: When you lose control of a region, you may return the block to conviction instead of influence.

      "Your courage and resolve continues to strengthen your conviction, even in times of failures."

    5. Missing avatar

      FraJo on

      I really like the ideas of the monster-killing offset through the sacred serpent and the area control challenge through grit. Hope it goes this way.

    6. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

      Monster: gain 4 honor for every quest acheived athe end of the game.

    7. Klaus Ole Kristiansen

      Grit: you may augment directly from potential to conviction when resting.

    8. Ryan on

      Grit: you are no longer affected by fatigue from monster battles

    9. Ryan on

      Could grit be use 1 Strength to perform 1 more action this turn (turn limits still apply for activations)

    10. Bazz

      ahhh thanks guys, glad you like my idea for the sacred serpent of Edelman :) fingers crossed as really wanna win one lol

    11. Ryan on

      I like the idea of a bit of a tug of war over control of an area

    12. Ryan on

      The monster could be Grot the Unseen
      Perhaps he could let you flip over your monster cards so others don't know your special bonuses
      He could grant you 5 honour bonus if you have killed the most monsters Or if you control the Gaping Maw Or the inn (to tell the take of your epic battle) at the end of the game

    13. Ryan on

      Quan the silent blade
      Zhuge the untamed
      Uses 1 less courage to fight a monster if he fights the monster
      Grants 1 more honour for each monster he/you fight

    14. El Bastardo

      Name for the "monster":
      Ulabola, the Elongated

      Name for the ally:

    15. Realarete on

      sacred serpent idea is nice.

    16. Iliuthenin on

      Actually I prefer @Bazz idea for the sacred serpent :D

    17. Iliuthenin on

      There might be a monster like this already, but: "swamp monster thingy, gain honor equal to total amount of monsters in your menagerie."

    18. Bazz

      A) Sacred serpent of Edelman- at end of game if you have killed the least monsters gain 5 honour, if the sacred serpent is the only monster you killed gain 8 honour.

      (for this beast is sacred ;) hope you like it )

    19. Bazz

      My created power just missed being picked last vote- I was gutted but think it works really well with this new companion and the story we told :)

      B) Amell the warded defender. (In thanks for saving his life Amell devotes himself to your cause) Attach Amell to a companion you control, whenever you use that companion gain 1 Honour.

    20. Dermot McGlade

      Hehe to spelling and grammar mistakes. 😜😄

    21. Andrew Apgood on

      For the trait card Grit: Whenever you lose honor, augment one power.
      Like coming back even stronger when you're beaten down.