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Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
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    1. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) Collaborator on

      @MC Don't worry. We have requested that the artist alter all leaders to include wings.

    2. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) Collaborator on

      Grammar Citation received!

      @Wendelius! I love the thoughtfulness with which you approach things! I think you'll find what we have in playtesting - that the leader perks are fantastic supplements to your strategy but aren't strategies in and of themselves. Certain abilities are incredibly useful in some circumstances, absolutely not worth the investment in others, and all are entirely open for pursuit so whatever makes the most sense to you that game is there for the using.

      We are quite happy with what these leaders bring to the game and that they bring it without having such an impact on the game that it feels like you're playing something entirely different. :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt St. Pierre

      I was going to comment on the Dirty Deeds contraction mistake ("it's," which should be the possessive "its") but Wendelius beat me to it. Curses!

    4. Missing avatar

      Wendelius on

      Loving discovering new guild leaders. I hope you guys noticed the grammatical error on Dirty Deeds. The it's/its mistake makes my inner grammar fan feel wretched (which works well in context :) ).

      Not having played the game yet, how the leaders will work exactly and how game breaking/ unbalanced they will be is really hard to gauge. I'm hoping there won't be any must follow paths and that the game will remain as open as it reportedly is.

    5. MC on

      Need more guild leaders with wings. For the community.