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Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
Vindication® Board Game + Leaders & Alliances Expansion
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    1. David Barton on

      @love code: I don't believe you get an initial 2 honor for taking control of regions. Just 2 honor at the end of the game or when someone uses your region.

    2. Christopher Park-Thomas on

      Right, the region stays fortified after removing the guild token. I was asking about recovering the influence block that you use to initially control the region... because you can recover influence blocks from the board at any time. So, does the region revert to un-fortified if there is no influence block on it? I imagine it does, but... not sure.

    3. Baxder

      @Christopher Park-Thomas
      I believe the Guilds expansion rules state that the location remains fortified after you remove the guild token.

    4. Baxder

      "Great, kid. Don’t get cocky."

      ;,) I love you guys.

    5. Frances

      Would we be able to get the promo pack on your website as an add on? $12 US shipping to Canada is painful....

    6. love code on

      Does Martial Occupation work like a normal control action? Meaning you get an initial 2 honor for taking control as well?

    7. Missing avatar

      Wendelius on


      I haven't played the game yet but have been impressed by the reviews and what I've read and had to jump in for this new KS. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the game.

      Not having played the game yet, I was hoping you might answer 2 potential questions on your live stream, both related to comments I've read online and mentioned my Rahdo:

      Question 1: Vindication Vs Redemption

      As the game name mentions, the story seems to be more about vindication than redeeming your wretched ways. Others have mentioned the tension between grabbing honour and acting in ways that do not fit the journey of redemption they might have imagined for their character.

      Do any of the changes in the expansion somehow allow to play the game more the redemption way than in the base game?

      Question 2: another lucky roll?

      I really can't judge this one, but Rahdo and others have mentioned how a string of lucky rolls (after combat, even if they can be mitigated, and gaining resources) can potentially unduly affect the standings at the end of the game.

      Do you see this as an issue that might need to be mitigated (if so, how), or does the current design work as intended based on your goals and play testing?

      Many thanks in advance.

    8. Christopher Park-Thomas on

      Got a rules question.

      After you've Fortified a region with your Guild token, what happens to the Region if you recover the influence token controlling it? Does the region stay Fortified, or does it become un-Fortified?

    9. Marco Ulloa on

      Loving the Kickstarter so far, congrats on a great and gorgeous game 👌🏻. So looking at this leader ability the icon seems to be the same as the one on the monastery, should’ve the arrow go directly from potencial to conviction to avoid icon confusion don’t you think? 🧐

    10. nezuko on

      Hi, I have posted this in the comment section but it seems buried under those many comments. Also have PM but no reply. So, which one does Indonesia fall into for shipping cost? Rest of Asia or Rest of World. I need to know before upping my pledge.