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Create your own unique 3D blog with the Foldio360 and a smartphone!
Create your own unique 3D blog with the Foldio360 and a smartphone!
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Foldio360 Android app & Platform

Posted by orange monkie (Creator)
Hi, backers. 

This is team Orangemonkie. Here is another update on the Android App & Platform.

1) Application

You can finally download the Foldio360 app. Please check the below link.


We also launched the Android version of the Foldio360 app. Please note that the Android application is also beta version, so you might find bugs and errors that need improvement. Please inform us when you do via the app. Our next update of the Android application will have Video mode and export function.

2) Platform

The name of our platform is “SPINZAM” ( You can upload the 360 images taken with the Foldio360, and can share your amazing 360 images with friends. We hope you guys enjoy it. Please have in mind that this is a beta version also, and we are really eager to update it as soon as possible. For now, please check the below on a few steps.

How to sign-in to SPINZAM

Press Sign in, located at the upper right on 

Once you see the sign-in page use your Foldio360 app ID and password to sign in.


How to upload 360 images to SPINZAM  

- Smartphone 

You can upload your 360 image directly from your smartphone to SPINZAM using the Foldio360 app. 

- Camera 

Upload you images(24/36/48 frames) to the SPINZAM platform using your PC(We recommend you to use Chrome internet browser). SPINZAM works with all browsers but we recommend you use Chrome for best results.Then SPINZAM will combine your images into one final 360 image. You can also add Title, tags or descriptions of your 360 images.




Lastly, SPINZAM will soon be updated so that you can update your profile, add comments and much more. We will continue to improve, update and add features on SPINZAM and the Foldio360 app so that you can enjoy creating and sharing 360 images with the Foldio360. 

Thanks and hope you enjoy using our products! 

 Team Orangemonkie

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ernst Steininger on

      The only chance was reinstalling and loosing all the not uploaded media files.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ernst Steininger on

      I had also tried to use the app for my nikon d90. the connection test worked. but it will do no shooting of any pictures. just stands on waiting and does nothing.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ernst Steininger on

      Hi, I have received the Foldio 360. But the Android App is really buggy.
      I can shoot fotos but I can´t display them, at least can not anymore. It stopped after 4 pictues i had taken suddently and from that point on its crashing when I do want to view the pictures. Restarting the phone doesn´t help. I have a samsung S4 with 4.4.2 Andorid on it. Please make it stable. so i can not use the product.

    4. Missing avatar

      Fernando on

      Hello. Yesterday I received the Foldio, it is excellent, but unfortunately one of the led strip lights does not work well. It is not dimmable and only turns on at half intensity. What can I do?

    5. Demonkid on

      Err, how does one get the halo light to come on?

    6. Demonkid on

      Looking forward to basic features for managing uploads before i fill my Spinzam page with practice pics lol

    7. OrbitLightShow on

      Does anyone know how to delete a photo once you upload to the SPINZAM website?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jack Mester on

      I have an LGV10 android phone - is there any way to get the photos off the phone so I can edit them in lightroom. I searched the phone and have not found them. Could you shed some light on this please.

    9. Ian Jubb on

      Where is my product?
      Why can you not export from the app?

      Things are looking very different to the original outline

    10. Jill Menyuk on

      Please disregard my earlier comment; it appears to be still listed as Processing. Hope to receive soon!

    11. Shane on

      Worst case... use existing online tools to create your own animated GIF... you don't get rotation control, but you can tune the speed and looping of the GIF when you generate it:
      - etc...

      I too expected that we'd get not just an embeddable link to our uploads, but also a JS lib that accepts a set of locally (self) hosted frames and control settings so we can add them to any site (eventually)... Until then, looks like animated GIF is what we can do for hosting places other than

    12. Kristopher Christensen on

      Having issues with it working with my Canon DSLR. BETA Android for cell phone tripod legs broke off after three uses. A little disappointed so far, hope you figure out things.

    13. Missing avatar

      dasman on

      wait a sec... we HAVE to use the online "Spinzam" to combine the images? The original campaign made is sound like that was done in the app and the online service was optional...

      Also, to clarify... is a link to the online service only way to view/embed the final "360" image? I guess I had kinda assumed that we were going to get some sort of animated GIF as the final output (ie., output that was portable and didn't rely on a service for viewing).

      Please clarify how this all works...


    14. Hans Gerwitz on

      What formats will we be able to export our shots to?

    15. Jill Menyuk on

      Glad to see this! But based on it, I'm assuming I should have received my products? Because I have not.
      Any help you're able to offer would be appreciated.

    16. Ian Jubb on

      Wordpress plugin is essential... Do it!

    17. Thosaphon Yaungyai on

      Just try it on iDevice.I try this on Chrome/Safari,
      When i spin the subject, the pop-up page are scroll to the same way as I spin the picture.
      But Work well on Facebook plateform.
      Anothers comment please give some space (or spinning space) under the picture for spin the subject without touch directly the subject. I think my thumb is too big and overlay the subject ^^

    18. Missing avatar

      Hong Il Jun on

      Great to see the web platform!
      Can you also make a plugin for wordpress? It would be great if it's there!