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Create your own unique 3D blog with the Foldio360 and a smartphone!
Create your own unique 3D blog with the Foldio360 and a smartphone!
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    1. David van Ballegooijen on

      @marsha i like your suggestion for a coloured ledstrip. Realize though that a simple RGB one will not be usable. It would have to be one that does RGB + PURE white (like the Philips hue strips.) These strips are quite expensive unfortunately... Would be great but probably too expensive for an upgrade imo.

      @creator will the 360 base be able to project colors or just whites?
      Also, until today I didn't even realize the folio is included! I thought it was just the 360. I already own the folio though as do many of your backers.. So doesn't it make sense to offer just the 360 base? Would drastically lower the price.. Orv did I overlook something now?

    2. Marsha Tyszler

      Thanks for clarifying! So Foldio 15 is essentially the same as Foldio 2, but now you only provide country-specific outlets (which makes sense since most people won't be traveling with Foldio). I guess you're changing the names of the Foldios to correspond with their sizes since 1 & 2 isn't as clear.

      I agree with Jimmy NotTelling. As I said in the main comments section, it'd be amazing if the 360 base and Foldio's LED strips' colors could be changed via your app to virtually any color. It would simply require you guys swapping the current white-only LED's with color-changing ones. You could either offer white-only for the strips and base OR offer color LED strips and base. The color option could be done as an upgrade or stretch goal.

      I also would like to know if we will be able to add-on extra LED strips, which would be nice for those of us who never owned Foldio. We may want to use Foldio without the base sometimes, so the extra strips would help in those cases. If you are worried about fulfillment, you can use BackerKit to let backers add items like LED strips, Foldio 10, additional Foldio 360 sets, etc. to their orders.

    3. Jimmy NotTelling on

      Any chance of some stretch goals then? Maybe some colored strips that can be placed against the light so that it changes the color of the background?

    4. Trevor Price on

      What does the backdrop holder look like?